Explore H’Mong Ta Vi village in Ha Giang-Unique H’mong Cultural House

by Lam Pham

 H’Mong Pa Vi Village is a peaceful village located at the foot of Ma Pi Leng Pass. This place not only possesses many beautiful landscapes but also preserves the unique cultural features of the local people. Let’s travel to Ha Giang with KarstPlateau.com to conquer this place.

1. Introduction to H’Mong Pa Vi Village

Introduction to H’Mong Pa Vi Village

Where is H’Mong Ta Vi Village located?

H’Mong village is located in Pa Vi Ha village, Pa Vi commune, Meo Vac district, Ha Giang province, and 130km from Ha Giang city center.

This is a unique tourist destination that attracts many visitors. The village has a total area of about 46,000 square meters with 3 main areas including nearly 30 households. H’Mong Pa Vi Village has a cultural house, exhibition house, and amusement area used as a cultural and artistic performance area, promoting the beauty of local people.

The best time to travel to H’Mong Ta Vi Village

The ideal time for you to travel to Ha Giang is from September to around March next year. This is not only the season of ripe rice and blooming flowers, but also the time for special festivals of the mountainous people.

2. How to get to H’Mong Ta Vi Village?

Ways to get to H’mong ta vi village

You can choose a motorbike or taxi to move to H’Mong Pa Vi Village.

The route goes from Ha Giang to H’mong Pa Vi village: Starting from Ha Giang city center, visitors go along Nguyen Trai direction for more than 3 km to milestone number 0 and turn right onto Quang Trung road. Continue along Highway 4C until you see the greeting gate with a giant Mong trumpet and a wooden sign saying “H’Mong Pa Vi village” to reach the destination.

If you follow this road, you can pass famous tourist destinations in Ha Giang such as Quan Ba Sky Gate, Yen Minh Pine Forest, Lonely Tree, Pao’s House, etc.

3. Discover the beauty of H’Mong Pa Vi Village

Traditional beauty bold Hmong people

Traditional beauty bold Hmong people

The traditional beauty of the Mong ethnic group is also the top reason why Pa Vi village attracts a large number of tourists. It can be said that the architecture, cuisine, and costumes of the culture here are closely linked to the traditions of the H’mong people.

Typically, the architecture here has many ancient, old features with houses with yin-yang tile roofs or stone walls imprinted with bold traces of years. Besides, the image of golden corn cobs spread on the front porch also evokes much nostalgia.

In addition, visitors are also extremely impressed with the images of the hard work of indigenous people. In colorful brocade costumes, the beauty of the people here appears warm, gentle, and simple.

The idyllic beauty of Pa Vi village

The idyllic beauty of Pa Vi village

Pa Vi Community Cultural Village is like a peach blossom blooming in the middle of the valley. The twin waves with it are the jade green Nho Que River, winding softly like silk strips. All have created a scene at Dong Van Rock Plateau that is very lyrical and poetic.

Arriving in this Pa Vi village, visitors will immediately encounter the rustic, simple but strangely peaceful beauty. It seems that visitors seem to be lost in the fairy world with majestic mountains, endless flower fields, and beautiful little roofs of Hmong people.

4. Interesting experiences must be tried in Pa Vi village

Rest at uniquely designed homestays

Rest at uniquely designed homestays

Pa Vi Ha Giang village is built based on the model of a cultural living village combined with a resort homestay. Therefore, in addition to exploring activities, and experiencing the traditional beauty of the Hmong people, this is also a place where visitors can rest and relax.

The resort areas are bold traditional architecture of the Mong ethnic people, simple but attractive. When coming to stay at the homestays of Pa Vi village, visitors will be delighted to experience convenient services such as restaurants, cafes, booths displaying souvenirs, eye-catching brocade, etc.

There are many famous homestays such as A Kiet Homestay, Meo Vac Clay House, Pa Vi Homestay, Little Yen’s Homestay, etc.  The price is only from 150,000 VND – 1,500,000 VND / night, visitors have the opportunity to experience convenient resort services.

Participate in traditional H’mong activities and festivals

Participate in traditional H’mong activities and festivals

The performances, cultural and artistic exchanges of H’mong people in Pa Vi village took place extremely exciting and bustling. At the private playground area, indigenous people will prepare special performances.

In addition, visitors will be amazed when they have the opportunity to visit the village during big festivals such as the Gou Cao Festival, Phong Luu Khau Vai Festival, etc. These are famous festivals of Ha Giang that are usually held at the beginning of the year and last for many days.

The festivals take place with countless entertainment activities imbued with traditional marks such as horse racing, cockfighting, bird fighting, crossbow shooting, etc. Along with that are the national cultural exchange performances such as folk singing, playing the flute, brass drum dance, and alum dance extremely attractive.

Enjoy Ha Giang specialties

Enjoy Ha Giang specialties

Coming to Pa Vi Ha Giang village, visitors will enjoy extremely attractive dishes prepared by the homestay owners themselves. Most of them are specialties of the rocky highlands of Ha Giang such as five-color sticky rice, grilled moss, pipe porridge, humpback cake, kitchen buffalo meat, buckwheat cake, and Bac Me Rice in Bamboo Tube.

See the beauty of the Nho Que River

See the beauty of the Nho Que River

As one of the most beautiful rivers in Ha Giang, Nho Que is located at the foot of the craggy cat’s ear cliffs. The river flows smoothly through the cliffs to form a jade-green border separating Sam Pun from Ma Pi Leng Pass.

In addition, cruising on the Nho Que River is also an experience that you should not miss when coming here. The feeling of floating on the calm river surface, while watching the waterfall pour down to splash white foam, is nothing more wonderful.

H’Mong Pa Vi village has many interesting things waiting for you to discover. It can be said that this is an ideal place for visitors to experience both culture and relaxation. Hopefully, with the information that KarstPlateau.com shares, you will have interesting and memorable experiences here.

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