Explore Ta Phin Sapa village – the ideal place to stop for a brilliant summer

by Lam Pham

We invite you to follow Karstplateau.com to explore Ta Phin village, a rustic and peaceful village in the middle of the Northwest.

Explore Ta Phin Sapa village – the ideal place to stop for a brilliant summer

Lao Cai is always the name chosen by backpackers as the first destination every summer because of the beautiful picture created by majestic terraced fields.

And today, let’s explore Ta Phin village with Karstplateau.com, a simple small village in the Ta Phin district of Lao Cai province. This place will be a great summer destination if you are looking for a private place to escape the city smog and escape the noise of the city.

1. Ta Phin – a pristine village in the middle of the mountains and forests of the Northwest

1.1 Where is Ta Phin village located?

Rustic Ta Phin village in the middle of Sapa mountains and forests

Ta Phin village, about 15km northeast of Sapa town, is an ideal Sapa tourist destination for those who seek peace and harmony with nature. With its pristine beauty, Ta Phin village is the main residence of the two most popular ethnic groups in the Northwest mountains of our country, the Dao and H’Mong. In addition, the majestic and magnificent scenery of the mountains and forests here will captivate visitors.

1.2 How to get to Ta Phin village

To get to the village from the Sapa town center, you can take the National Highway 4D route for about 5km. Then, turn left at the ticket gate to visit Ta Phin village to buy tickets. After that, you travel another 7km to reach the village.

Road to Ta Phin village

The road to Ta Phin village is quite bumpy, most of it is steep passes and narrow roads are only enough for one car. Sometimes you will have to nestle close to the cliff to avoid the car going in the opposite direction. You should move slowly and observe the path closely.

1.3 When should I go to Ta Phin?

When should I go to Ta Phin

The most suitable time that tourists should travel to Ta Phin village is around August to mid-September. Because this is the time of harvest, the terraced fields here will be covered with a warm yellow color in the autumn sky. This is a unique beauty of Ta Phin that you cannot ignore when talking about this place.

In addition, you can also go to Ta Phin in the period of April to watch the pouring water season or the time of October to December to hunt beautiful floating clouds.

2. Beautiful places in Ta Phin village

2.1 Terraced fields stretching in Ta Phi village

Rice terraces are not only the agricultural cultivation method of the northern mountainous provinces but also a landscape that “attracts the soul” of many tourists far away.

The terraced fields at Ta Phin are one of the most beautiful landscapes in Vietnam

Here, visitors can see the golden ripe rice fields, creating a giant golden ladder. This is the most beautiful time of terraced fields in Sapa when the green rice fields turn golden color. The golden terraced fields follow each other, creating a brilliant image and becoming an attractive tourist destination for tourists.

In addition, visitors can also visit this place from June to July. At this time, the rice fields in the village will be lush green. Visitors here can admire the green painting, stretching to create a feeling of freshness and comfort. There is nothing better than immersing yourself in nature and enjoying the beauty of heaven and earth along with the fragrant smell of the land.

2.2 Ta Phin Ancient Monastery

Ta Phin Ancient Monastery

This place has been an abandoned monastery for more than half a century but attracts a lot of visitors because of its ancient mossy beauty, and unique classical architecture.

This building is built of laterite, so although it has undergone a long time without restoration, the walls here are still strong despite being covered with a thick layer of dust over time. Visiting Ta Phin ancient monastery, visitors will have the opportunity to experience a quiet, peaceful space and see ancient architecture built in 1942.

2.3 Ta Phin Cave

Ta Phin Cave is located at the foot of the mountain and more than 3km from the center of the village, this cave was formed through thousands of years of condensation, creating stalactites of various shapes and sizes.

Stalactites of all shapes and sizes at Ta Phin cave

This place is the first place that the Dao ancestors chose as a place to live. Therefore, in addition to being an interesting place to visit, Ta Phin cave also has an extremely important meaning for the Dao ethnic people here. This is truly an attractive destination not to be missed for those who are passionate about exploring.

3. Must-try experiences in Ta Phin village

Ta Phin village is not only a beautiful destination but also a place where visitors can participate in interesting activities and experiences such as:

3.1 Red Dao Tobacco Leaf Bath

Red Dao Tobacco Leaf Bath

Sapa red knife leaf bath is a precious medicinal product of the Northwest. This remedy has many uses, including treating rheumatoid leprosy, relieving bone pain, soothing limb fatigue, making skin white and smooth, and detoxifying the body.

Coming to this place, try to experience soaking in “miraculous” herbal water, both mental relaxation and good for health.

3.2 Explore Ta Phin village on foot and immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere

Ta Phi Sapa village – Peaceful, poetic beauty

Take some time in the afternoon to explore Ta Phin on foot, and get acquainted with the people here. Don’t forget to take a deep breath to feel the aroma of rice and the smell of the nature of the mountains and forests here. This is an effective emotional healing therapy.

3.3 Visit and eat Sapa strawberries at Ta Phin Strawberry Garden

Visit and eat Sapa strawberries at Ta Phin Strawberry Garden

Ta Phin Strawberry Garden in Sapa is a destination not to be missed when visitors come here. You can easily go to the strawberry garden to walk around the green trees and choose for yourself fresh strawberries.

The most suitable time for picking strawberries is from December to April of the following year. Especially at the end of December and the beginning of January is the time when strawberries bear fruit most abundantly and juicy.

The ticket price to the garden is 50,000 VND /person, and then visitors can freely pick delicious strawberries in the garden. Let’s explore the Ta Phin strawberry garden to enjoy the natural sweetness of these sweet strawberry bunches.

4. What to eat in Ta Phin village

When visiting Ta Phin, what you cannot ignore is to experience the traditional culinary culture of the people here. Ta Phin village is famous for its authentic Northwest dishes such as Armpit Pig, grilled spring fish, stir-fried native chicken

Armpit Pig

The dishes here are made from fresh ingredients, prepared by indigenous people traditionally, so they are very rich and delicious. If you have the opportunity to visit Ta Phin village, remember to enjoy the delicious and attractive food here!

At the end of the journey in Ta Phin village, you will never forget the wonderful experiences along with the majestic scenery and unique activities in this land. Hopefully, with the information shared above, you are ready to explore colorful new lands with Karstplateau.com.

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