Quan Ba Ha Giang Heavenly Gate, a place where people can not be missed

by Lam Pham

Quan Ba Heavenly Gate is known as the foreground in Ha Giang. Visiting here, visitors can not only discover and experience interesting things about this place but also learn about the cultural features of Ha Giang tourism. Let Karstplateau.com learn about the above place in the article below!

1. Introduction to Quan Ba Heavenly Gate, Ha Giang

Quan Ba Heavenly Gate, Ha Giang

For a long time, Ha Giang has been famous as a land that preserves relics of historical value, cultural beauty, and many landscapes that the whole world admires such as Lung Cu Flagpole, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Quan Ba Twin Mountain, Dong Van Global Geopark, etc. In particular, the famous is the Quan Ba Heavenly Gate – a place where visitors feel like a paradise. This is an experience that constantly attracts the attention of lovers of exploration.

Quan Ba Heavenly Gate is located in Quyet Tien commune, Quan Ba district, Ha Giang province. This site is located at an altitude of about 1500m from sea level, about 46km north of Ha Giang city center.

2. The ideal time and how to move to Quan Ba Heavenly Gate, Ha Giang

2.1 When is the best time to enjoy the beauty at Quan Ba’s heavenly gate?

The best time to enjoy the beauty at Quan Ba’s heavenly gate

Visitors can visit Quan Ba Heavenly Gate at any time of the year because in each season this place will bring its own beauty and nuance.

However, August is considered the most suitable time if visitors want to take beautiful nature photos at Quan Ba Heavenly Gate. At this time, it is less foggy so visitors can catch their beautiful moments with golden ripe rice fields or clouds floating around the mountain.

Traveling to Ha Giang in October and November will be the ideal time for tourists who want to enjoy the buckwheat flower valley because this is the time when the flowers bloom and are the most beautiful and incomparable.

2.2 Transportation route to Quan Ba Heavenly Gate

Transportation route to Quan Ba Heavenly Gate

Visitors start from Ha Giang City and then go in the direction of Highway 4C for about 44km, visitors can see Quan Ba Sky Gate located right at the beginning of Happy Road. Because the whole road is mostly craggy mountain roads and towering cliffs, so motorbikes will be the means of transportation visitors should prioritize.

3. The most fascinating experiences at Quan Ba Heavenly Gate

3.1 See the majestic natural landscape

See the majestic natural landscape

When setting foot on the highest peak, visitors will immediately experience the great magnificence of Quan Ba. Here, the fresh air will captivate you, and when you expand the view, the whole enchanting and majestic beauty of mountain nature. The golden ripe rice field, and the valley of flowers that light up when the season comes will be present before your eyes.

Moreover, the scenery of the Dong Van rock plateau is also present right in front of the eyes of visitors. Standing on the top of Quan Ba, visitors can easily admire the wonderful beauty of Quan Ba Twin Mountain (Co Tien Mountain) located in the middle of the valley.

3.2 See the famous Twin Mountains in “Legend”

See the famous Twin Mountains in “Legend”

Besides the Quan Ba Heavenly Gate, watching the Twin Mountains (Fairy Mountain) also leaves a deep impression in the hearts of each tourist. This mountain is truly a wonderful work of nature, where nature converges to create a wonderful picture. Looking at the top of the mountain, visitors will encounter clouds passing gently, creating a fairytale-like space, where they feel like they are entering a wonderland of mysteries.

3.3 Learn about the cultural beauty in Quan Ba

Learn about the cultural beauty in Quan Ba

The area around Quan Ba Heaven’s Gate is not only home to many diverse ethnic groups such as H’Mong, Tay, and Nung, but also a hub of cultural diversity and unique customs. For visitors, just stepping into the small streets leading into the villages opens up the opportunity to explore deeply and better understand the daily life and activities of the local people.

In addition, coming here, you can see women wearing extremely eye-catching traditional costumes.

4. Other attractions when visiting Quan Ba Heavenly Gate

From Quan Ba’s Heavenly Gate, tourists can visit some of the attractions that KarstPlateau.com suggested below:

Lung Tam commune, famous for its linen weaving, is about 21km from Quan Ba Heavenly Gate. You can buy brocade fabric as a gift for relatives and friends.

Lung Tam commune famous for its linen weaving

Traveling to the Heavenly Gate of Management, it is impossible not to mention the “session” market. Quyet Tien Ha Giang Market is a place where you can experience all the different cultures in a charming mountain space. As a famous flea market of the Northwest, it only takes place every 7th morning.

Quyet Tien Ha Giang Market

The image of lonely trees is one of the outstanding images of Ha Giang with the beauty of the verandah appearing before your eyes, located among the areas of craggy cliffs but also these things have made this place have a very different beauty when visitors stop here.

Lonely Trees

Thach Son Than is the ideal place to see buckwheat flowers. Here, visitors will admire the fascinating beauty of the Triangle Buckwheat flower fields stretching up to several hectares. The buckwheat flowers bloom purple all over the hillsides, creating magnificent natural scenery, and captivating visitors.

Thach Son Than is the ideal place to see buckwheat flowers

Coming to Quan Ba, you can enjoy the specialties of Ha Giang such as thang co, thang dao, and buffalo meat guarding the kitchen, these are all typical dishes of Ha Giang. In addition, in Quan Ba, there is 1 very famous specialty which is Seedless Persimmon. Quan Ba Seedless Persimmon is 1 of Ha Giang’s specialties as a gift that anyone who has the opportunity to come here also wants to bring back to friends and relatives. 

Seedless Persimmon

With the majestic natural picture, along with the peaceful life of ethnic people, Quan Ba Heavenly Gate is definitely an ideal stop that you should not miss when coming to Ha Giang. With the above information, Karstplateau.com hopes you will have a wonderful and memorable trip.

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