Top 6 Fair Markets you should visit when coming to Ha Giang

by Lam Pham

Ha Giang Fair Market is a destination not to be missed for tourists when arriving in Ha Giang. This is not only a unique and diverse place to exchange goods, but the fair market also brings many other interesting experiences, creating an interesting journey of discovery when coming to Ha Giang. In this article, let’s explore the top 6 fair markets you should visit when coming to Ha Giang with Karst Plateau.

1. Characteristics of Ha Giang fair market

Each market usually takes place from early morning to noon

Unlike the daily busy markets in other places, the Ha Giang fair market only meets once a week, usually on Saturday or Sunday. Each market usually takes place from early morning to noon, attracting a large number of locals to buy sell, and exchange goods. The market space is often temporarily built along the roadside, creating a rustic and simple scene.

2. Top 6 famous fair markets in Ha Giang

2.1 Dong Van fair market, Ha Giang

Explore Dong Van fair market

Coming to Ha Giang and missing Dong Van’s fair market is a huge shortcoming. This market is located in the Dong Van Ancient Town complex and is only open on Sunday mornings every week.

This is famous for being the place with the most complete concentration of dishes, specialties, and highland products. This is the area of exchange and trading activities of the Dao, Giay, Lo Lo, Mong Hoa, Nung, and Tay people. From early in the morning, you will encounter grandmothers and mothers; people bring vegetables, firewood, bamboo shoots; some people take horses, pigs, dogs, cats to sell, etc.

Normally, whenever they come to the fair, people often follow the whole family. Wives trade and shop; husbands go to drink and eat Thang Co; the babies wear beautiful dresses to go out and eat snacks; young men and women come to the market to exchange and find a partner. Therefore, the market is always crowded and busy.

The children wear colorful traditional dresses to go out and eat snacks

Especially on the 14th, 15th, and 16th of the lunar month, these markets will take place in special cultural activities such as bird fighting, throwing sticks, traditional brocade weaving contests, etc.

In addition to the main market in the old town, in Dong Van there are also many famous markets that attract tourists such as Lung Phin Market, Pho Bang Market, Pho Cao Fair Market, Sung La Fair Market, Lung Cu Market, etc. Having the opportunity to go to Ha Giang, you definitely can’t miss these unique markets!

2.2 Meo Vac Fair Market

The bustling trading scene at Meo Vac fair market

Meo Vac Fair Market is a well-known ethnic market located in Meo Vac District, Hà Giang Province. This market is a vibrant and colorful gathering of various ethnic minority groups in the region, including the Hmong, Tay, and Dao people. It is usually held once a week, often on Sundays.

At the Meo Vac Fair Market, traders actively offer a diverse range of goods, including fresh produce, livestock, traditional handmade crafts, textiles, and everyday household items. The market is not only a place for trading but also a significant cultural event where people come to meet, socialize, and exchange news.

Women dressed in traditional costumes add to the vibrant and picturesque scene

The market is especially famous for its lively atmosphere and the traditional costumes worn by the ethnic minorities, which add to the vibrant and picturesque scene. It offers a unique glimpse into the daily lives and cultures of the ethnic groups in the northern mountainous region of Vietnam.

2.3 Xin Man Fair Market

Xin Man Fair Market is held every Friday

Xin Man Fair Market is about 151km from the center of Ha Giang town. This is the place where the Tay, Nung, Han, Mong, Hoa, Dao people live. Coming to Xin Man market, you will be surprised by the unique cultural features.

Ha Giang Fair Market – Xin Man Market

This market is a very convenient place to exchange goods, especially buffaloes, pigs and chickens, agricultural products, medicines, textiles, brocades, and production tools. Besides, Xin Man market is also a gathering and entertainment place for people here after days of hard work. In addition, coming to Xin Mam, you will also have the opportunity to explore many other unique markets such as Coc Pai Market, Chi Ca Market, Ban Diu Market, Then Phang Market, etc.

2.4 Hoang Su Phi Fair Market

Hoang Su Phi market is a destination that attracts tourists not only because of its beauty but also because of the uniqueness of Ha Giang fair market

Hoang Su Phi is an attractive destination for tourists because of the attractive scenery of the golden ripe rice fields or the impressive scenery of pouring water. However, besides these beautiful scenes, the Hoang Su Phi fair market is also a unique cultural beauty of the land here.

Hoang Su Phi Fair Market is another notable ethnic market located in Hoang Su Phi District,  Giang Province. Similar to the Meo Vac Fair Market, this market is an essential event for the local ethnic minority communities, including the Hmong, Dao, Nung, and Tay people.

Market held every Sunday morning

The market is a vibrant, bustling place where locals come not only to trade but also to socialize, share news, and celebrate their cultural heritage. The traditional costumes worn by the ethnic groups add to the market’s colorful and lively atmosphere, making it a captivating experience for visitors.

The surrounding landscape of Hoang Su Phi, known for its stunning terraced rice fields, enhances the market’s appeal, offering picturesque views and opportunities for trekking and exploring the local culture.

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2.5 Du Gia Fair Market

Du Gia Market is an attractive tourist destination of Yen Minh district, Ha Giang

Located more than 60 km from the center of Yen Minh town, the Du Gia market takes place every Friday and only lasts until noon. The market meets right in the center of the commune. Like other most famous markets in Ha Giang, Du Gia fair market is a place for ethnic people to shop, exchange, and engage in cultural activities. The market sells all kinds of items, from necessities, costumes, and items to cattle and poultry.

Livestock exchange activities at Du Gia Fair Market, Ha Giang

In addition, if you come here on the 15th day of the 3rd lunar calendar every year, visitors will be able to attend a special market called the “love” market or the “Phong Luu” market. If the Khau Vai love market or Sapa love market is a place where boys and girls exchange and learn, Du Gia’s “love” market is a market for brotherhood and friendship. This originated from the legends of the Black Hmong people.

2.6 Khau Vai Love Market

To vote for the most interesting Ha Giang fair market, it is definitely the Khau Vai love market. The market only meets once a year on the 27th day of the 3rd lunar month, so it attracts quite a lot of people, and tourists to visit.

The market only meets once a year on the 27th day of the 3rd lunar month

This is a place for lovers to come together. They are people who have had beautiful love together, but for some reason, they can’t get together. Every year they will come to the market to meet and share the joys and sorrows of life. Usually, couples will go together to the market, and when they arrive, they will each lean on each side to find a friend. The special thing is that they are not jealous, they respect each other very much, respect each other’s friends, and consider it as a sacred and noble deed.

Khau Vai love market – The most interesting love market in Ha Giang

Visitors who come here, can enjoy the sound of flutes, trumpets, and leaf trumpets, immerse themselves in charming songs, and dance with the locals.

Exploring the market is considered an activity that you should not miss when exploring Ha Giang. Surely with the Top 6 fair markets in Ha Giang suggested by Karst Plateau in the above article, it has helped you have more travel choices for this summer, right? Wish you a lot of exploration experiences.

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