6 beautiful tourist destinations in Moc Chau that fascinate people’s hearts

by Lam Pham

What does Moc Chau play? Take a stroll around the beautiful Moc Chau plateau so as not to miss any interesting Moc Chau tourist destination.

Moc Chau – a highland land famous for its fields of flowers blooming across the sky, and verdant tea hills, has long been a destination that captivates anyone who visits. Moc Chau owns a mild and cool climate all year round, so whether winter or summer, whether the day is warm sunny or white fog, Moc Chau is still wonderfully beautiful. Now let’s Karst Plateau take a look at 6 beautiful tourist destinations in Moc Chau that fascinate people’s hearts.

1. Introduction to Moc Chau

Introduction to Moc Chau

Moc Chau is one of the very famous tourist destinations in Son La. This is a beautiful highland located in the Northwest of Vietnam, in Moc Chau district, Son La province. Moc Chau has a cool, fresh climate and majestic and diverse natural scenery. This is one of the top choices for those who want to get away from the noisy urban pace and seek fresh experiences of local culture and lifestyle.

Moc Chau has many attractive tourist destinations such as terraced fields, green tea hills, and beautiful waterfalls.  Especially ethnic villages with unique traditional lifestyles. Guests can take part in interesting local activities.

With interesting and diverse destinations, Moc Chau is a great tourist destination for those who want to have a new experience and discover the beauty of Northwest Vietnam.

2. Fairy Waterfall

Fairyland of the Northwest region – Fairy waterfall

Fairy Waterfall, one of the picnic places, is not only a familiar destination for indigenous people but also a place that attracts tourists from far away to visit and explore Moc Chau. Arriving at Fairy Waterfall, you will admire the romantic green natural scenery, the magic of the immense waterfall, and a place to help you enjoy the fresh air, for more meaningful weekends.

Extremely hot check-in location in the middle of Moc Chau mountains and forests

In addition to enjoying the magical space of the falls, visitors can participate in fascinating activities that are exploratory, adventurous, and adventurous. You can swim with your friends, kayaking, or more gently, pose with friends to take beautiful photos.

3. Heart-Shaped Tea Hills

Heart-shaped tea hill in Moc Chau is beautiful and poetic on the green plateau

Coming to Moc Chau, you can’t ignore this romantic name Moc Chau Heart-Shaped Tea Hill. This green tea hill is shaped like a heart, a symbol of new love and vitality. Therefore, it is no surprise that this place attracts a lot of visitors to visit and take beautiful photos.

The best time to visit is in March and April 4. This is the time when the tea hill is changed to a new color and enjoy the characteristic scent of young tea buds. There are also services to rent national costumes for those who want their photos to be sparkling.

4. Plum Valley Na Ka, Moc Chau

Get lost in the wonderland of Na Ka Moc Chau plum valley

Na Ka is one of the most beautiful valleys of Moc Chau. This place is likened to a wonderland with picturesque spring flowers. Standing from above, the pristine white plum blossoms bloom stretching through the vast Na Ka valley.

Between January and late February, looking down from the top of the pass, you will encounter a valley covered with white plum blossoms, picturesque. If you come to Na Ka from April to May, this is the ripe plum season, you will be able to participate in plum picking and enjoy the delicious ripe red plums picked from the branches.

Experience plum picking at Na Ka Moc Chau plum valley

Along with its year-round beauty, Na Ka Plum Valley silently touches the hearts of many people and holds their footsteps when coming to the Moc Chau plateau. Say goodbye to the prosperous city, pack your backpack, and escape to this picturesque wonderland that will surely bring you a wonderful and memorable vacation.

5. Hang Tau

Explore Hang Tau – a peaceful escape for you to avoid troubles

Hang Tau Moc Chau (Primitive Village) is a Hmong village that still retains its pristine and peaceful appearance because of the rolling mountains, very suitable for those who are passionate about experiences in the journey to the Northwest land.

This is a romantic village deep in the majestic Moc Chau region. This place deserves you to return to the original of life, where there is no phone signal, no traffic noise, and no bright electric lights. It is a fresh picture of nature with the murmur of the meadow waves and the chirping of birds mixed with the scent of smoke and fire from the earthen kitchen of the people in Moc Chau.

6. Dinh Pha Luong

Conquer Pha Luong peak, the roof of Moc Chau

Coming to Moc Chau, do not forget to conquer the Dinh Pha Luong, which is the natural boundary between Vietnam and Laos. This mountain is not too high but enough to test the endurance of enthusiasts to conquer. Because it takes about 6km to reach the top and explore the majestic beauty of this place. From the top of Pha Luong, you can clearly observe the forests, villages, and vegetation of both Vietnam and Laos.

The combination of white clouds drifting gently, with green scenery, lush tea hills, and fresh air slightly chilly, makes the experience at this place become unforgettable impression. Therefore, Pha Luong Palace is a place not to be missed when visitors come to Moc Chau.

7. Pine forests Ban Ang

Fresh space located in the middle of the Northwest mountains and forests – Ban Ang pine forest

Ban Ang pine forest is likened to the “Muse of the Northwest”. This is a Moc Chau tourist destination that you cannot ignore. This place not only possesses a romantic beauty full of poetry. But also a place where you can admire the stilt houses hidden behind the cool green pine trees.

Coming to Ban Ang pine forest, you can freely walk, sightsee, camp in the middle of the forest, cycle around the lake, or go boating to enjoy the fresh climate and splendid nature. Especially, in the early morning the lake surface is covered with a layer of mist and cold air, making this place even more magical.

In addition, you can go to the end of the lake to see Chimi strawberry farm, a famous place in Moc Chau. You will be able to harvest strawberries and enjoy strawberry dishes. And also taking pictures in the field of wild anemone flowers are interesting experience at Chimi Farm.

Above are 6 beautiful tourist destinations in Moc Chau that fascinate people’s hearts that Karst Plateau would like to introduce to you. Hope you will soon have a trip to explore this peaceful and dreamy land.



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