Bac Me Travel: A stunningly beautiful, poetic, and majestic destination in Ha Giang.

by Lam Pham

Nowadays, new tourist destinations are being increasingly developed to attract tourists. Among these, Bac Me in Ha Giang province stands out with its majestic natural scenery of mountains, forests, and rivers, along with extremely important historical significance. Let’s Karst Plateau travel to Bac Me and discover the impressive beauty of this remarkable destination.

1. Introduction to Bac Me

The poetic and majestic beauty of Bac Me Ha Giang

Bac Me, Ha Giang is a small district located in the east of Ha Giang province. This place is favored by nature for its beauty which is both poetic and majestic and has a lot of potential to develop into an attractive eco-tourism area.

Although it is located in a famous tourist area, Bac Me Ha Giang is not well known because it is located quite far away, and the road is difficult. But that’s why this place has created an irresistible attraction for backpacking enthusiasts who like to explore new things.

The land of Bac Me Ha Giang possesses a special attraction waiting for you to explore

Bac Me has a natural land area of up to 864.28 km2. This is the home of 13 ethnic minorities such as Tay, Mong, Dao, etc. It is because of the diversity of culture and identity that has created a special attraction in the rocky highlands.

2. Instructions for moving to Bac Me, Ha Giang

The distance to the Northern Me, Ha Giang is about 60 km long. You will pass through many fields, mountains, and forests and listen to the birds chirping. To get to Bac Me, from Ha Giang City, you go straight up to Dong Van Rock Plateau, then through Lung Cu Flagpole, to Meo Vac. Then you continue to follow the road from Meo Vac to Bac Me.

Surely you will be overwhelmed by the beautiful natural scenery on the way to Bac Me Ha Giang

After visiting the Cung Bac Me, you can take a boat ride on the poetic and majestic Gam River and return to Ha Giang City in a circle. This journey to the Ha Giang promises to bring you extremely interesting and new experiences.

3. Tourist destinations in Bac Me, Ha Giang

3.1 Visit the historical site of Cang Bac Me

Cang Bac Me historical relic area is a place not to be missed when travel to Bac Me Ha Giang

Although a long period of time and harsh weather have eroded the historical site of Cung Bac Me, this place still retains its quietness and the mark of time is still there.

“Cang” in the French sense means garrison, soldier. Before 1939, the French established a small garrison here to control the entire Ha Giang – Tuyen Quang – Cao Bang traffic route. Since 1939, France has built more prison complexes and filled them with revolutionary cadres whom they arrested but had not yet convicted.

Not only does it have historical significance, Bac Me is currently a favorite destination of many tourists. Because it has a quiet landscape, moss, and time imprints, and is completely devoid of spontaneous commercialization and business, etc, losing the ancient color and natural space.

The ancient and wild beauty of Cung Bac Me

Visitors can leisurely walk in the space of large houses, information houses, warehouses, prisons, etc. Although it is just a ruin, it also helps us quite easily visualize what this place used to be like. In particular, this is a suitable place to take art photos in the old style.

In addition, visitors here can not only admire the ancient beauty and uniqueness of different brick walls but also see the heroism of the Vietnamese nation. If you have the opportunity to travel to the Northern Me Ha Giang, you absolutely cannot miss this place.

Address: Yen Cuong commune, Bac Me district, Ha Giang province

3.2 The gentle beauty of Gam River

The Gam River is gentle and quiet in Bac Me Ha Giang

Unlike the historical site of  Bac Me, the Gam River in Bac Me, Ha Giang has a gentle, poetic beauty, creating a sense of peace. Between the two sides of the hills and mountains, the Gam River appears like a green bow covering 3 provinces of Ha Giang, Cao Bang, and Tuyen Quang. All of which have created charming scenery.

Gam River impresses tourists with its charming landscape

The Gam River has the typical green color of the Ha Giang River, but it is not as dangerous as the Nho Que River, but the Gam River flows gently and smoothly. Therefore, this place has become an ideal place to organize cultural festivals, sports, and experiential tourism. From September to April next year, in the annual full water season, Bac Me Ha Giang will often organize festivals to worship the river god, rain festival, raft racing festival, etc. And this is also the ideal travel time to travel to Bac Me.

3.3 Explore the nature of mountains and forests, the most beautiful passes

If Hoang Su Phi attracts you with the majestic scenery of the Northeast mountains and forests, Bac Me, Ha Giang will impress you with the rustic, peaceful nature as well as the rhythm of life here. Because there has been no strong intervention in commercial tourism, the inherent beauty of Bac Me is still fully preserved.

The interaction between rivers and mountains creates a wonderful natural picture

The houses are connected to each other stretching along the Gam River. In the distance, farmers diligently sow each new rice flower, creating a strangely idyllic scene. The intersection of rivers and mountains creates a wonderful natural picture that captivates visitors who stop by.

Everything in the Bac Me, Ha Giang keeps drifting slowly, making you want to shake off all the troubles of the hustle and bustle of life in the city.

3.4 Visit the brocade weaving craft village in Bac Me

The extremely beautiful brocade fabrics that are woven are always loved by tourists and choose to buy them as gifts

When you come to Bac Me, Ha Giang, don’t forget to visit the stilt house of Ban Tan Village Chief, located in Phu Nam. This is a special place where you can witness firsthand the beautiful and high-quality brocade weaving.

At this stilt house, you will see the skillful and talented hands of the weaver. They will demonstrate the traditional weaving process and create beautiful brocade pieces. The paintings on the surface of the fabric, and the meticulous patterns and patterns, all show the quintessence and artistry of the local people.

The main raw materials used for the production of brocade fabrics are dyed silk yarn and indigo-dyed cotton yarn. The dyeing and weaving process is done entirely manually without the involvement of technology and machinery.

Skilled hands create high quality and beautiful products

The weaver will use traditional weaving techniques to create unique patterns and textures on the surface of the fabric. They can use looms and looms to create brocade fabrics with tightness and meticulousness.

The woven brocade fabrics are all of great beauty and uniqueness, with colorful colors and delicate patterns. These are handmade products with high cultural and artistic value, always attracting the attention of visitors. You can choose these brocade gifts as gifts for friends and family or buy them as souvenirs.

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4. Some notes when travel to Bac Me, Ha Giang

If you plan to travel to Bac Me, Ha Giang, then pocket the following necessary notes to have a full trip.

Weather: The most beautiful weather to travel to Bac Me is in autumn (September to November) and spring (March to May). At this time, the weather is cool, there is little rain, the sky is clear, suitable for sightseeing and experience activities.

Accommodation: Bac Me tourism has not really developed, so there are quite a few places to rest. Therefore, people often rest at nearby landmarks and then move to Bac Me to visit during the day.

Itinerary: When visiting Bac Me in particular and Ha Giang tourism in general, you should prepare a specific itinerary so as not to be confused between the attractions.

Traveling in Ha Giang by motorbike: everyone should prepare all the necessary belongings such as gasoline, and papers. In addition, you should also check the vehicle carefully before departing. In particular, you should practice having a drive to conquer the roads of Ha Giang.

Hope you will have interesting experiences when travel to  Bac Me Ha Giang!

With the strength of pristine nature and diverse ethnic culture, Bac Me Ha Giang will definitely be an extremely interesting tourist destination that you cannot ignore. Hopefully, the above article of Karst Plateau will bring you useful information. Wishing you an unforgettable and delightful travel experience in Bac Me! Get ready to enjoy this trip to explore this beautiful land!

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