Dong Van Old Quarter Steamed Rice Rolls – A rustic but extremely attractive dish

by Lam Pham

Dong Van steamed rice rolls are a unique specialty, which has been present for a long time in the Ha Giang karst plateau. Let’s learn about attractive dishes with Karst Plateau in the article below!

1. Introduction to Dong van Old quarter steamed rice rolls

What’s better than enjoying a plate of hot steamed rice rolls on a cold morning

Ha Giang is a border province. This place not only has many beautiful landscapes but is also famous for its diverse cuisine. Coming to Ha Giang, visitors will taste many famous delicacies, such as Au Tau porridge, soup, buffalo meat upstairs kitchen, smoked sausage, armpit pig, etc. All of them have their own charm and attraction to keep visitors engaged. In addition, there is a special dish not to be missed, which is the famous Dong van Old Quarter steamed rice rolls.

Previously, when Ha Giang tourism was still not popular, Dong van Old Quarter steamed rice rolls were just a familiar breakfast dish for locals here. However, nowadays, as tourism develops more and more diners are experiencing it, and this dish has become more known and loved. Steamed rice rolls have become a famous Ha Giang specialty that any visitor to Dong Van Old Quarter cannot ignore. Not too “luxurious” like other dishes, but this dish still creates a distinct appeal. The appeal comes from the simplicity and authenticity of familiar everyday ingredients with a unique highlight in the way of preparing Dong van Old Quarter steamed rice rolls.

2. The difference of Dong van Old Quarter steamed rice rolls

2.1 The difference is in the ingredients

When you eat, you will feel the fragrant taste of the cake with spring rolls and greasy dipping sauce.

First, rice is carefully selected by the people. The rice is carefully ground by hand to create white flour. Each place has its own way of making dough, and bakers in Dong Van have to soak the dough in water overnight to make the cake white and fragrant. Here is also a thin-coated cake, fragrant with the smell of rice and smooth, thin, and soft white cake fibers. Thanks to the flexibility and dexterity of both hands, all are masterfully done to make a delicious, hot batch of steamed rice rolls.

The last special feature is that the steamed rice rolls dipping sauce here is very different from many other places. If most steamed rice rolls are only eaten with chili garlic fish sauce, salty, salty, here Ha Giang people eat steamed rice rolls along with broth, adding fragrant patties, and green onions with a finely chopped vessel smell. The broth is cooked from black pig tubular bones and stewed for hours to obtain a naturally fragrant sweetness. Hot cakes, served with hot broth, are especially suitable in spring, autumn, or winter weather in Ha Giang.

2.2 Steamed rice rolls with eggs in Dong Van

Coming to Dong Van Ha Giang, you definitely have to try the unique specialty Steamed rice rolls with eggs

Ha Giang specialty – steamed rice rolls with eggs are a bold dish in the Northwest. No locality can be confused with the unique taste of this dish. Steamed rice rolls with eggs are not only unique in ingredients, but the way they are made is also completely different. In addition to the basic ingredients, steamed rice rolls with eggs will be given two more eggs. The baker quickly smoothed it evenly and then covered it tightly. Wait until the sweet aroma comes out before opening the lid. When the egg is cooked evenly, the maker will add the filling. Quickly roll up and finish the dish.

Steamed rice rolls with eggs have an extremely prominent and unique golden color

The finished steamed rice rolls with eggs have a beautiful bright yellow color. When eaten, the aroma of steamed rice rolls and the fatty taste of eggs are addictive. In addition, dipping with a sweet, sour, and spicy broth makes diners even more enthralled. If you have the opportunity to come to Dong Van Ha Giang, do not miss this unique specialty!

3. How to make Dong Van steamed rice rolls

The way to make Dong Van steamed rice rolls is not much different from other places

The way to make Dong Van steamed rice rolls is not much different from other places. First, grind the tedious rice into a fine powder and then soak it with water and leave overnight. This step helps the cake when coated will be softer and smoother.
The next morning, add spices to the powdered water left out overnight and stir well. While waiting for the seasoning to dissolve, prepare the filling by chopping the pork, myrtle, and green onions, then mixing well with pepper, seasoning, main noodles, and soup.
When coating the cake, ladle the powder into the coated mold, spread evenly, cover, and wait about 2 minutes for the cake to cook. Note that the amount of dough should be just enough so that the cake is not too thick or too thin.

The process of making Dong Van steamed rice rolls requires the dexterity and rhythm of the baker’s hands

After the cake is cooked, remove and spread on the tray, place the filling and roll up. If making egg rolls, break the eggs before scooping them up and adding the filling.
The dipping sauce is made by stewing pork bones for 4-5 hours, then adding green onions, dried onions, vessel smell, pepper, pepper and lemon to taste. Dong Van rolls with rich dipping sauce and fragrant rolls will definitely bring you a great culinary experience.

Dong Van steamed rice rolls are a delicate combination of natural ingredients and traditional processing

4. Suggested places to eat delicious Dong van Old quarter steamed rice rolls in Ha Giang

4.1 Ba Ha steamed rice rolls

Ba Ha’s steamed rice rolls  have been famous for a long time, so you don’t have to worry about the quality

If someone asks which steamed rice rolls are the most famous in Ha Giang, they must definitely mention Ba Ha steamed rice rolls. At this shop, the staff and the two grandparents are very warm and enthusiastic to visitors. Everyone who comes here appreciates very much the service attitude to the quality of the food, so if you come to Ha Giang, do not forget to visit Ba Ha steamed rice rolls.

Address: 31 Old Quarter, Ha Giang City

Opening hours: 07:00 – 12:00
Price: 20 VND – 80 VND

4.2 Mrs. Tu Lan’s restaurant

The shop is open all day so you can enjoy the delicious taste of this cake whenever you have time

The steamed rice rolls dish at Mrs. Tu Lan’s restaurant is especially loved by tourists. The steamed rice rolls she made were very soft and moist. When eating, you will be dipped in bone broth and Northwest spices. However, Mrs. Tu Lan’s restaurant has a relatively small space. Therefore, you have to wait if traveling to Ha Giang during peak season.

Address: No. 125, Group 3, Dong Van Old Quarter

4.3 Au tau porridge – steamed rice rolls

Steamed rice rolls here are soft and hot, served with sweet meat broth, and the rolls are fragrant and greasy

This is also a very famous place in Ha Giang for selling both Au Tau porridge and steamed rice rolls. The shop is open from 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., so you don’t have to worry about having to come here early like other steamed rice rolls shops. The steamed rice rolls here are soft and hot, eaten with sweet meat broth, and the rolls are very fragrant and greasy.

Address: 79H6+45J, Dong Van, Ha Giang

Opening hours: 07:00 – 22:30
Price: 20 – 80 VND

The most complete information about Dong van Old Quarter steamed rice rolls, Karst Plateau has been shared with you! This dish has its own unique character. Coming to Dong Van Old Quarter, besides enjoying many delicious dishes, you can also go to many other famous and beautiful places like a fairyland. So, when you come to Ha Giang, don’t forget to spend a whole day exploring this place.

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