Experience traveling to Ta Xua – the most beautiful cloud hunting paradise in the North

by Lam Pham

Ta Xua is one of the most beautiful cloud-hunting places in the northern mountains. This place attracts a large number of tourists because of its peaceful, poetic scenery and delicious and unique specialties. Therefore, Ta Xua has become an ideal tourist destination for many travel enthusiasts. In the article, let’s explore the travel experiences in Ta Xua with Karst Plateau.

1. Where is Ta Xua?

This is one of the mountains formed by three peaks, including the highest peak of 2865 m

Ta Xua is located at an altitude of more than 2,800 m above sea level, one of the highest peaks in Vietnam, in Bac Yen district (Son La), bordering Tram Tau district (Yen Bai).

Ta Xua is one of the ten highest mountains in Vietnam formed by three peaks, because it is located on high mountain terrain, it has a cool climate all year round. Perhaps that’s why Ta Xua is called Cloud Hunting Paradise by travel enthusiasts. This place is also famous for the specialty of Son Tra fruit, the ancient Shan Tuyet tea forest hundreds of years of age.

Coming to Ta Xua, you will be able to escape from the smog of the city to enjoy the cool air and admire the hilly ranges, the terraced fields up and down like waves rushing the shore, especially being released into the floating sea of clouds that can appear at any time.

2. Move to Ta Xua

Motorbikes are the vehicle of choice for many young people when traveling to Ta Xua

From Hanoi to Ta Xua, visitors can choose from many different means such as motorbikes or Passenger cars:
If traveling by motorbike, you take the direction of National Highway 32 going up to Shanxi Town, crossing Trung Ha Bridge, and then going to Thanh Son, Thu Cuc. At junction 3 Thu Cuc, you go through Phu Yen and you will reach Bac Yen town. From here, you also continue to travel another 15km to reach Ta Xua.
If you take a Passenger car, you go to My Dinh bus station and buy a ticket to Bac Yen town. To Bac Yen, you rent a motorbike to go about 15km more to Ta Xua.

3. The best time to travel to Ta Xua, Son La

3.1 From December to March

December to March is the time when Ta Xua comes into spring

December to March is the time when all flowers in Ta Xua compete to bloom and also the most suitable time to hunt clouds. The weather at this time is a bit dry and cold, so if you come to Ta Xua at this time, remember to bring warm clothes.

3.2 From April to July

This is the time to see terraced fields that cannot be found anywhere else

April to July is when Ta Xua is in flood season. This is the time when the terraced fields here have a beauty that cannot be found anywhere else.

3.3 From August to November

Ta Xua in August – The beauty of changing seasons in the Ocean of Clouds

August to November is the time when Ta Xua switches from summer to winter. The weather at this time is quite cool, very suitable for traveling with family and friends.

Ta Xua Peak all year round is enveloped in billowing clouds, flying like ocean waves crashing into the mountains. Therefore, visitors coming here at any time can see the beautiful scenery.

4. Tourist attractions in Ta Xua

4.1 Dinosaur spine

This place is considered one of the most beautiful places to watch clouds in the North

This place is about 15 km from the center of Ta Xua, and about 5 km from the center of Háng Dong commune, Bac Yen district. The “dinosaur spine” leans against the Ta Xua mountain range, in front of which is a valley hundreds of meters deep.

This place is considered one of the most beautiful places to watch clouds in the North. Many days of thick clouds from early morning to 10h have not yet cleared. When it is less cloudy, from the dinosaur’s spine, you can immerse yourself in the space of forests, terraces, and Hmong houses on the side of the mountain.

4.2 Turtle Head Rock

Here  you can see many beautiful mountain scenes

Besides the dinosaur spine, the turtle’s head rock is also a place that many visitors check in continuously because of its uniqueness.

This is a cliff jutting out of the ground, shaped like a turtle’s head, located at an altitude of about 2100 meters. When standing on this rock, you can see many beautiful mountain scenes, which feel very interesting.

4.3 Lonely tree

The image of a lonely cat apple tree standing tall between heaven and earth makes many tourists excited

The Lonely Cat Apple Tree is located on a small hill at the peak of Wind at the junction of Xim Vang – Hang Dong, more than 1 km from the center of Ta Xua. Standing from the position of the tree, you can see the Suoi Collapse River.

On nice weather days, the river water is clear and blue. The lonely cat apple tree is considered a symbol of perseverance and resilience amidst harsh nature.

4.4 National Primary Forests

This place has many rare species of flora and fauna and the natural scenery changes with each level of altitude

Ta Xua primeval forest is located on the southeastern slope of the Hoang Lien Son range, stretching from an altitude of 2,600 m to the top. The forest has a wild, mysterious beauty, the elevation changes continuously along the Phu Sa Phin range. This place has many rare species of flora and fauna, especially the forest has a lot of moss, which is likened to the “kingdom of mosses”. The small paths in the forest combined with the rays of the sun will take you into the land like in a fairy tale.


Here you can choose the form of trekking to the top of Ta Xua. This is an opportunity for you to see the pristine beauty of mountains and forests with unique and fancy vegetation.

4.5 Coffee shops to watch clouds

Mi Oi, Hien Coffee, Hao Coffee, H’mong Coffee, and Ban Coffee are prominent cafes in Ta Xua with beautiful views, easy-to-hunt clouds, and ideal virtual live photo spots. At cloudless times, these are still beautiful places to sip a cup of hot tea, admire the majestic natural landscape, watch the sunset gradually fall, or simply sit and relax.

5. Some notes when going to Ta Xua to hunt clouds

You can’t always hunt clouds because of the weather. Take a look at the forecast and choose low-temperature days at night and high during the day, during which the day must be sunny. Determine the direction of the sunrise in the cloud-hunting place for the best angles.

Do not move to Ta Xua in the evening, do not go too crowded. Ask and pay the price when traveling by motorbike taxi.

Check the fuel tank before starting to conquer Ta Xua Peak.

Above are all the Ta Xua travel experiences that Karst Plateau has compiled. I hope this information will help you on your upcoming trip to Ta Xua. 

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