Great summer heat shelter tourist destinations in Vietnam

by Lam Pham

Summer is an ideal time for you to explore new destinations and enjoy exciting activities. Domestic tourism in summer is very interesting with many beautiful places such as Nha Trang, Da Lat, Hoi An, Quy Nhon, Ha Giang or Moc Chau, etc. The coordinates vary from beautiful beaches and vast green mountains to ancient cities.

Let’s discover the exciting culture and nature of Vietnam!

1. Summer Travel in Moc Chau

Great destination for those who love peace among unspoiled nature. With colorful flower gardens and a mild climate, Moc Chau has become a tourist destination not to be missed.

Summer tourism in Moc Chau is an ideal choice

Summer travel in Moc Chau, do not miss the opportunity to explore attractive destinations such as Pha Luong Peak, Chieng Khoa Waterfall, Heart Tea Food, Na Ka Plum Valley, etc.

At the same time, enjoy many famous specialty dishes such as bone soup cooked oxtail, Da river fish, stone snails, stream fish, etc. The summer journey to explore Moc Chau promises to bring you memorable experiences.

2. Ha Giang Travel in Summer

Ha Giang Travel in Summer

The most wonderful place in Northeast Vietnam with majestic scenery to the heart. The scenery of terraced fields is intertwined with fields of pale purple buckwheat flowers stretching across the hillsides. When coming here, the unique national cultural identity of the Ha Giang people will make you fascinated and forget all the way back.

The tourist attraction of Ha Giang comes from the beautiful natural landscape with many landscapes such as Ma Pi Leng Pass, Tu San Gorge, Quan Ba twin mountains, Nho Que River, Lung Cu flagpole, etc.

3. Nha Trang Travel – where the sea is blue, white sand, golden sunshine

Nha Trang is one of the most attractive destinations for Vietnam tourism, especially in summer. With beautiful beaches, famous attractions, and a diverse system of restaurants and hotels, Nha Trang will surely satisfy anyone visiting and relaxing here.

Nha Trang Travel – where the sea is blue, white sand, golden sunshine

Traveling to Nha Trang in the summer, do not miss the opportunity to explore Hon Mun Island, Diep Son Island, Hon Tam, Cam Ranh Bay, etc. To enjoy swimming, check in with extremely poetic backgrounds. In addition, Nha Trang also owns VinWonders Nha Trang entertainment paradise with hundreds of attractive games, promising to bring visitors the most interesting experience.

4. My Khe Beach – Da Nang

My Khe Beach is a summer tourist paradise in Da Nang

Da Nang Beach is one of the tourist destinations that attracts domestic and foreign tourists. And even if they are the first people to set foot here, they will probably still want to return to a peaceful and gentle city with honest and approachable people.

My Khe Beach is located in Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City. It is one of six beaches voted by Forbes magazine as the most charming beach on the planet with fine, white, beautiful, and poetic sands. Coming to Da Nang, you should experience once having fun and relaxing on My Khe beach.

5. Hoi An Ancient Town – Quang Nam

Asia’s most beautiful ancient city – Hoi An (Quang Nam)

Hoi An Ancient Town is a unique Quang Nam tourist destination that you definitely cannot forget to mention. This is famous as a world cultural heritage, a place where ancient cultural and architectural values are still preserved today. Walking around Hoi An ancient town, visitors will feel extremely comfortable in the peaceful space and tile-roofed houses with ancient architecture that are truly impressive.

In addition, you can also visit famous places in Quang Nam such as Cham Island, My Son Sanctuary, An Bang Beach, etc.

6. Travel to Dalat in the summer “avoid the heat”

Dalat is known as the Europe of Vietnam with cool air all year round, not too cold like in SaPa. This place is a favorite destination for domestic and international people who come here to rest, relax, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The foggy city of Da Lat is an ideal summer tourist destination

To visit Dalat, you should wake up early to feel the chill mixed in the city’s fog. At this time, just need breakfast with shumai bread, wet chicken heart cake, or a bowl of snakehead fish soup, then sip a cup of coffee to fill your stomach. When it gradually sunshines, start your journey to explore super Hot tourist destinations in Dalat such as Lam Vien Square, Xuan Huong Lake, Dalat Flower Garden, and Valley of Love, etc, to freely check in and feel all the beautiful scenery of nature, mountains and forests here.

7. Discover the land of yellow flowers on the green grass of Phu Yen

Phu Yen is famous for its wild beauty

Your summer travel itinerary will be even more brilliant and interesting when visiting the land of yellow flowers and green grass in Phu Yen. Referring to Phu Yen is about the idyllic land of Nuo, about the land full of sunshine and wind. But there are many more interesting things hidden here. It is the sea, the forest, the island with hidden “gifts of nature” waiting for visitors to come to explore.

Traveling to Phu Yen in summer, do not miss famous places such as Tuy Hoa Beach, Ganh Da Dia, Vung Ro Bay, Bai Mon, etc. Along with that is the opportunity to enjoy many specialties here such as tuna eyes, chives soup, pork heart cakes, etc.

8. Quy Nhon – a blue sea paradise

Summer is the ideal time for you to make a trip to Quy Nhon’s blue sea paradise. Nestled between the sea on one side and mountains on the other, Quy Nhon makes visitors “excited” by its long curved coastline, fine white sand, and beautiful blue water.

Eo Gio Quy Nhon is an ideal summer tourist destination

Traveling to Quy Nhon, you must visit Eo Gio, Ky Co, Hon Kho, and clean and beautiful Quy Nhon beaches such as Cu Lao Xanh, Bau Beach, Xep Beach, etc.

In addition, come here, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy specialty dishes such as Rice porridge cake, Chau Truc shrimp noodles, fish noodles, jumping shrimp pancakes, etc.

9. Ly Son Island – Quang Ngai

This place is about 30km from the mainland. Ly Son Island (Quang Ngai) is blessed with a pristine landscape, blue sea, and golden sunshine, plus inexpensive cost, becoming an ideal stop for summer trips of many tourists.

Ly Son Island – Quang Ngai

Li Son has two distinct sunny and rainy seasons. The period from April to August is the most beautiful island district, it is sunny and rainy, and the weather is stable. Li Son’s peak tourist season is around April to June, so if you don’t like the crowds, you can go from July to August.

10. Con Dao – Ba Ria Vung Tau

For sea lovers, the name Con Dao is no stranger. Located about 185 km from Vung Tau and about 230 km from Ho Chi Minh City, Con Dao attracts tourists with its growing tourism services and many interesting activities.

Con Dao is a place tourists should visit once in their life

The most ideal time to visit Con Dao is around March to September. It was still in the rainy season, but the wind was small and the sea was calm. Especially, July to September here is the breeding season for sea turtles.

Visiting Con Dao, in addition to swimming, diving to see corals, and releasing baby turtles into the sea, you also have the opportunity to learn and explore famous historical and spiritual places such as Con Dao Prison, Hang Duong Cemetery, and Con Dao Museum. In addition, do not forget to enjoy fresh seafood on the island such as cone snails, red lobster, breast snails, etc.  Before leaving, you can buy dried seafood, eagle nut jam, or Con Dao specialty ginseng as gifts.

Summer travel offers many choices with a variety of attractive destinations. From romantic beaches to magnificent, pristine mountain ranges, summer travel itineraries are sure to bring many interesting experiences for you. What are you waiting for without planning with family and friends to enjoy a memorable summer vacation?


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