Top 7 most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia – Attractive destinations for the upcoming summer vacation

by Lam Pham

Island tourism in Southeast Asia is a wonderful experience. Please refer to the top 7 most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia for your upcoming summer vacation with

Summer is here and it’s the ideal time to explore Southeast Asia’s beautiful beaches. With its majestic natural beauty, turquoise sea, and fine white sand, this area promises to bring great experiences to visitors. In this article, will introduce you to the 7  most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia exclusively for this summer vacation. Now, plan and prepare yourself for a memorable adventure on these amazing shores.

1. Bai Sao, Phu Quoc – Viet Nam

Beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia

This place is known as the Pearl Island in Kien Giang. Phu Quoc is the favorite destination of both domestic and foreign tourists. Phu Quoc has many beaches and beautiful islands such as Truong Beach, Dai Beach, Sao Beach, Khem Beach, Ganh Dau, Vung Bau, Rach Vem, Ba Keo, Cua Can or Ba Keo, etc.

Mostly, the beaches here are wild, and tranquil and bring a strange sense of peace. Especially in Bai Sao, the sea here is blue with one color, clean, highlighted by white sand, running long in green ocean rows, and two mountain ranges surrounding creating a peaceful and poetic scene.

When you come to Sao Beach, you will be able to see the beautiful scenery of the pristine forest and the long, blue beach. Besides, with a peaceful and quiet space, you will feel comfortable and vent all your worries in the crowded city. In addition to swimming, you can participate in many other interesting activities such as: Exploring the famous pearl mussel nurturing place, walking at the night market, and visiting many famous tourist destinations in Phu Quoc (Dinh Cau, Bai Dai, Sim forest, pepper garden, fish sauce production base) and enjoy many delicious seafood dishes, Attractive specialties here.

2. Nha Trang Beach – Viet Nam

Nha Trang Beach – Vietnam, blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine

Talking about the beautiful paradise-like beach in Vietnam, it is impossible not to mention Nha Trang beach. This is a famous sea that owns dozens of beautiful bays in accordance with paradise standards. There are still many pristine, well-preserved beaches and islands here. This is an ideal place to experience many beautiful, clear beaches, white sand, and countless islands scattered to the horizon.

In addition, Nha Trang attracts many tourists not only with its clear and poetic coastline but is also famous for its attractive tourist destinations such as the splendid Ponagar Tower, the beautiful Ninh Van Bay, Hon Mun, Vinpearland, Van Phong Bay or the shimmering Institute of Oceanography, etc.

3. Coron Beach, Palawan – Philippines

Coron Beach, Palawan – Philippines

Coron Island in the northern Palawan archipelago, Philippines is a destination for those who love scuba diving and watching shipwrecks. One of the famous diving spots here is Lusong Gunboat, which is also a good place to see the famous coral reefs. The most interesting experience here is to immerse yourself in the cool turquoise water, open your eyes wide to dive, and admire the colorful coral reefs with all kinds of strange but interesting shapes. Besides, other marine creatures such as fish of all patterns and sizes always swim around you.

In addition to scuba diving, you can participate in activities that explore local life or explore nature such as the Coron Calauit Safari, visiting the Puerto Princesa underground river, swinging Sabang X rope, and boating in the floodplain forest.

4. Phra Nang Beach, Railay – Thailand

Phra Nang Beach, Thailand is famous for the rocks blocking both ends of the beach

Phra Nang Beach is located at the southern tip of Railay, a peninsula located on the Andaman coast. This place is famous for its long stretch of white sand along with cliffs blocking both ends of the beach.

Especially here, food and drinks are available right on the boats along the beach. You can choose yourself a beer, lie in the sun, and watch intently everyone try their hand at climbing.

In addition to swimming, visitors can also participate in rock climbing. Climbing the rocks and jumping into the cool, blue water gives you a wonderful feeling. At noon, you can have a barbecue or salad, massage service is also available here.

5. Lombok Island – Indonesia

Lombok Island – Indonesia

Lombok Island possesses long beaches with majestic mountain views. On the island, there are also ancient villages with special architecture. Unlike the excitement on other islands, Lombok is peaceful, quiet, and dreamy. Choosing Lombok as a place to stop, you will definitely find your inner voice!

Coming to Lombok, you will be immersed in the wild nature, watching the traditional Sasak colors. This place, you can make a pilgrimage to the top of Mount Rinjani with an altitude of 3,726m. It will definitely be a great experience. Also, here you spend the day immersed in the turquoise water, the pure white sand beneath your feet, and enjoy fresh grilled seafood near the local restaurant area.

6. Koh Rong Samloem – Cambodia

Koh Rong Samloem – Cambodia

Koh Rong is an island paradise, one of Cambodia’s most popular tourist destinations. For those looking for a peaceful, peaceful retreat, leaving all stress behind and away from the city’s smog, Koh Rong is an extremely ideal proposal for you.

This island is still very wild, without much human impact, so the natural beauty is still intact. It is famous for the pristine beauty of fine white sand, clear, warm seawater, and pleasant tropical climate.

In addition, you can experience interesting activities here such as Scuba diving to see corals, Watching plankton glow in the night, Surfing Jet Skiing, Kayaking, etc.

7. Ngapali Beach, Ngapali – Myanmar

Ngapali Beach, Ngapali – Myanmar, is famous for its natural beauty with tall coconut tree

This beach is famous for its natural beauty, pure white sand, tall coconut trees, and beautiful turquoise waters. This is a newly known beach in Myanmar so deserted, and very suitable for you to rest and relax in tranquility. However, there are still activities to kickstart your summer such as beach walks, cycling, boating, golfing, scuba diving, and surfing.

Above has compiled and shared with you a list of the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia that you should explore at least once in your life. Each beach has a distinct beauty, from stretches of fine white sand to majestic cliffs, from luxury resorts to idyllic fishing villages. Plan your travel today and enjoy amazing experiences at Southeast Asia’s most beautiful beaches.


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