Admire the beauty of buckwheat flowers blooming in Ha Giang

by Lam Pham

Every year from October to December. Ha Giang is bright again with the pristine beauty of buckwheat flowers, creating a fresh and majestic natural picture that attracts a large number of tourists to visit Ha Giang. If you are planning to travel to Ha Giang this season, let’s summarize some information and travel experiences with Karst Plateau in the latest Ha Giang buckwheat flower season for you.

1. Introducing Ha Giang buckwheat flowers

Ha Giang buckwheat flowers

Ha Giang province is the northernmost land of Vietnam, with a border of over 274km adjacent to China. Traveling to Ha Giang, visitors can not only immerse themselves in the vast natural scenery but also have the opportunity to learn about different cultures, with the unique characteristics of each ethnic group such as Mong, Tay, Muong, Thai, etc.

Buckwheat flowers are a flower that grows in fields stretching on hillsides, rocky valleys, along roads, and in villages throughout Ha Giang province. The flowers usually bloom in late autumn and early winter. The gentle and elegant white, pink, and purple patches of the buckwheat flowers captivate many visitors.

2. What month do buckwheat flowers bloom?

The ideal time to see buckwheat flowers is from October to November

The ideal time to see buckwheat flowers is from October to November of the calendar. Because this is the time when buckwheat flowers bloom the most. In addition, from April to May, there are also white off-season blooms, so you can also travel here at this time. Although Ha Giang is not the only place with buckwheat flowers, Ha Giang is the place where buckwheat flowers are the most along with the famous buckwheat flowers festival.

3. Buckwheat Flower Festival

The festival has many interesting activities that you should not miss

Ha Giang buckwheat flower festival is the biggest flower festival of the year in Ha Giang. This is an opportunity for you to admire the beauty of buckwheat flowers and participate in interesting experience activities in this land.

The festival time is also the time when the flowers bloom from October to November every year. There are many locations where the buckwheat flower festival takes place for you to choose from such as Van Chai, Lung Thau, Sung La, Pho Cao, Pho La, Lung Tao – Ma Le – Lung Cu, and Dong Van Town.

There are also fun activities such as:

  • Participate in the traditional buckwheat triangle baking contest.
  • Boat race to conquer Tu San Alley, Ma Pi Leng.
  • Return to childhood with folk games such as swinging, seesawing, pound throwing,… in Ngan Chai village, Lao and Chai communes, Yen Minh district.
  • Kayak race held in Quan Ba district.

4. The best places to see buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang

4.1 Sung La Valley

Tourists have the opportunity to admire buckwheat flowers blooming on the rocky plateau when coming to Ha Giang

Sung La has not been explored much, so the natural scenery still retains many wild and peaceful beauty. The Mong ethnic group in Sung La often grows buckwheat flowers on high hillsides, so this place is considered one of the most beautiful spots to see this flower in Ha Giang. Coming to Sung La, visitors will admire the whole valley of buckwheat flowers showing off their purple-pink color in green, looking very beautiful.

4.2 Dong Van Rock Plateau

Vast fields of buckwheat flowers stretch across the Dong Van plateau

The buckwheat flower fields in the Dong Van rock plateau stretch one after another, immensely forming a pink sky. Visitors here can delight in check-in, and take photos to keep good memories of a trip.

4.3 Lung Tao

Buckwheat flower buds look graceful and fragile, but add color and vitality to Ha Giang

Buckwheat flowers in Lung Tao are scattered on hillsides and mountain ranges. Visitors must climb Ma Le mountain to fully capture this flower’s gentle and elegant colors.

4.4 Foot of Lung Cu flagpole

Strips of flowers arrange many layers of unique terraced fields

Lung Cu is one of the places not to be missed when traveling to Ha Giang. The buckwheat flower field at the foot of the Lung Cu flagpole attracts tourists thanks to the unique strips of flowers arranged in many layers of terraced fields. On the way here, visitors can admire the beautiful scenery and take photos of the vast buckwheat fields.

4.5 Ma Pi Leng Pass

Admire the extremely eye-catching buckwheat flowers of white mixed with pink and purple.

Ma Pi Leng is one of the four peaks pass of Ha Giang. Looking down from the top is the image of the green Nho Que stream squeezing itself through the majestic mountains. Below the foot of the pass are brilliant buckwheat flowers, allowing visitors to enjoy the special beauty of this flower.

4.6 Pho Cao

Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the buckwheat flowers sparkling in the sunlight

Pho Cao is located right on Highway 4C, this place attracts tourists to the yellow earth houses in the sun, the image of children playing, etc. And of course, it is indispensable for buckwheat flower fields full of solitude but equally lyrical.

5. Enjoy buckwheat cake

Enjoy buckwheat cake in Ha Giang

Buckwheat Flowers cake is made from the seeds of buckwheat flowers. The cake after puree will be steamed on the fire. The buckwheat cake in Ha Giang has a special flavor, has a soft, spongy, and sweet taste, the longer you chew it, the more you feel the aroma of forest trees. Thanks to the uniqueness and sophistication of the name to the way this cake is made, visitors to Ha Giang often buy packages of flexible buckwheat cakes or crispy buckwheat cakes as gifts for relatives. If you have the opportunity to set foot on this rocky plateau, you must enjoy buckwheat flowers cake in Ha Giang to have a complete trip

So the article sharing experiences and places to visit in Ha Giang triangle flower season has ended here. Hopefully, some of the above information from Karst Plateau will help you on your upcoming journeys. In addition to viewing buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang, many other attractive places are waiting for you to explore such as Quan Ba Heavenly Gate, H’Mong Ta Vi village, Dong Van Ancient Town, Du Gia Waterfall, etc.

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