Con Dao travel experience you should know

by Lam Pham

Con Dao was once known as “hell on earth”, home to the once infamous Con Dao Prison. But today Con Dao tourism has made great progress, being one of the most attractive destinations with beautiful pristine beaches, primeval forest systems, and many rare creatures. Let’s explore this beautiful land with Karst Plateau through this extremely detailed Con Dao travel experience!

1. General introduction to Con Dao

Con Dao

Con Dao is an island district in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, also known as Con Lon and Con Son. This island district has a total area of 76 km2 with 16 different large and small islands.

During the French colonial period, Con Dao Prison was the largest scale of exile and detention of prisoners in Indochina. To this day, the image of “tiger cages” and many forms of inhuman torture at Con Dao Prison are still strong evidence of war crimes. Today, Con Dao appears full of vitality and “poetry” with a long coastline filled with warm sunshine, and boulders day and night to welcome silver waves. Mountains forests and nature reserves wear a brilliant coat, constantly changing color. Not too beautiful, the beauty of Con Dao enters the hearts of visitors in a rustic, authentic way that is hard to forget.

2.  In which season should you travel to Con Dao?

Traveling to Con Dao from October to February, you will enjoy the warm sunshine, calm blue sea water and charming scenery

From March to September, although it is the rainy season, the sea is mild, the rain does not last long, the sun is not harsh, very suitable for participating in sea activities. In particular, this season is the breeding period of turtles on Con Dao, so you will have the opportunity to see turtles everywhere gathering here.

From October to February next year is the dry season in Con Dao. Traveling to Con Dao at this time, you will enjoy the warm sunshine, calm blue sea water, and charming scenery here. However, if you go in this season, you should avoid the waters of Con Son Bay because the sea is often rough, with strong waves due to the influence of the northeast wind.

3. How to Get to Con Dao

There are 2 ways to travel to Con Dao

Currently, there are 2 ways to travel to Con Dao: ships and planes.

  • Ship: The ship from Vung Tau is a slow train, it takes about 12 hours to reach Con Dao. If you go from Tran De – Soc Trang port, it only takes 2.5 hours for you to arrive in Con Dao.
  • Plane: There are flights available from Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Can Tho to Con Dao.

4. Hotels and homestays in Con Dao

4.1 Eden House and Coffee Con Dao

Eden House and Coffee Con Dao

The campus of Eden House has trees planted everywhere, so the air is very fresh and airy. It is very quiet and clean, and the host is friendly and enthusiastic.

  • Address: Duong Ba Trac Street, Con Dao District, Ba Ria-Vung Tau.
  • Price: from 580.000 VND/night

4.2 Con Dao Camping Hotel

This hotel has a walking path leading directly to the sea

Con Dao Camping Hotel has basic facilities such as parking, a TV, a kettle, a hairdryer, and free wifi in all rooms. And some other services such as laundry, sunbathing spa, bar, etc. In particular, this hotel has a walking path leading directly to the sea.

  • Address: Nguyen Duc Thuan Street, Con Dao, Ba Ria – Vung Tau.
  • Price: from 750.000 VND/day.

4.3 Resort Six Senses Con Dao

Resort Six Senses Con Dao

If you are a travel fanatic, you are no stranger to the desirable virtual living pictures at Six Senses Con Dao of many celebrities. Six Senses Con Dao is known as one of the hotels with the most beautiful and expensive locations in Con Dao, with luxury services and facilities, and many special experiences only this place has.

  • Address: Dat Doc Beach, Con Dao town, Ba Ria-Vung Tau.
  • Price: from 11.000.000 VND/night

5. Famous Con Dao tourist destinations you should not miss

5.1 Hon Bay Canh

Hon Bay Canh, Con Dao

Towards the east of Con Dao, visitors can reach Hon Bay Canh. The island has a total area of 683 hectares with a unique “split” structure connected by a sand dune. Viewed from above, Hon Bay Canh appears as a green gem with primeval forest and mangrove forest covering most of the island; Not to mention the colorful world of corals, seaweeds, sea cucumbers, mussels, oysters, snails, and countless other small fish.

Visitors Going back to the Northeast, you will see the hundred-year-old lighthouse, forming a classic landmark against the vast sea and sky. If you go from April to September, you will have a chance to see turtles laying eggs at the beach.

5.2  Hon Cau

Hon Cau, Con Dao

The white sand beach leaning into the shape of a bow “painted” by three towering maple trees blocking the wind has left an unforgettable impression in the hearts of visitors when coming to Hon Cau. About 8km northeast of the main island (Con Dao). Hon Cau resonates with its unspoiled charm and thriving coral ecosystem. In Hon Cau, it is not too difficult to see a colorful coral reef rising above the moss-covered boulders. Blessed with rare groundwater by Mother Nature, locals have cultivated a variety of tropical fruits such as pineapple, coconut, papaya, custard apple, and banana.

5.3 Con Son Bay

Con Son Bay is ideal for watching the sunset, walking the beach, and relaxing.

An indispensable place when traveling to Con Dao is Con Son Bay with 14 different large and small islands. As the sun rises, the brilliant golden sunlight that shines on the surface of the Bay’s waters makes the coral reefs look more beautiful.

The Bay Area is large, with many super beautiful virtual living corners. Not only that, but there is also a beach, white sand, and water so clear that you can see the coral reef below. An ideal place to watch the sunset, walk the beach, and relax.

5.4 Con Dao National Park

Explore Con Dao National Park, home to hundreds of rare plant and animal species

Con Dao National Park belongs to the special-use forest system and is one of thirty-three national forests in Vietnam. With a total terrestrial area of nearly 6,000 hectares and an underwater area of nearly 14,000 hectares. It is home to 1077 species of higher plants, 155 species of vertebrates, and 6 endemic animals including the Con Dao Long-tailed Macaque, Ebony Squirrel, Con Dao Black Squirrel, Worm Lizard, Round-browed Lizard, and Con Dao Impaired Snake, and 29 other rare animals.

Because human activities have not had much impact on the ecosystem here, Con Dao National Park still retains its inherent pristine appearance. Surely those of you who have a hobby of exploring the animal and plant world will be very interested in the rich number of species here.

5.5 Con Dao Prison

Con Dao Prison

In the first half of the twentieth century, the French government built Con Dao Prison to exile and suppress political prisoners or death row prisoners. Later, Con Dao Prison was “reused” by the US imperialists during the Vietnam War for the same purpose. Many visitors were stunned when witnessing the “tiger cage” – a form of solitary confinement made of many iron bars or barbed wire with a width of only 5m2.

6. Interesting activities in Con Dao that you should try

6.1 Snorkeling to see corals

Snorkeling to see corals

With a rich natural “heritage”, not yet exploited by human hands, Con Dao Beach is an ideal place for swimming, boating, or snorkeling to see corals.

6.2 Release turtles and watch turtles lay eggs

Release turtles and watch turtles lay eggs

What could be more interesting than seeing the green turtle Chelonia Mydas as a nest to lay eggs on the beach or manually releasing the adorable “turtles” into the natural environment? Turtles usually come ashore to lay eggs from April to October; Please contact Con Dao National Park to join tours designed specifically for this activity.

6.3 Watch the Con Dao sunset

Watch the Con Dao sunset

If the Phu Quoc sunset is famous by the title of “five colors”, the Con Dao sunset is remembered for its magical orange-red color, as smooth as a soft chiffon cloth leisurely hugging each mountainside, rocky slope, and beach. The best place to admire Con Dao sunset is in Bai Nhat, starting from about 17h00 – 18h00. Fully charge your phone’s battery to capture this magical moment.

Hopefully, the above sharing of Karst Plateau about Con Dao tourism will help you have a wonderful and memorable vacation in Con Dao. What are you waiting for: Plan your itinerary to explore Con Dao now. 


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