10 Con Dao specialties that are both delicious and cheap you must try

by Lam Pham

Con Dao has always been a place of thousands of people and many tourists today, Con Dao attracts many tourists not only because of its beautiful nature, green beaches, and famous historical places but also because of its attractive specialties. So what do Con Dao specialties have? Let’s explore Con Dao with Karst Plateau to learn what to eat in Con Dao.

1. Oyster porridge

This is one of the first delicious Con Dao dishes that must be tried

Oyster porridge is one of the first delicious Con Dao dishes that must be tried. Porridge is cooked from simple ingredients such as rice, oysters with a little pepper, cilantro, onions, etc. When eating, you will feel the fragrant taste of rice mixed with the taste of cool sweet oyster meat, which will definitely bring visitors a nutritious meal.

2. Shark salad

Enjoy shark salad – a unique dish in Con Dao

Shark salad is a famous specialty dish of Con Dao, it is made with fresh green ingredients from nature such as bananas, caramels, pineapples, and coriander. A plate of shark salad will make you feel the aroma of fish, the spicy taste of chili peppers the sourness of pineapple, caramels, the acrid taste of green bananas, etc. It is unforgettable to enjoy the taste of this dish. The price of this dish is about 100,000 VND – 150,000 VND. Because this is a very popular dish in Con Dao. Therefore, you can completely enjoy shark salad at any restaurant in Con Dao.

3. Red grouper

Red grouper

If you plan to eat Con Dao seafood, try to enjoy red grouper. Red grouper, also known as song fish, is a very famous and favorite fish among fish in Con Dao. So if you come here, you should taste this dish made from fish. Red grouper is processed into rustic dishes such as steaming, salad, grilling sauce, etc, and looks very attractive and eye-catching for people to eat. Since this red grouper is difficult to catch and the nutrition of the fish is high, there are a lot of price categories.

Usually, the price of red grouper ranges from 400,000 VND to 600,000 VND/kg.

4. Sa Sung

This dish is very nutritious

Sa sung is an extremely rare Con Dao specialty, rich in nutrients and difficult to catch by it only appears from March to July. So, if you go right on this occasion, you should try to enjoy this dish, don’t miss it. This is often an item to pay tribute to kings and officials in ancient times. Sa Sung is prepared by people in many different styles: stir-fry with vegetables, grill, make a salad, cook porridge, etc. Tourists coming to Con Dao love this dish because it is delicious, fatty, fleshy, and chewy, especially this dish is very nutritious.

The value of this type of specialty is very high 1kg of cult costs from 3,500,000 VND – 4,500,000 VND.

5.  Bang nut jam

Enjoy Bang Nut Jam – a famous specialty in Con Dao

Bang is a forest tree in Con Dao, with very large fruits and leaves. Every season, people here harvest berries to dry and then separate them for seeds. Eagle seeds are roasted with salt and roasted with sugar as you like. Regardless of the type of processing, eagle seeds are very fragrant, fatty, and fleshy. Eagle nut jam is very suitable to buy as a gift. However, if the eagle nuts have not been roasted but eaten raw, they may be drunk.

The price for 1kg of eagle nuts is about 500,000vnd/kg. You can buy at dry food stores, Con Dao specialty stores, or at supermarkets or markets.

6. Moon crab

Rare dish at Con Dao – Moon crab

One of the delicacies in Con Dao cannot be ignored is moon crab – an extremely rare seafood in Phu Quy Island. The reason is called moon crab is because on the back of the crab, there are many dark red circles, mixed with bright pink, very attractive and eye-catching quite like the moon shape, moreover, this type of crab has the most delicious meat at the moonrise.

Moon crab, the most common way to prepare it is steamed crab. Eating a piece of crab meat, dipping a little lemon salt and pepper, slowly feeling the sweetness of the crab melt on the tip of the tongue, it is impossible to describe in words. Besides, this type of crab can still be in tamarind sauce or cooked hot pot.

The price of a moon crab is about 200,000 VND – 300,000 VND/kg. There are many restaurants in Con Dao for sale, but to get the best taste, you should go to Tri Ky restaurant on Nguyen Duc Thuan Street, Con Dao.

7. Red lobster

King of seafood in Con Dao – Red Lobster

If you have had the opportunity to travel to Con Dao, you cannot ignore the precious specialty – Red lobster. Red lobster meat contains a large amount of protein but contains very little fat content, so it is especially healthy. Red lobster in Con Dao is very delicious, the meat is tough and sweet, very firm. There are many ways to prepare red lobster in Con Dao. We can steam, cook porridge, make salad or grill, stir-fry, etc. With any processing, it looks very attractive and eye-catching.

The price of Red Lobster is from 800,000 VND – 1,200,000 VND/kg. You can buy it at Con Dao Seafood Market, Con Dao Seafood Bowl, or enjoy it directly at Con Dao Bang Restaurant, Thu Tam Restaurant, etc. These are all reputable seafood addresses with moderate prices for you to easily choose.

8. Nhum sauce

Enjoy Con Dao’s specialty Nhum sauce and eat it once and you will remember it forever

Nhum sauce is made from Nhum (Sea urchin), also known as noble sauce. Since the Urchin is very small, it is difficult to catch. To make a jar of Nhum sauce, it takes a lot of Nhum because it is very little meat. To enjoy the authentic Nhum sauce, when you come to Con Dao, you should not miss this sauce. This type of fish sauce is very suitable if served with boiled meat or vegetables, mentioning that you already like it. Eating once is to remember the taste of fish sauce here.

9. Vu Nang Snail

This is a famous dish in Con Dao that you must definitely try

The name sounds quite special, but the dish is even more special. This type of snail has a pyramidal shape, a dark gray outer shell, and a mother-of-pearl sparkle inside. Vu Nang snails are processed into many delicious dishes such as boiling, grilling, or mixing salads and mannequins. The taste of snails after ripening is extremely delicious, making everyone eat it with praise, the fragrant, chewy, and crispy sweet snail meat dipped in lemon salt and pepper makes you want to eat this dish forever.

10. Half-dried cuttlefish

It is a popular dish among tourists when coming to Con Dao

Squid is often fished by people at night, when catching squid, people will carefully choose the freshest, tastiest, and largest squid to dry. For this sunny ink, there is no need to prepare much, just rinse it with water or salt water and then dry it in the sun once. Half-dried cuttlefish is a specialty of the Con Dao Sea and is very popular with tourists coming here to visit.

Above is a summary of 10 delicious and cheap dishes that you should try when coming to Con Dao. In addition to delicious and cheap specialties, Con Dao is also famous for attractive tourist destinations that you should not ignore. Hopefully, with Karst Plateau’s article, you have more useful information for your travel guide. Do not hesitate any longer without hurrying up for yourself with a plan to travel to this beautiful island.

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