Top 8 specialties in Ha Giang that you should buy as gifts

by Lam Pham

Ha Giang not only owns majestic and poetic landscapes, but this place is also famous for being a rich culinary land. Being created with incentives for precious raw materials and fuels, Ha Giang cuisine has become a unique feature. Therefore, Ha Giang specialties always “touch” tourists near and far because of the diverse and rich culinary culture of the locality. In this article, let’s explore the 8 most delicious dishes in Ha Giang with Karst Plateau to buy as gifts for family and friends.

1. Thit Trau Kho (Dried buffalo meat)

Dried buffalo meat has a spicy taste from the mac hen, a strong sweetness from fresh buffalo meat and a characteristic smell of kitchen smoke

Dried buffalo meat is a dish that cannot be ignored when talking about the specialties of the Ha Giang rocky plateau. People also call it smoked buffalo meat or buffalo meat in the kitchen. People often choose this specialty as a gift because of its special delicious taste. Additionally, because the buffalo meat has been dried, it is easy to transport and store for a long time.

For the best-finished product, people often choose tenderloin, corn, or back meat. Buffalo meat is cut into long pieces. Then marinate with spices such as chili, ginger, macadamia, and doi seeds. Ha Giang people will often leave meat in the kitchen, wherever they use it, they can take it here. As for buffalo meat bought as a gift, you can store it in sealed bags and store it in the refrigerator.

2. Che Shan Tuyet (Shan Tuyet Tea)

Tea has many health benefits, both detoxifying and beautifying the skin, imbued with the flavor of the mountains and forests

When brewing tea, it has a natural aroma and is not harsh. When drinking a sip of Shan Tuyet tea, you will feel tea taste, not harsh, but with a sweet aftertaste that spreads throughout the mouth. After enjoying, you will feel comfortable, cool, light, and wonderfully relaxed.

This type of tea not only possesses a characteristic delicious taste, but is also extremely good for health, helping to clear heat, detoxify, and prevent many diseases. With the experience of traveling to Ha Giang of Karst Plateau, Shan Tuyet tea is a specialty of Ha Giang as a gift that you should definitely buy when you come to Ha Giang.

3. Lap Xuong Gac Bep (Smoked Sausage)

When eating sausage, it has both the greasy taste of meat and the aroma of Mac Khen seeds

People consider sausage one of Ha Giang’s specialties and a strongly attractive gift for diners everywhere. They make the dish from pork, specifically from the Man pig, or armpit pig known for its extremely firm meat.  People often choose half-lean, half-fat meat so that the sausage is neither too dry nor too fatty.

When eating, the sausage will be fried whole and then sliced and dipped with ginger sauce. You will feel the chewy taste of the meat, the fat taste of the fat along with the aroma of kitchen smoke and the unmistakable Mac Mat seeds.

4. Banh Tam Giac Mach (Buckwheat cake)

When enjoying, you will feel the softness and sponginess of the cake, the sweetness spreading in your mouth along with the characteristic pungent taste of the forest trees in the rocky plateau

Buckwheat cake is a specialty of Ha Giang as a very unique gift, so try it in Ha Giang. Buckwheat Cake is made from the seeds of the buckwheat flower. After each flowering season, people here harvest buckwheat seeds to dry and grind them into flour to make cakes.

When enjoying, you will feel the softness and fluffiness of the cake, the sweet taste spreading in the mouth, and the fleshy taste with a bit of pungency typical of forest trees in the rocky highlands.

5. Cam Ha Giang (Oranges)

Orange season in Ha Giang usually lasts from around December to March every year

It is a pity for those who have never enjoyed oranges in Bac Quang–Ha Giang. Because it has a sweet taste along with a perfect sour taste plus a prominent and distinct scent. Orange season in Ha Giang usually lasts from around December to March every year. Therefore, to have the freshest, sweetest, and juiciest oranges, you should buy them at the beginning of the season.

When buying Bac Quang oranges as gifts, you need to pay attention to one feature so that you can choose the most delicious fruits. That is to choose fruits with a round shape, medium size, and slightly rough brown skin, such fruits will be sweet, juicy, and fresh, so they will last longer than usual.

6. Mat Ong Bac Ha (Mint Honey)

Honey has a rich, cool sweetness, light yellow color, and is a specialty that contains many vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to health

Mint honey is a specialty of Ha Giang, which is very suitable to buy as a gift. Honey is not only delicious, but it also has many effects on health. This type of honey is only available from October to January of the following year – around the time of the mint blooming season. Therefore, tourists should come to Ha Giang around this time to be able to find and buy this specialty.

Unlike ordinary honey which will cause heat, mint honey is a drink that has the ability to clear heat, helping to promote health for users. This drink has a rich, cool sweet, light yellow color and is a specialty that contains many vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to health.

7. Ruou Ngo Ha Giang (Corn Wine)

The wine has a sweet taste, is easy to drink without giving you a headache

The H’Mong people process corn wine with their skillful hands. They use corn kernels grown on rocky mountains as the main ingredient. Many tourists choose this as one of the specialties to buy as a gift when traveling to Ha Giang.

The aroma of wine is strong and a little breath of the mountains and forests of the Northeast. You can rest assured because this specialty uses natural corn combined with natural yeast to create a wine that is both pleasant and delicious to drink without fear of headaches. Therefore, when you come to the villages, you will see the local people serving guests cups of corn wine accompanied by sausage specialties and dried buffalo meat, etc. 

8. Hong Khong Hat (Seedless persimmon)

When ripe, persimmons have a beautiful bright red color and have an attractive, mildly sweet taste

Seedless persimmons, Quan Ba is a specialty fruit in Ha Giang. It has a sweet, taste of a bit acrid that is extremely attractive. To be able to enjoy persimmons that are both sweet and fragrant, you need to go to Ha Giang from August to November every year. This is the time when the persimmon tree bears the wrong fruit, the persimmon fruit is big, heavy, shiny yellow, enchanting people’s hearts.

It is a type of pickled persimmon, so after harvesting, people will not eat it immediately, they have to soak it for a few days before they can enjoy it. Seedless persimmons, Ha Giang is probably a Ha Giang specialty as a reasonable gift. Because it has a hard shell, it is difficult to be damaged and crushed when transported. If you have the opportunity to travel to Ha Giang, then remember to buy a few more pounds of persimmons as a gift!

 Notes when shopping in Ha Giang

– In order to buy satisfactory specialties to bring home as gifts, Karst Plateau would like to remind you of some of the following notes:

– You need to pay attention to protecting your belongings and personal belongings in case of robbery.

– In some places, sellers often push up the price of goods to get a big bargain. So remember to pay the price to be able to buy a satisfactory gift at an affordable and suitable price.

– In addition, you also need to keep an eye on the weather forecast to facilitate your shopping commute.

– When shopping, you need to carefully check the anti-counterfeiting stamp, expiration date, and clear production date to avoid buying low-quality goods.

Above are the shares of Karst Plateau about the specialties you should buy as gifts when you come to Ha Giang. Hopefully, with this article, you can choose meaningful gifts for yourself to create joy for relatives and friends! In addition, Ha Giang has many other specialties that you should also taste.

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