Enjoy dried buffalo meat Ha Giang – Bold specialties in the rocky highlands

by Lam Pham

Dried buffalo meat Ha Giang has long been a specialty that cannot be missed when talking about the first land of the Fatherland. This is a traditional dish of black Thai people and is bought by many tourists as gifts during the journey to explore the rocky highlands. Now, let’s follow Karst Plateau to discover the specialty of dried buffalo meat in Ha Giang in the article below!

1. Introduction to Dried buffalo meat Ha Giang

Ha Giang is the northernmost land of Vietnam and an attractive destination for those who are passionate about backpacking. This place is not only famous for its majestic natural scenery, unique national cultural features, or the sparkling buckwheat flower field at the end of the year. It is also renowned for famous landmarks such as Quan Ba Heavenly Gate, Dong Van ancient town, and Cat King Mansion. The specialties of Ha Giang also leave many interesting things and unforgettable impressions in the hearts of each tourist.

Referring to the specialties of the rocky highlands, many people will immediately think of Au Tau porridge, Dong Van Old Quarter Steamed Rice Rolls, Shan Tuyet tea Ha Giang, etc. However, in fact, this place also has a traditional dish that makes “brand”, which is dried buffalo meat, Ha Giang. This is a dish with the culinary style of Thai ethnic people, featuring a spicy numbness from seasonings seasoned with Mac Khen, rich sweetness from fresh buffalo meat, and the aroma of kitchen smoke that makes anyone have to praise forever. Traveling to the rocky highlands, you must definitely try dried buffalo meat!

When traveling to the rocky plateau, you must definitely try dried buffalo meat!

Dried buffalo meat, also known as kitchen buffalo meat, or smoked buffalo meat. This dish is often considered a specialty by ethnic minorities in the northern highland provinces in general and Ha Giang in particular as a specialty and eaten regularly, or during long forest trips. Moreover, on rainy and flood days, this dish will also promote its strengths by ensuring nutrients for people while the village is affected by storms, and can’t go out.

2. The origin of dried buffalo meat

An irresistible specialty when visiting Ha Giang – Dried buffalo meat

The dried buffalo meat dish of Thai people in the Northwest is derived from an extremely fascinating story. In the past, Thai people living in deep forests were very good at hunting and gathering. But sometimes they come home from hunting, food cannot be kept fresh for long or the hunt lasts too long to bring fresh food back to the village. So they came up with a way to dry buffalo meat to eat gradually.

Thai people in the Northwest often peck buffaloes on important occasions such as festivals, New Year’s Day, worshipping gods, etc. The freshest buffalo meat will be used to make dried buffalo meat – a highland specialty.

3. Unique feature of dried buffalo meat Ha Giang

3.1 What are the ingredients to make dried buffalo meat in Ha Giang?

Delicious dishes you cannot miss when coming to Ha Giang

In order for Ha Giang dried buffalo meat to be delicious and unique, the first thing is very important to choose the ingredients. Most often, people in rocky plateaus will choose buffaloes that are grazed in hilly areas. Because its meat will be firmer, tougher, and richer. In particular, on buffalo slaughter occasions, people in the village will choose fresh, tendonless, tenderloin buffalo meat to make dried buffalo meat.

In addition, Ha Giang people also add a lot of typical spices to the kitchen buffalo meat like garlic, chili, pepper, ginger, salt, and lemongrass. But indispensable spices to create Ha Giang specialties are Hat Doi and Mac Khen – a type of forest pepper of ethnic minorities in the highlands of Ha Giang.

3.2 The elaboration on the steps of processing dried buffalo meat

The elaborate way to prepare buffalo meat in the kitchen of Ha Giang people

The processing of dried buffalo meat requires elaboration and ingenuity under the experienced hands of the Ha Giang people. Thanks to the meticulous processing, the dried buffalo meat deserves the name of a specialty in the Northwest.

First, the tenderloin, corn, and back fibers of the buffalo meat are filtered into pieces. The meat is seasoned by Ha Giang people with a full range of spices chili, pepper, and ginger. In particular, indispensable spices are Hat Doi and Mac Khen. The last two spices are especially important, creating the spirit of mountain flavor, and making dried buffalo meat an unmistakable Ha Giang specialty.

 After marinating the spices for several hours, skewers are used to skewer the meat pieces and place them on the kitchen trellis. The meat will be smoked from forest firewood day and night. With the smoke and heat of straw, forest firewood, and herbs, soaring for months, the dried buffalo meat hardens, and the spices blend into each grain of meat. Just smell the taste and want to enjoy it right away.

3.3 The taste of dried buffalo meat Ha Giang

This specialty clearly shows the smoky, spicy smell of chili, and the strong taste of Mac Khen, typical of the flavor of the rocky plateau region.

Ha Giang kitchen buffalo meat is a strange and typical dish in the mountains and forests, so it is loved by many people. This specialty has a dark brown exterior, but the inside is red, and rich in taste. When chewing, you will feel the sweetness of each fiber of meat, mixed with the spicy taste on the tip of the tongue, mixed with the aroma of firewood, and the characteristic aroma of Mac Khen seeds, that feeling cannot be forgotten.

Especially on cold winter days, sitting down enjoying spicy corn wine and a few strands of dried buffalo meat, feeling the rich flavor spreading quickly on the tip of the tongue by the pink fire—what could be more wonderful, right? However, for those who have not tried it, it may feel a bit strange and unfamiliar. But if you eat it slowly, little by little, it is guaranteed to be “addicted” all the time.

4. Ways to enjoy dried buffalo meat, Ha Giang

Cham Xom dipping sauce or chili sauce is an indispensable spice for dipping dried buffalo meat

Bought dried buffalo meat but don’t know how to enjoy it? So let Karst Plateau guide you

The first way:
Rinse the meat in hot water at about 60 degrees Celsius. Then bring the dried buffalo meat to steam about 4 to 6 minutes from the water. Wait until the meat is tender, then tear off small fibers laid out on a plate. Make a cup of the accompanying dipping Cham Cheo sauce and enjoy it with family or friends.

Second way:
This method is used the most and most convenient. Wash the meat as above and then grill the dried buffalo meat, Ha Giang in the microwave for about 2 to 5 minutes. The cooked meat waits for the meat to cool and then beats, tears the yarn, and dips it with Cham Cheo sauce.

If you do not know where to buy buffalo meat in the kitchen, you can buy it at Ha Giang Foods. Ha Giang Foods will provide you with quality, safe, and standard dried buffalo meat, which will surely satisfy the most demanding diners.

Not only is it an attractive rustic dish, but dried buffalo meat is also a specialty of Ha Giang that must be bought as a gift for family and friends. So, if you have the opportunity to visit Ha Giang, do not forget to enjoy this specialty!

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