Lung Khuy cave in Ha Giang – A colorful journey of discovery

by Lam Pham

Ha Giang is adorned with the majestic natural beauty of mountains and hills, embellished with the turquoise color of the Nho Que River, and brilliant colors with the immense Suoi Tender steppe, waving with the wind at the Lung Cu flag. These special beauties make people forget the wilderness of the caves – a new mark of discovery of Ha Giang tourism. One of those caves is Lung Khuy Cave. Do you love the wild, charming, and attractive beauty in the mountains and forests? Let’s start the journey with Karst Plateau to explore and immerse ourselves in the wonderful beauty of Lung Khu Cave!

1. Overview of Lung Khu cave

Lung Khuy is a cave with poetic and charming beauty

Quan Ba in Ha Giang is known as Quan Ba Heavenly Gate or Quan Ba Twin Mountain. In addition, this place also has Lung Khuy Cave – the first natural cave of Ha Giang known as the first cave plateau. Lung Khuy Cave contains a wild, mysterious beauty, crystallization of stone blocks and stalactites formed and developed over hundreds of millions of years.

There are many geological studies showing that Lung Khuy cave was formed from the development of limestone mountains in the ancient sea more than 400 million years ago. Along with caves, there are many types of terrain around such as high mountains, valleys, and sinkholes.

Lung Khuy Cave was founded by locals in 2015 and started tourism exploitation at the end of 2015. Because the mouth of the cave is about 1.5m high, about 1m wide, and attached to trees and vines, it is completely difficult to see. So far it has retained its complete wildness. When forming the cave attraction is expanded into a small gate, hanging a sign, inside is made a path for visitors, and there are lights on the jelly blocks, etc.

Lung Khuy Cave is the first cave plateau in Ha Giang

Inside Lung Khu cave, there is a very complex structural system, a diverse stalactite system. According to published geological statistics, the cave is 517.5m wide, and 31m deep, the total area is up to 14,983 square meters. There are 4 exit systems at altitudes from 850 to 1100m. However, visitors, cannot fully explore Lung Khuy Cave with the above statistics.

2. Instructions for moving to Lung Khuy Cave, Ha Giang

The road to visit also passes through the roofs and fields, far away are the twin mountains of Quan Ba

Lung Khuy Cave belongs to Lung Khu village, Quan Ba commune, Quan Ba district, Ha Giang province. It is more than 10km from the center of Sanshan town. Lung Khu Cave is located more than 10 km from the center of Quan Ba district (Ha Giang), halfway up a mountain. If the weather is not foggy, standing at the mouth of the cave can observe the entire area of Can Ty commune (Quan Ba).

To move here, you can run along route 4C. From Tam Son town, it takes about 8km by motorway. And take another 2 km of hiking trail from the foot of the mountain to reach the mouth of the cave. Because the cave door is quite discreet and difficult to detect with a height of less than 1.5m and a width of about 1m, we must pay close attention. In addition, the cave has many other branches, creating a mysterious system.

To explore the cave: admission is 50,000 VND for adults and 20,000 VND for children. Visitors under 6 years old or over 60 years old can enter for free.

3. Explore the beauty of Lung Khuy cave

3.1 Admire the vast cave

Everything here makes you constantly think about the unique and magical shapes of rocks

Lung Khuy Cave has a length of 1,000m with a wide cave bed, even a width of nearly 200m, the cave arch is quite high. From the outside looking inside, visitors can admire a system of stalactites, rough stone columns, and dark yellow color. Until you set foot inside, you will be overwhelmed by a world of stalactites of all shapes.

3.2 Get lost in the colorful world in Lung Khuy cave

Most of the stalactites will have a golden sparkling color, the rest are unique clear white.

In Lung Khu cave, there are stalactites arranged in a complex. But there are blocks that stand alone with shapes of all shapes, stimulating the imagination of visitors. It can be towers, flowering trees, flowing waterfalls, lion’s heads, etc. Most of the stalactites will have a golden sparkling color, the rest are unique clear white.

It is the amazing and magical beauty of the stalactites that contribute to completing and painting the unique art picture here. Compared to the cave system in other places, the volume of stalactites in Lung Khuy is dense and concentrated. One stone pillar on top of the other leaned against each other, covering the whole cave scene.

Pillar-shaped stalactites

In some places, we can see stone “jade trees” with pointed tips stacked on top of each other. Not just one, but the whole “forest of jade crane” (a famous type of mushroom in Ha Giang). There is also a wall known as the “magic guitar” that forms strips of stone that look like keys, emitting a strange sound every time you gently tap it with your hand.

3.3 The special features inside Lung Khuy Cave

The lights make the stalactites sparkle more

Inside Lung Khu cave, there are many pits and puddles containing water. From the cave arch, there are large stalactites with a length of 2-3m dropping down to create a peculiar shape. Every step we take can feel the tiny drops of water dripping down beautifully, blending into the cool air from the steam. Visitors can easily navigate the cave thanks to the passage system built with strong iron frames. Along with the colorful lights will make it easier for visitors to observe the magical stalactites.

4. Some notes when visiting Lung Khuy cave

Bring cash: Make sure to bring cash to pay parking fees, entrance fees, and any purchases you may want to make, such as drinks or local produce.

Visit in the morning: To avoid the heat in the afternoon, plan to visit the cave in the morning. In this way, you can enjoy a more comfortable walk to the cave entrance.

Keep stalactites in mind: As you navigate cave passages, be cautious when passing through areas with low-hanging stalactites. Go through safely and protect your head with your hands.

Do not touch: Limit touching the stalactites in the cave. Even light exposure can disrupt their natural development. Therefore, it is important to observe without physical interaction.

Sturdy footwear: Wear comfortable and durable walking shoes. You will need them to walk 1km to the mouth of the cave as well as explore the inside of the cave. –

Wear comfortable, elastic, and airy clothing to make sightseeing easy.

Prepare drinks and snacks so that there is no shortage of energy when exploring. 

Bring a camera, a phone full battery, and a power bank to help you save many beautiful photos.

With its irresistible pristine beauty, Lung Khuy cave is considered the most beautiful cave in the Dong Van rock plateau. So if you have the opportunity to visit Ha Giang, do not miss the magical and mysterious natural picture here. Karst Plateau guarantees it will be an unforgettable experience for you.

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