Hue Festival 2024: Discover Hue Traditional Craft Festival

by Lam Pham

Hue Festival is one of Vietnam’s largest festivals, taking place annually in the city of Hue. The festival honors and introduces the diverse culture of the Vietnamese nation, especially Hue royal culture. Guests will experience diverse activities such as street walking, enjoying local cuisine, participating in traditional cultural activities, and watching art performances at various locations in the city.

“Hue Traditional Food Week 2024” will take place from April 27 to May 1 with the theme “Hue cuisine with four directions” held at Thuong Bac Park (Tran Hung Dao Street, Dong Ba Ward, Hue City).

1. Experience a unique culinary space

“Hue Traditional Food Week 2024” promises to be an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Accordingly, there are more than 80 booths and 200 dishes with the participation of more than 100 famous artisans and chefs everywhere. 

Here visitors will experience the traditional flavors prepared in the court style, imbued with the history and culture of the ancient capital.











 In addition, the space “Hue cuisine with four directions” is a gathering place for the quintessence and characteristics of the cuisine of the three regions of North – Central – South. Visitors will enjoy a variety of dishes in three regions at 12 booths. The area is also where visitors are introduced to the unique culinary culture of each region through the preparation of each dish performed by the Master Chef and famous culinary artisans in the country.

Here famous chefs will combine traditional dishes with modern techniques and ingredients, creating unique and new flavors that promise to bring visitors interesting experiences.

In addition, entertainment activities, performances, and culinary cultural exchanges are also organized, promising to bring attractive experiences to visitors.

2. Attractive events at Hue Festival that you should not miss

This year’s Hue Festival with the theme “Cultural Heritage with Integration and Development” is held continuously and lasts throughout the year.

2.1 Spring Festival “Old Capital Spring” (takes place from January to March)

The “Old Capital Spring” season runs from January to March. This Festival will include royal festivals, traditional festivals, and specific folk festivals, with the highlight being the opening program of Hue Festival Four Seasons 2024, the Ban Soc ceremony, and many extremely rich and unique royal and folk Tet activities.

2.2 Summer “The City Shines”

The summer season “The City Shines” takes place from April to June. The Festival will take Hue Festival Week 2024 as a highlight.

2.3 Autumn “Hue in Autumn”

Autumn “Hue in autumn” takes place from July to September. The Festival will highlight Mid-Autumn Festival fun activities such as the Hue International Lantern Festival 2024 combined with a display, installation, lantern procession, and lion dance performance.

2.4 . Winter “Winter of Hue”

The winter “Winter of Hue” takes place from October to December. The festival will organize some new festive activities to make the winter atmosphere of Hue more vibrant and warm, and at the same time create various types of entertainment for visitors to enjoy during their stay in Hue’s Ancient Capital.

2.5 Hue International Arts Festival

This is a major cultural event, held every two years in the city of Hue. This year’s festival will run from July 20 to 28, 2024, with the participation of art troupes from countries and regions around the world. The festival will bring to the audience unique art performances, expressing the cultural identity of ethnic groups.

2.6 Hue Festival Week

This is the central activity of the Hue Festival 2024. The week will take place from June 7 to 12, 2024, with special cultural and artistic activities, such as

  • Contemporary dance art performance
  • Water puppet art performance
  • Food fairs Hue cultural experience activities
  • Hue Anthem Art Performance

Hue Festival 2024 is a major cultural event, imbued with Vietnamese cultural identity. The festival will be an opportunity for domestic and foreign tourists to learn about the cultural beauties of Hue. Hopefully, the information that Karst Plateau shared will help you better understand the Hue Festival.

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