Ha Giang June Travel – Enjoy the beauty of Ha Giang pouring water season

by Lam Pham

Ha Giang always gives visitors great experiences because of the typical beauty of the pouring water season. The majestic terraced fields shine with green colors, creating a huge wonderful picture of nature in the middle of the rocky plateau. The abundant rice fields, blended with clear blue water and fertile silt, are a symbol of a bountiful harvest of the highlands. Do not miss the opportunity to explore this unique beauty with Karst Plateau to experience memorable moments in Ha Giang this June. Please follow the article below to see what is beautiful about Ha Giang tourism in June.

1. Weather of Ha Giang in June

Here you will feel the cool air in the clear summer sky

The weather in Ha Giang is divided into 4 distinct seasons: spring – summer – autumn – winter. Each Ha Giang season brings its own beauty and unique features. If you have the opportunity to travel to Ha Giang in June, you will have a lively summer in the high mountains.

Ha Giang weather in June is the beginning of summer in Ha Giang, with high temperatures from 25 – 33 degrees Celsius, lots of sunshine, and a clear blue sky. You will feel the golden rays of sunshine creating a sparkling beauty for the highland village.

In addition, Ha Giang in June is also the season of pouring water, at this time you will feel the cool air in the clear blue summer sky. Occasionally, showers provide an abundance of water to the terraced fields, creating an impressive picture of the countryside.

2. How to move to Ha Giang?

You can choose to travel to Ha Giang by plane, passenger cars or motorbike

Currently, you have many options for transportation to Ha Giang. You can choose to travel by plane, coach, or motorbike:

Plane: For tourists in the South and Central regions, you should choose to travel by plane to Hanoi, then from Hanoi to pick up a bus or rent a motorbike to go to Ha Giang.

Motorbikes: For those who are passionate about conquering spectacular roads, motorbikes are a great choice.

Passenger cars: At bus stations such as My Dinh, Yen Nghia, Gia Lam, etc. You can choose reputable car companies to move to Ha Giang. Karst Plateau suggests some reputable car manufacturers such as Ngoc Cuong, Manh Quan, Quang Nghi, Cau Me, etc,  with prices ranging from 220,000 – 350,000 VND/trip.

3. What’s interesting about traveling to Ha Giang in June?

3.1 Water pouring season in Hoang Su

The terraced fields are ecstatically beautiful during the flood season

One of the most beautiful images when traveling to Ha Giang in June that you must admire is the image of terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi sparkling with water like a mirror reflecting clouds and sky. June is the pouring season in Ha Giang when people bring water to the fields to start a new rice season of the year.

The pouring water season in Ha Giang is only once a year, when the streams put into the fields abundant amounts of water, along with fertile and lush silt for the rice fields, people wish for a good harvest. Traveling to Ha Giang in June is not only an immersion in the wonderful natural beauty but also an opportunity to understand better the culture and life of people in this highland.

3.2 Conquer the winding pass at Ma Pi Leng

The spectacular passes in Ha Giang always make backpackers excited

Referring to the roads in the Northwest mountains, it is indispensable for the image of winding passes in Ha Giang. If you explore Ha Giang at the end of the year or the beginning of the year, you will not be able to admire all the beauty of the winding passes here because the sky at this time is extremely foggy. But if you go into June, it’s the perfect time. At this time, the sky was extremely clear and cool. This is the ideal time for you to see and conquer the spectacular passes in Ha Giang.

Those spectacular passes, especially Ma Pi Leng’s pass. This is one of the famous passes that anyone traveling to Ha Giang also aspires to conquer with a dangerous but wonderful 20km long road with an altitude of more than 1500m. From Ma Pi Leng’s pass, visitors can also witness and watch the green Nho Que River like a strip of soft silk. To explore the Nho Que River or Ma Pi Leng pass, visitors must be adventurous, you will experience riding motorbikes along the two slopes, immersing yourself in the surrounding natural scenery along with the extremely fresh June air.

3.3 Lao and Chai steppe

Coming to Lao Va Chai in June, you will have the opportunity to see the green mountain slopes, with romantic valleys, hidden in the morning mist

Lao and Chai steppe is one of the new destinations that tourists love very much recently. It is located about 12km west of the center of Yen Minh district. This is a very romantic place to stop to sip coffee and admire the nature and people of the highlands.

Arriving in Lao and Chai in June, you will see the green grassy slopes with steep slopes down to the romantic valley. Hidden on the side of the mountain are small walled houses with winding trails. Looking out into the distance, you will see herds of horses and goats grazing on the steppe, creating an incredibly peaceful scene.

3.4 Yen Minh pine forest

This place has a wild beauty and a bit of mystery

Unlike the charming poetic pine forests in Dalat, Ha Giang’s Yen Minh pine forest has a wild and mysterious beauty. In the days of June, the summer rains help pine forests to sprout to create a green frame.

Yen Minh mountains and forests have not been exploited for much tourism, so this place is still intact with its pristine beauty that makes many people fall in love. Take a stroll on the trail hidden in the Yen Minh pine forest and enjoy the fresh air that will make you relax and immerse yourself in the echoes of the mountains and forests.

4. What should you eat when coming to Ha Giang in June?

Coming to the high mountains of Ha Giang in early summer, visitors can not only admire the majestic natural landscape. This is also an opportunity for you to enjoy the specialties here.

4.1 Thit Trau Gac Bep (Kitchen buffalo meat)

This is a specialty dish of Ha Giang that you can eat here or buy as a gift

A specialty that you can enjoy during the trip, or buy as a gift is also quite ideal is kitchen buffalo meat. This is a specialty delicacy of black Thai people in the Ha Giang region.

Buffalo meat after being seasoned will be hung on wooden slats in the kitchen, on a pink fire. After a period of time, the meat will be covered with a charcoal smell, mixed with chili, ginger, and macadamia flavors.

4.2 Thang Co

It is a Ha Giang specialty with special ingredients, only those who are brave dare to try it

Thang Co is a specialty in the northern mountains that you definitely cannot miss. This is a typical traditional dish of the H’mong people, considered a very strange dish but attracts a large number of visitors because of its characteristic delicious taste. This delicacy is made from all parts of the horse. Therefore, very few people dare to try this dish, but when trying it, it will be very addictive because of its extremely special taste.

4.3 Au Tau porridge

This is not only a delicious dish, but also a very good medicine to cure colds

Au Tau porridge, also known as bitter porridge, is a famous specialty that you can find everywhere in Ha Giang.

This is a delicious dish that blends wonderful flavors, au tau leaves, spices, and the richness of rice, meat, and beans. This is not only a delicious dish, but also a very good medicine to cure colds.

Exploring the highlands of Ha Giang in June, you will be immersed in the poetic scenery of nature. Ha Giang summer brings a vibrant beauty of mountains and forests. This is a trip that promises to bring you a new and interesting journey. Karst Plateau hopes you will have a smooth and fun trip.

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