Discover the gentle beauty of Tien Waterfall – Gio Pass

by Lam Pham

Tien Waterfall – Gio Pass tourist area is one of the ideal destinations when visitors want to fully explore the beauty of Ha Giang. Follow Karst Plateau to learn more about this famous landmark.

1. Introduction to Tien Waterfall – Gio Pass

The magical beauty of water columns falling from a height of more than 70 meters

Tien Waterfall is located deep in the primeval old-growth forest of Gio Pass. It belongs to Nam Dan Commune, Xin Man District, Ha Giang Province. This waterfall boasts a unique blend of opposing yet harmonious characteristics, being both majestic and wild, yet gentle and youthful.

Tien Waterfall originates from Ta Ngan stream, Ta Cu Ty commune, Bac Ha, Lao Cai at an altitude of more than 1400m above sea level. When passing through the territory of Nam Dan commune, the waterfall let down from a height of 70m where Gio Pass. Surrounded by the awe-inspiring mountain landscape, the waterfall resembles the flowing, silky hair of a Nung girl in her twenties.

Tien Waterfall is also known as Twin Waterfall, Wind Waterfall because, at the foot of the waterfall, there is always a very strong wind blowing to bring the steam to float. In the Nung ethnic language, Tien Waterfall is also known as Van Tang Tinh which means water from a large water hole flowing out.

2. Road to Tien Waterfall – Gio Pass

The lines of vehicles running day and night on Gio Pass, although winding and dangerous, also have a beauty that is hard to find anywhere else

To reach Tien Waterfall-Gia Pass, you can follow 3 routes starting from Ha Giang city center as follows:
The first road is more than 120km long, going in the direction of National Highway 2, then along Highway 279 will lead to Provincial Road 178. If you take this road, it will take you about 3 hours and 23 minutes by car.
The second road is about 142km long in the direction of National Highway 2 into Provincial Road 177. The total travel time takes about 4 hours and 53 minutes by car.

The last road has a total length of 131km going in direction 197C and provincial road 177. The total travel time takes about 4 hours and 52 minutes by car.
In addition to traveling by car, visitors can also choose to ride a motorbike to have an extremely exciting downhill experience. As it is often said, the characteristic of Ha Giang is the interconnected bends. However, regardless of the route or vehicle, visitors should pay careful attention because the road here is steep, and many winding passes are quite dangerous.

3. The gentle beauty of Tien waterfall – Gio Pass

3.1 The mysterious and majestic Tien waterfall

The soft, gentle beauty of Tien Waterfall’s water even though it falls from a 70 meter high abyss

The distinctive feature of Tien Waterfall is how its waters gracefully weave through the cliffs of Gio Pass, cascading down like the long, soft hair of young women. Despite its 70-meter drop amid the grandeur of the primeval forest, Tien Waterfall is not overly loud or forceful. Instead, it offers a gentle, murmuring flow, creating a cool ambiance with tiny water droplets misting the air.
The waterfall’s flow remains consistent year-round, regardless of the season, maintaining a tranquil and gentle stream. This is also the source of the Ta Lan stream flowing to Nam Dan village, where Nam Dan’s ancient stone field is famous for its long-standing cultural and historical value.
The water at the base of Tien Waterfall is calm, peaceful, and crystal clear, revealing the streambed. While the stream is shallow, it is quite cold due to its altitude of over 1,000 meters. In summer, visitors can wade through the stream, but in winter, it’s better to stick to the small paths for photos amid the lush green scenery.
Standing at the waterfall’s base, dwarfed by the splashing white foam, one feels insignificant. The majestic old-growth forest embracing the cool waters of Tien Waterfall at Gio Pass leaves an indelible mark on visitors’ hearts.

3.2 Incredibly rich vegetation

Here you will be immersed in a pure natural world with extremely rich pristine vegetation

To reach Tien Waterfall – one of the most scenic spots in the peaceful land of Xin Man, visitors will have to overcome more than ten kilometers of steep climbing passes. In addition to feeling euphoric because of the zigzag roads, visitors are also immersed in a pure natural world with extremely rich pristine vegetation. Visitors will find forest orchids blooming in the sun, small herbs and mushrooms, or thousand-year-old precious woods. All appear before your eyes, as a gift of nature to those who have chosen to explore this place.

4. Attractions near Tien Waterfall – Gio Pass

4.1 Gio Pass primeval forest

This is where many rare plants and animals gather

From Tien Waterfall, heading back to the summit of Deo Wind Pass, one encounters the sprawling Deo Wind primeval forest, covering nearly 800 hectares. This lush forest is a sanctuary for thousands of plant and animal species. Among its dense foliage are rare trees such as ironwood, nails, etc.
In addition, the forest is also a habitat for rare animals including tigers, leopards, and flying squirrels, as well as precious birds like red-billed swallows, crested birds, and kestrels. Many ancient trees here are several hundred years old, adding to the forest’s rich and timeless natural beauty.

4.2 Nam Dan ancient stone beach

This is the place where the ancient Vietnamese people lived, dating back up to 2,000 years

Nam Dan ancient rock is about 10km from Tien Waterfall, about 20-30 minutes by car. The rock beach is located right in the middle of Nung Ma Lu village valley in Nam Dan commune, Xin Man district. Visiting the ancient rock of Nam Dan, visitors will admire the cultural quintessence of prehistoric people.

This is where large stone blocks are carved directly to the surface with many geometric drawings, patterns, parallel carved chisel lines. The frescoes depict the daily life of people in ancient times. However, so far there is no solution to the meaning of those carvings. On 21/02/2008, the Nam Dan ancient rock complex was recognized as a national monument of Vietnam.

4.3 Buckwheat Triangle Flower Hill

Buckwheat flowers bloom on terraced fields and on the hillsides

Referring to Ha Giang, one thing you cannot ignore is buckwheat flowers along with the buckwheat flower festival in Ha Giang. In Xin Man, buckwheat flower season is also the wedding season of the Mong ethnic people. Here, buckwheat flowers bloom on terraced fields on the hillsides and mountainsides. Xin Man is one of the most beautiful places to see buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang.

Karst Plateau hopes that the information about Tien Waterfall and Gio Pass, along with nearby destinations, will help make your journey to Xin Man, Ha Giang more complete. Visiting this waterfall offers you the chance to witness a stunning landscape, immerse yourself in the refreshing atmosphere, and leave all your worries behind to truly enjoy life. Additionally, Ha Giang boasts many other must-see attractions such as Du Gia Waterfall, Dong Van Ancient Town, H’Mong Ta Vi Village, Quan Ba Heavenly Gate, etc.

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