Hoang Su Phi, Ha Giang – Amazed by the beauty of the rice terraces in the ripe season

by Lam Pham

Hoang Su Phi is a tourist destination that attracts tourists not only because of its beautiful scenery but also because of its many unique cultural festivals. If you are going to travel to Ha Giang and intend to visit Hoang Su Phi, please read this article of Karst Plateau right away.

1. The beauty of Hoang Su Phi in the ripe rice season

The beauty of Hoang Su Phi in the ripe rice season will make you curious about this place

This place is famous for its beautiful terraced fields, recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage in 2012. Although the road to Hoang Su Phi is difficult and dangerous, every year, tourists still flock to Hoang Su Phi to see the ripe yellow rice. They don’t want to miss the enchanting scenery when the rice on the terraced fields turns shiny yellow. In the harvest season, visitors will be able to admire the golden fields from the foot to the top of the valley like a brilliant golden vortex.

When standing in front of the vast scenery, visitors are amazed by the sight of thousands of terraced fields spreading evenly, winding around the hillsides and mountains. The clouds and rays of the sun here seem to embellish the picture of the golden season. The scent of new rice faintly warms the hearts of the villagers. If you love the romance of autumn, this place is definitely an indispensable stop for believers who live virtually and indulge in the breath of mountains and forests, and the fragrance of ripe rice.

Ripe rice fields stretch across high mountain slopes, curving according to the shape of the land

Furthermore, when visitors come to Hoang Su Phi during the ripe rice season, they can immerse themselves in the majestic natural scenery of the mountains or relax comfortably in the fresh air of the mountains and forests. The moment of listening to the roar of the streams will also help you forget all the chaos and worries of daily life in the stifling city.

2. The time of the ripe rice season in Hoang Su Phi

The ripe rice season here is usually from September to October of the lunar calendar

When entering around September – October, Hoang Su Phi also changed shy. The cold of the highlands spread on the rocky roads, on the pastel pink buckwheat flowers, and on the rice flowers filled with mist on that misty morning.

When the sun came out, reaching out to tear the mist, the whole Hoang Su Phi sky suddenly lit up, as hundreds of thousands of torches were burning. Standing in the middle of the immensity of heaven and earth, on the golden terraces rolled undulating waves of rice, spreading evenly from the top of the hill to the foot of soft curves, cleverly weaving into all the senses of anyone who was in the arms of Huang Su Phi.

If you want to inhale the sweetness of ripe rice and check in photos of shiny golden rice, you should visit Ha Giang around this time. From mid-October onwards, people will quickly harvest rice, so don’t miss the moment when the rice field is the most beautiful.

3. How to get to Hoang Su Phi

There are many vehicles that you can choose from for your itinerary

Hoang Su Phi is also in Ha Giang province but is located in the west. It is completely contrary to the route to explore the Rocky Plateau (Dong Van – Meo Vac). If you are coming from Hanoi, you will not be able to go directly to Ha Giang city but stop in Bac Quang district to move to Hoang Su Phi. There are many vehicles that you can choose from for your itinerary such as

  • Bang Phan, Hai Van bus starts from My Dinh bus station 
  • Dang Quang bus starts from Gia Lam bus station
  • Ticket prices range from 200,000-250,000 VND/person/way

In addition, there are also a few Limousine buses, but the bus only runs during the day, such as the Ngoc Cuong bus running at 7 a.m and 1 p.m from My Dinh, the ticket price is 350,000 VND/person/way. After stopping in Bac Quang district, you continue to rent a motorbike or car to move to accommodation facilities.

4. Interesting activities in Hoang Su Phi in the ripe rice season

4.1 Admire the beauty of the rice terraces

Beautiful terraced rice fields line one after another

Come to Hoang Su Phi in the ripe rice season to see and admire the majestic and romantic natural scenery. This place has many famous places to see rice terraces such as Ban Phung, Ho Thu, Thong Nguyen, and Nam Ty. Each place has its own beauty, but in general, it creates a landscape painting with a harmonious and romantic rural image.

When the rice is ripe, the terraced fields are like iridescent golden silk threads in the sun, interspersed with low and distant stilt houses of ethnic minority people. You can stop to take pictures, or walk in the pine forest, listening to the birds singing and the wind chirping. You can also take a fresh spring bath and hear the sound of the water gurgling.

4.2 Rice Terrace Festival

The terraced field festival takes place every year during the ripe rice season

For many years in a row, Hoang Su Phi rice terraces have become famous and known as a national natural heritage not to be missed. This destination is always the first choice of tourists who love the highlands and mountains.

The Rice Terrace Tourism Cultural Week was organized by Hoang Su Phi district from September 24 to 26. So far it has become customary and attracts the attention of a large number of tourists. When autumn comes, the rice has turned a brilliant yellow along with the sweet fragrance of young grass that fills the sky. And this is also the time when rice harvesting activities are exciting. The joyful and bustling atmosphere on the endless fields and the laughter of people and tourists make the natural picture even more brilliant.

The opening ceremony typically occurs on September 24, situated in the center of Ho Tau commune. This festival has featured many important contents. Among these, the most notable is the announcement of the decision to rank the Quyá Hiéng festival, also known as the festival over the year, as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage. Originating from the customs and practices of the Red Dao people in Ho Thau commune. This festival aims to honor heaven and earth and to wish for good things to come to the people.

Many folk games are held during the festival

In addition to the traditional rituals in the Hoang Su Phi Festival such as sacrifices, and thanking the gods of heaven and earth, buying and selling are favorable, the family is warm, and the crops are favorable, etc. Besides, visitors can learn about the unique local culture. Participate in folk games such as fire jumping performances, goat fighting, etc.

4.3 Parachute experience to see ripe rice

Skydiving is a great activity to fully see the beauty of ripe rice fields

Skydiving is one of the experiences that tourists should try when coming to the terraced fields of Hoang Su Phi, Ha Giang. Admiring the beauty of the ripe rice season from above will give visitors a very different, very new perspective. The picturesque beauty of nature and the unique cultural features, imbued with the identities of ethnic groups make Hoang Su Phi a nostalgic land for any visitor.

4.4 Cloud hunting in Hoang Su Phi

Cloud hunting is also an experience you should try when traveling to Hoang Su Phi

One of the great things that nature bestows on Hoang Su Phi is the huge sea of clouds. It usually appears in the last days of August when the rice is ripe and yellow. Some ideal cloud-hunting locations for you are Ban Luoc, Nam Hong, or Ban Phung.

5. Indulge in exceptional cuisine

Even when immersed in the golden hues of rice fields, the essential aspect of every journey is to discover the unique culinary beauty found here.

5.1 Dried buffalo meat

When eating dried buffalo meat, it has a sweet taste, a light smoky smell and is very delicious.

Dried buffalo meat is one of the gifts chosen by many people after every trip to Ha Giang. This is a dish that comes from the Black Thai people. Buffalo meat will be hung on the stove after being marinated with spices. After about 2-3 months, the meat will dry out, when eaten, it has a sweet taste, and a slightly smoky smell, and is very delicious.

5.2 Thang Co

This is a dish that you should not miss when coming to Ha Giang

It will be a big mistake if you travel to Ha Giang without enjoying Thang Co specialties. This is a delicacy cooked from the organs of a buffalo, horse, or cow. Thang Co is delicious when it is hot, in addition, you should also add a little salt and soup powder to make it more palatable. When you eat Thang Co, you will feel the greasy taste of the meat.

5.3 Shan Tuyet Tea

If you don’t know what to buy as a gift, Shan Tuyet Tea is the right choice for you

If you are looking to buy a little Ha Giang gift but are still thinking about it, you can choose to buy shan tuyet tea. This is a type of tea grown throughout the districts of Ha Giang province. For those who have had the opportunity to enjoy this tea, they will definitely never forget the delicious taste of this tea.

5.4 Au Tau Porridge

This dish is very good for your health

Au Tau porridge is made from Au Tau root. This is a very special dish in Ha Giang. When eating porridge, it tastes a little bitter, but then it tastes sweet again. This dish helps to promote health and prevent bone and joint diseases.

Hoang Su Phi in the ripe rice season is really a masterpiece of nature, a magical picture of nature. In all those wonderful years, tourists who choose to come to Hoang Su Phi in the ripe rice season will forever sob because of the beauty here. What are you waiting for without scheduling a visit to Hoang Su Phi in the upcoming ripe rice season with Karst Plateau?

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