Noong Lake – an extremely attractive destination in the journey to conquer Ha Giang

by Lam Pham

HoNoong Lake – Ha Giang is one of the famous places on the campus of Dong Van Rock Plateau. This place has the beauty of a fairy landscape, with an immense green lake. Follow Karst Plateau to explore this place in more detail.

1. Introduction to Noong Lake

The lake was formed with poetic and charming beauty

Noong Lake is not only a tourist destination, but also an interesting story about the magic of nature. Located in the middle of the Tay Con Linh mountain range, this natural lake is located in Phu Linh commune, Vi Xuyen district, Ha Giang province, not far from the center of Ha Giang city, about 35km.

The special thing is that the lake does not hesitate to change its shape and color according to each season. During the rainy season, when the water rises, Noong Lake expands as a work of natural art with a large area of up to 80ha. The natural picture here attracts all eyes with its majestic beauty and charm. In contrast, in the shallow season, the lake shrinks to only about 20ha but still retains its charm and mystery.

2. Learn about the history of the development and formation of Noong Lake

Noong Lake has become an increasingly popular tourist destination in recent years

Noong is a lake formed from the combination of two swamps, Pum Ang and Pum Yeu. Today, the lake extends over Noong I and Noong II villages. The beauty of the lake in the past has been preserved with the magic of the foreground, the poetic scenery with pure water, and the charming wilderness of nature.

Despite experiencing the fluctuations of time and being negatively affected by human life, Noong Lake has now been transformed into a simple space. There are no more vast flooded forests like in the old days, instead, there is a picture of peaceful wild grass, with herds of cattle leisurely watching the green grass. Although the beauty is no longer as sparkling as it used to be, it offers a sense of closeness and relaxation, creating a unique and enjoyable experience for visitors who come.

3. How to get to Noong Lake – Ha Giang

The route to Noong Lake is quite easy to find

To move to Noong Lake from Ha Giang city center, visitors can choose to follow National Highway 2, which is also the fastest route. The travel distance is about 23.8 km, it will take about 40 to 55 minutes.

However, because this is a pass, there will be quite a lot of bends, so you need to move at a moderate speed, avoiding unnecessary risks. In particular, when it rains, the road will be very slippery and difficult to walk, it is necessary to be very careful not to cause an accident.

4. Which season is best to go to Noong Lake?

No matter what season or time you visit, Noong still opens up to visitors in all its wonderful beauty

Ha Giang travel experience of Karst Plateau should travel to Noong Lake in the pouring water seasons because then the lake surface is wider, the water is clearer, and the air is cooler and more pleasant. Especially from May to June the lake water is calm and clear, the terraces are large, and from August to September when the place is filled with ripe rice colors the aroma of rice blends into the wind.

5. Explore the beauty of Noong Lake

5.1 The beauty of Noong Lake in the dry season

Households here often set up huts to graze ducks on Noong Lake in the dry season

In the shallow season every year, the bed of Noong Lake will narrow, clearer, and deeper, highlighting the boulders, and the blades of grass stretching out to sway in the sweltering weather of summer. In this season, people will often take advantage of the lake bed to graze geese and ducks; At the same time plant colored vegetables on the part of the land on which the water has receded. Thus, it is possible to both earn an additional income and create idyllic everyday landscapes on both sides of the lake.

5.2 Scenery of Noong Lake during the rising water season

The scenery of Noong Lake during the rising water season is as beautiful as a painting

In the rising season, the scenery here is extremely poetic. The clear, calm, slightly rippled water brings a pleasant feeling of relaxation. Guests can sit on wooden boats, or rafts, and float on the lake, cool lake water, and open air and admire the surrounding scenery, where there are green trees casting shadows on the lake.

From here, visitors can look far away to see the villages of local people, mainly ethnic minorities in the Northeast of Vietnam. The houses on stilts were built very laboriously, the farmers carried on their shoulders heavy with corn and potatoes after a hard day’s work. It is this idyllic, rustic, close that has made the attraction of Noong Lake, making visitors enjoy this place, come once, and then want to come back.

6. Great experiences at Ho Noong

6.1 Journey to discover indigenous culture

Discover the fascinating beauty of the indigenous people

The peaceful scenery is so, and the life of Noong villagers also becomes idyllic and peaceful with hard and beautiful daily labor. Every day, images of people loom over the lake. They rowed boats, caught fish, fished shrimp rackets, and cuffed their backs by the open fields. The vegetable fields are colorful, foreheads are sweaty, but laughter still rings out. They labored energetically in the bright golden afternoon sun.

In the afternoon, when the smoke spread blurred with the air, the sound of children playing, laughter glistening inside the folds of the stilts. Here the aroma of white rice evokes the scent of domestic meadows. The houses were preparing for dinner. Such a peaceful and idyllic life has become a beauty of the Noong people.

6.2 Check-in with the original scenery

Take beautiful photos with charming natural scenery

Like other lakes, Noong Lagoon also experiences two main seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. During the dry season, when you stop here, the image of the lake becomes small, and the rocks around the lake stand out. When the lake rises, you can immerse yourself in the clear and calm water, and the waves will gently lap the shore.

The experience here not only brings fresh and airy air but also brings you to meet with the tranquil and majestic beauty on both shores. Stopping at Noong Lake promises to be a wonderful and memorable experience for visitors.

6.3 Camping on the shore of the lake

This is an interesting experience that you should not miss when coming to Ho Noong

Camping is the most popular activity in Noong Lake, known as a paradise for camping and picnics. The amazing scenery, calm, and cool air are ideal conditions for a cooling trip. You can camp right by the lake, organize a small barbecue relax, and enjoy a full weekend. If you want an extra unique experience, prepare some snacks and enjoy them with your team. Feel the harmony of life around the lake, listen to the calming sound of flowing water, and relax under the natural beauty around you.

The traditional cultures and customs of the ethnic groups living here will make visitors even more captivated. So when you have the opportunity, do not miss these great experiences. Karst Plateau looks forward to your feelings about the romantic and peaceful Lake Noong.

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