Quang Ngai Travel: Attractive tourist destinations that you should not miss

by Lam Pham

Quang Ngai is located in the central coastal land. This place has a long coastline along with beautiful and poetic beaches. The poetic charming scene is the harmony between rivers and mountains, rapids, and waterfalls. Along with a long history, Quang Ngai is now one of the attractive tourist destinations that tourists cannot ignore. For a safe and convenient trip, don’t forget to explore the article below of Karst Plateau to know more attractive tourist destinations in Quang Ngai.

1. Overview of Quang Ngai Province

Quang Ngai has a 130 km long coastline, with many landscapes and historical destinations

Quang Ngai is a coastal province in the central coastal region with a coastline of about 135km long. This place attracts tourists because of many factors from nature, people, and cuisine.

The climate here is tropical and monsoon with an average temperature of 25-26.9 degrees Celsius. The terrain is full of high hills, valleys, and seas, in which the mountains account for 2/3 of the area.

This place has a long coastline with many poetic and peaceful beaches combining many unique forms of tourism such as spirituality, ecology, and resort. Not only that, this place is also famous as a “virtual living mecca” because it owns many enchanting and unique beautiful places, landscapes, and tourist areas.

2. When is the most appropriate time to travel to Quang Ngai

April to August is the appropriate time to travel to Quang Ngai

The appropriate time for Quang Ngai tourism is from about April to August. This is a dry time, with beautiful sunshine, and almost no rain and storms, so it is convenient to move as well as participate in entertainment activities.

3. Tourist attractions in Quang Ngai

3.1 My Khe Beach

About 10km east of Quang Ngai center, there is a beautiful, vast beach called My Khe

My Khe Beach is also no longer a strange name when this place has continuously appeared in domestic and foreign newspapers with the title of one of the most charming beaches on the planet. From Quang Ngai town, visitors follow National Highway 24B about 15km to Co Luy village, from here you can easily get to My Khe beach by asking the locals.

In recent years, My Khe beach has attracted a large number of tourists from abroad. There are many hotels with a view of the sea, which is very suitable for you to spend your entire vacation with your loved ones. With its unspoiled, rustic scenery and long stretches of white sand, this beach is sure to enchant you.

The cool breeze of the sea and the murmuring waves create a peaceful and poetic scene to immerse yourself in nature.

3.2 Sa Huynh salt field

Sa Huynh salt field is one of the most famous salt fields in the Central region

If you don’t know where to go in Quang Ngai, visit the Sa Huynh salt field. This place is also one of the extremely famous places that attracts many tourists to visit. The scene of raw salt grains that have just been raked up and scattered like beautiful white snow dunes will leave you with an unforgettable impression.

Not simply an ordinary salt field, Sa Huynh salt granary is also an important salt supplier of the Central region. This place has also been included in many poems. Coming here, you will understand more about the salt-making profession as well as the hard work of the people.

3.3 Dung Quat Beach

The pristine beauty of Dung Quoc beach will become a gem in the tourist map of Vietnam

As a part of Dung Quat Bay, Dung Quat Beach has quickly attracted tourists everywhere because of its poetic and peaceful beauty. The innocence of the coast and the poetic scenery on the coast of Dung Quat always have something unique that makes many people feel surprised by the peaceful poetry of the coast of this place.

Perhaps the most magical thing for a new journey of discovery is to enjoy the dreamy scenery here and let go of the soul to the sea, to the gentle nature

3.4 Ly Son Island

This is a rare island that still retains its pristine beauty, with long stretches of white sand, clear turquoise waters, and majestic mountains

Ly Son Island is likened to a pearl in the middle of the sea. In 2019, the island was voted by Forbes Magazine (USA) as one of the 10 places with the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. In particular, Ly Son is also known as the “Garlic Kingdom”.

Ly Son has two craters, Gieng Tien and Thoi Loi, and more than 50 historical and cultural relics. Not only does it create an interesting landscape, but the dormant craters also serve as “geysers”. It includes an important groundwater source for the local population, which facilitates the growth of small organisms and nourishes the land south of the island with its fertile basalt soil.

3.5 Ganh Yen

Ganh Yen not only has geological beauty on the shore but also has a rich and diverse marine ecosystem

Ganh Yen is located in the fishing village of Thanh Thuy village, Binh Hai commune, Binh Son district, 35 km north of Quang Ngai city. Coming here, you will admire the sedimentary rocks stacked on top of each other, creating interesting shapes. You’ll also get to see colorful coral reefs as the tide recedes. Ganh Yen Cape not only has geological beauty on the shore but also has a rich and diverse marine ecosystem.

You can dive to see the dense corals below the seabed or release nets of fish, crabs, and squid with the locals. There are also fresh and cheap seafood dishes at coastal stalls.

3.6 Trang Waterfall Tourist Area

This is a place that brings you the most wonderful experiences

Trang Waterfall tourist area is in Minh Long district and is more than 20km from Quang Ngai City. 

The scenery in this tourist area is extremely impressive with high mountains green forests and majestic waterfalls. The high white bubbles and the surrounding stone slabs create an extremely beautiful natural scenery. Coming here, you will admire the majesty of the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands with your own eyes.

4. What should you eat when traveling to Quang Ngai?

4.1 Don

This is a famous specialty dish in the Central region because of its natural sweetness and extremely nutritious taste

This is a specialty of Quang Ngai, appearing a lot in two large rivers, Tra Khuc and Ve River. Usually in the dry season around April-May, people around the river go to rake Don. Don lives buried in the sand, so the rake is quite hard.

Don after buying or catching it is washed, put in boiling water, and stirred vigorously, and constantly to open the mouth so that the broth is juicy. Put the pot down, take the clear water, put it in another pot, and season to taste.

When customers order, the vendor scoops up some don and breaks a rice paper into a bowl, adds onions, green onions, and cilantro, then fills it with water. Don served with chili, garlic, pepper, etc. It can be enjoyed at any time of the day, but Quang Ngai people usually eat it in the afternoon.

4.2 Tra River Snakehead Fish

Snakehead fish is one of the typical specialties of Quang Ngai because it can be processed into many delicious and attractive dishes

Tra River Snakehead Fish with pepper is a specialty of Quang Ngai, used by the locals as a gift for those living far away from home. It’s not unfamiliar to the people of Quang Ngai, but for travelers who have the chance to savor this delicacy, the memory will linger forever, and the taste is unforgettable. 

You probably know that the main ingredient for this delicious dish is Tra River Snakehead Fish – fresh, cleaned, placed in a clay pot with spices, including onions, chili, and garlic, especially with a bit of water, then simmered on a low fire. After about 1 hour, you have an indescribably delicious dish, just eating it with white rice is like enjoying royal cuisine.

4.3 Seafood

Quang Ngai has a variety of fresh seafood that is caught and consumed on the same day

Like many waters in Vietnam, Quang Ngai has a variety of fresh seafood that is caught and consumed on the same day. All kinds of crabs, sea urchins, milk oysters, etc, are dishes not to be missed. Seafood in Quang Ngai is not expensive, with less than 300,000 VND per person, visitors can have a full meal.

4.4 Quang Ngai Corn Gristle

Gristle is best eaten hot with sweet and sour fish sauce and raw vegetables

Quang Ngai corn gristle is incredibly fragrant, crispy, and sweet. Quang Ngai boasts a unique rice paper used to wrap the corn gristle, and it’s a match made in heaven. The paper, made entirely from rice flour, is thin, resilient, and perfect for wrapping corn gristle without falling apart. When cooked, it doesn’t burn and absorbs oil quickly.

The ingredients include young corn, shrimp, pork skin, onions, and pepper, all mixed thoroughly and wrapped in thin rice paper, then fried until golden brown.
Corn gristle is best enjoyed hot, accompanied by fresh vegetables and delicious fish sauce. People in Quang Ngai often make corn gristles for festive occasions or special gatherings.

Quang Ngai tourism brings you extremely beautiful natural scenery. This beloved Central land also has many beautiful scenery and interesting places to play. Coming here, you will have many new experiences and different emotions to fully enjoy this journey. Karst Plateau hopes that you will have an interesting and memorable journey to Quang Ngai.

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