Ly Son Island travel experience 2024 – The most attractive places that you should not miss

by Lam Pham

Ly Son is one of the famous tourist destinations in Quang Ngai. This is a rare island that still retains its pristine beauty, with long stretches of white sand, clear turquoise waters, and majestic mountains. Today, will provide you with important information about Ly Son Island to prepare for the upcoming summer vacation.

1. Introduction to Ly Son Island – Quang Ngai

Introduction to Ly Son Island – Quang Ngai

Ly Son Island is 15 nautical miles northeast of the mainland. This is the only island district of Quang Ngai province – known for its five-mouthed volcanic ruins that are over 30 million years old. Not only creating an interesting landscape, but the dormant craters also play the role of “water veins”. It embraces an important source of groundwater for local people, creating favorable conditions for small organisms to grow and nourish the land south of the island with fertile basalt soil.

2. How to get to Ly Son Island?

Means of transportation to get to Ly Son island

Airplane: You can buy tickets from Tan Son Nhat Airport (Ho Chi Minh City) or Noi Bai (Hanoi) to fly to Da Nang Airport or Chu Lai Airport (price about 3,000,000 VND – 3,500,000 VND / return ticket). After that, you continue to use means such as taxis and motorbikes to Quang Ngai and then to Sa Ky port (50km).

Passenger car: You can buy a sleeper bus ticket to Quang Ngai, and then get off at Sa Ky Port.

Train: You can board 1 of 5 Thong Nhat trains to North-South every day with a ticket price of about 1,500,000 VND / return ticket for soft air-conditioned seats.

3. What season is beautiful Li Son Island

The ideal time to go to Ly Son island

Ly Son has two rainy seasons, and pronounced sunshine, the most beautiful time to travel to Ly Son is from April to August. Around this time the weather is stable, it rains little and there is sunshine.

In addition, you should avoid going in peak seasons such as from April to June, so as not to suffer from crowds. September to December is the season for rain, storms, and rough seas. From the end of December to April next year is the season of green moss covering the rocks along the coast of Ly Son.

4. Where to go to Ly Son Island

Homestay on Ly Son island

In Ly Son, there are many motels, hotels, and homestays, averaging from 200,000 to 400,000 VND per night. For guests who prefer accommodation with a youthful style, it is recommended to choose Bep’s House homestay, Be Ecolodge, or DHT Hang Cau guesthouse.

In addition, guests can refer to Ly Son Pearl Hotel & Resort with a sea view.

Guests can also experience a night at Small Island. Recommended homestays are Ly Son Bungalow with colorful bungalows and XaLaBin with rooms above with sea view or Sea breeze.

5. What does Li Son Island play? Top 5 Popular Tourist Destinations in Ly Son, Quang Ngai

5.1 Small Island

Ly Son Small Island – Discover the natural beauty of Maldives paradise

From the Big Island, you take about 15 minutes by boat to reach Small Island. This island with a total area of only one square kilometer is compared to “Maldives Vietnam” by international tourists, causing memories of soaring coconut trees running long on the fine white sand.

At Small Island, it is easy to find strangely shaped moss-covered rocks or natural rocks scattered on the blue sea surface. It has more than 100 households. They live mainly by garlic cultivation, fishing, and aquaculture. As a result, visitors can enjoy a “homemade” meal from fresh seafood when traveling to Small Island.

5.2 Thoi Loi Mountain

Magnificent million-year-old volcano on Ly Son island

With an impressive height of 149 meters, Thoi Loi Mountain allows visitors to take in the panoramic view of Ly Son Island. Coming here, visitors must be very careful not to immerse themselves in the quiet charm of the lake – which was once a magma erupting crater nearly 3 million years ago. The lake on Loi Thoi mountain is also a “super big, giant” freshwater tank, meeting the needs of residents of Small Island and Big Island, so the local people favorably nickname it “miraculous life between death”. Don’t hesitate to take some commemorative photos by the famous Ly Son Flagpole!

5.3 To Vo Gate

To Vo gate of paradise in the middle of the sea

To Vo Gate is the symbol of Ly Son’s brand. This is the ideal destination to capture the moment of sunset when the sun gradually disappears behind the horizon and its rays peek through the rock crevice. In addition, this is also a place to catch the beautiful sunrise. To Vo Gate in the early morning does not sparkle as magically as when sunbathing, but it is absolutely peaceful, cool, and clear.

5.4 Hang Pagoda

Hang Pagoda – famous spiritual spot on Ly Son island

Arriving in this Ly Son tourist destination, you will be overwhelmed by the mountain scenery close to the sea. The gentle sea rests its head on the foot of the mountain, creating a masterpiece of sculpture blessed by nature. Although there has been embellishment and care by human hands, the scenery here still retains its wild beauty and is extremely charming. In addition, the mountain path up to the temple is also one of the beautiful sightseeing spots, with views of garlic fields and peaceful villages.

5.5 Li Son – Garlic onion kingdom

Li Son – Garlic onion kingdom

Here, you will not be difficult to see the garlic fields of local people on Ly Son Island and Small Island. This will be an unforgettable experience when you see the vast fields, where the famous delicious garlic variety of the whole country is produced. If you come here during the garlic harvesting season, it will be an even better experience.

6. What to eat in Li Son

“What to eat in Ly Son?” is definitely the first question you ask when you intend to travel here. In addition to the charming wild scenery, Ly Son also captures the hearts of visitors with super delicious but extremely cheap food.

6.1 Seaweed salad

Seaweed salad – a specialty of Ly Son

A daily rustic dish for Ly Son locals becomes a specialty for tourists. Seaweed is harvested, cleaned, finely chopped, and mixed with available ingredients such as raw vegetables, crushed peanuts, fish sauce, spices, and garlic, creating a delicious seaweed salad.

6.2 Garlic Salad

Garlic Salad – famous typical dish in Ly Son

Due to the cultivation of a lot of garlic, in addition to the harvested tubers, with the stem, people can take advantage to make delicious and nutritious garlic salad. By removing the outermost crust, rinsing and steaming, and finally mixing spices and peanuts, you’ve got a hot, spicy plate of garlic served with delightful white rice.

6.3 Jellyfish Salad

Jellyfish Salad – Ly Son island specialty

When visiting Ly Son, don’t forget to try the Jellyfish Salad, especially on hot summer days. You can savor the sweet and soft texture, combined with the crunchiness of peanuts, creating a delicious and refreshing dish that reflects the simple charm of the countryside. Jellyfish Salad features a slightly bitter taste of banana blossom, the rich flavor of golden roasted peanuts, and the natural aroma of local herbs and vegetables.

6.4 Top Shell Snail

A dish that you must try when you come to Ly Son – Top Shell Snail

Top Shell Snail is the most famous seafood here. It’s difficult to find, and Ly Son Island is the homeland of this species. The best and tastiest type of top shell snail is the large one, about the size of an open hand, weighing around half a kilogram. When caught, they are fresh. People make giant snails by soaking them in boiling water to cook, then taking them out to get the clear white meat like steamed squid meat, both fragrant and chewy and crunchy, indescribably delicious.

6.5 Emperor Crab

Emperor Crab

The Emperor Crab – a title bestowed upon this species by the local fishermen – is the specialty of Ly Son. Its distinctive feature is the thick and hard outer shell. The crab’s shell is a vibrant yellow color, reminiscent of the royal yellow robes worn by ancient kings.

Above is all the information that you need to know when traveling to Ly Son Island in the future. Hopefully, with the useful sharing of, you have given yourself the necessary suggestions to make a fun plan with family or friends


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