Mui Ne beaches, Phan Thiet: TOP 9 deal destinations for your wonderful vacation

by Lam Pham

Mui Ne beaches are widely known for their clear blue beaches, long white sand dunes, and many interesting activities for tourists. These nine pristine beaches will be perfect for anyone looking to relax in the sun.
Now, let’s take a look at the top 9 Mui Ne tourist destinations not to be missed with

1. What is the beautiful season of Mui Ne and how to get to Mui Ne

1.1 The best time to travel to Mui Ne

The best time to travel to Mui Ne

Visitors can come to Mui Ne all year round, each season of “sea paradise” brings a different beauty. From April to August is the most beautiful time to travel to Mui Ne, at this time the sea water is clear and cool.

From August to December, it will be suitable for those who enjoy surfing and extreme sports. Note that in December, it may rain, visitors are advised to bring an umbrella if going outside.

1.2 How to move

How to get to Mui Ne

From Ho Chi Minh City, visitors can now easily travel to Mui Ne by motorbike, bus, or train. you can go in the direction of the Cat Lai ferry, to Long Thanh and then to Ba Ria town, continue to Ho Tram through Loc An. Then run along the coastal road towards Phan Thiet. The total distance is about 230 km. Visitors can also take SPT1/SPT4 trains from Saigon Station. The ticket price is 110,000 VND per person, departing in the morning.

From Hanoi, visitors can fly to Ho Chi Minh City and move to Phan Thiet or fly to Cam Ranh, Nha Trang, and then catch a car to Mui Ne (nearly 200 km).

Mui Ne is not only a “paradise of entertainment” with a beautiful coastline, it is also famous for many historical sites and rich Cham Pa culture. Here are the TOP 9 stunning destinations for your getaway in Mui Ne.

2. Bai Rang

Bai Rang – one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam

Referring to the unique tourist destination of Mui Ne, it must first mention the sea. Take time to bathe in the cool blue water at Bai Rang. About 5km east of Phan Thiet city center, you can easily move to the beach by car or on foot.

Bai Rang Beach is said to be the middle between the modern and luxurious beauty of high-end resorts and the rustic natural beauty of the surrounding small fishing villages.

The unique feature of Bai Rang Beach is that it has very beautiful rock formations. The first impression when coming here is the peaceful natural scenery. Especially in summer, when temperatures are very high, you will feel the coolness and freshness of this beach. When swimming a bit further away, you can see many fish and colorful corals.

3. Hon Rom

This is the most beautiful place to watch sunrise and sunset in Mui Ne

Hon Rom Beach is the most famous beach in Mui Ne because of its long and wide white sand strip. The beach is located about 28 km away from Phan Thiet City. Hon Rom is the name of a small pristine mountain located in Long Son hamlet, Mui Ne. Hon Rom is famous for its wild beauty. Located at the foot of the mountain, this beach with clear water, calm waves, and no reefs is suitable for families with young children.

Hon Rom is also considered the place to watch the most beautiful sunrise and sunset in Mui Ne. In addition, you can try camping overnight here, which is also a great experience

4. Suoi Tien (Fairy Stream)

Admire the virtual living paradise at Suoi Tien, Mui Ne

Right next to Hon Rom is Suoi Tien – a check-in location in Mui Ne not to be missed. Tien Stream is actually a small gulf that empties into the sea. What makes this place famous is the brilliant red-orange stalactite wall eroded by rain and wind, creating a very fancy shape.

This fairytale place not only attracts enthusiasts to explore but is also a wedding photo location for many couples because of the extremely magical scenery that nowhere else has.

5. Ke Ga Beach

If you will be visiting the beach, do not miss Ke Ga Lighthouse

Recently, Ke Ga Beach, or Mui Ke Ga Beach started to become a popular tourist destination. Ke Ga is located in Tan Thanh Commune, Ham Thuan Nam District, about 20 km east of Phan Thiet City.

Although resorts are springing up one after another, Ke Ga Beach still retains the wild and idyllic nature of the sea. This place has strange rocks arranged in many different shapes to create excitement for visitors.

If you will be visiting the beach, do not miss Ke Ga Lighthouse, situated just 500 m from the shore. If traveling to the beach, don’t miss the Ke Ga lighthouse, located just 500 meters from the coast. The more than 100-year-old lighthouse here was designed by a French architect and is famous for being the tallest lighthouse in Southeast Asia.

6. White sand dunes

Bau Trang sand dunes are considered sub-Saharan desert in Vietnam

White sand dunes are also known as Bay Sand Dunes or Pink Sand Dunes. This is a rare specialty that is difficult to find and is a check-in point in Mui Ne super hot. Here, you can encounter 18 colors of sand such as red, pink white, gray white, white, black, red, and black. And at each time of day, the wind will cause the shape of these sand dunes to change constantly.

You can spend the beginning of the day waking up early, walking up the sand dunes, and catching the sunrise here. After that, you can also participate in sandboarding or riding off-road motorcycles which is very fun.

7. Thuan Quy Beach

This is one of Mui Ne beaches that still retains the most pristine natural beauty and peace

Thuan Quy Beach is located in Ham Thuan Nam district, about 30 km from the center of Phan Thiet City. This is one of Mui Ne beaches that still retains the most pristine natural beauty and peace. The beach has a long coastline, stretching for 7 km. When stepping onto the beach, you will experience the clear blue sea water while being surrounded by lush green pine forests. Another unique feature of this beach is the cliffs that come in many different shapes. From a distance, the scenery of the beach looks very beautiful.

8. Co Thach Rock Beach

The stones with extremely rich colors.

Co Thach Rock Beach is located in the Co Thach Pagoda tourist area, Binh Thanh commune, Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan. The special feature of the rock is the fancy shape of the stones with extremely rich colors. Over time, under the wear of ocean waves, sunshine, and wind, large rocks are also honed into very unique shapes.

Green moss covers the rocks

Every year, between February and March, is the time when the rock is covered in a mossy green coat. This is considered a golden time for you to hunt for the photos of a lifetime at the rock.

9. Mui Ne fishing village

The fishing village are hundreds of colorful fishing boats moored

Mui Ne fishing village is about 3 km from the town. Right at the entrance to the fishing village are hundreds of colorful fishing boats moored. Not far away is a small market with a peaceful pace of life.

Although the fishing village only stretches about 100 meters along the coast, this is where visitors can most clearly feel the life of fishermen. If you come to the fishing village early in the morning, you can buy a lot of fresh seafood when the boat arrives.

10. Doi Duong Beach

This is the ideal space for tourists who want to relax in the peace of greenery

Doi Duong Beach is one of the picturesque beaches in Mui Ne. This beach is located in the center of Phan Thiet city, about 2 km northeast of Ham Tan district.

There is a large green park, called Doi Duong Park, right next to the beach. Unlike other beaches in Mui Ne, Doi Duong Beach is not a smooth white sand beach. This beach area is surrounded by lush green poplar forest, so this is the ideal space for tourists who want to relax in the peace of greenery.

You can choose to stay at hotels or resorts with beautiful sea views and explore the beauty of Doi Duong Beach.

Hopefully,’s article has provided you with suggestions for tourist destinations in Mui Ne so that you can freely visit and check in when you have the opportunity to visit this beautiful land.



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