The specialty dishes in Phan Thiet are famous for their deliciousness, if you come here, you should try it

by Lam Pham

You will not be able to ignore the delicious and attractive specialties in Phan Thiet. They can “please” you when traveling in this sea. The specialties in Phan Thiet have the flavor of the sea. These dishes will help you love this beautiful and peaceful land even more. Let discover the specialties in Phan Thiet.

1. Introduction to Phan Thiet

The wonderful beauty of Phan Thiet beach

Phan Thiet City is located in Binh Thuan Province, and the weather here is divided into two seasons: The dry season and the rainy season. Coming to Phan Thiet is coming to the white sand sea, clear blue water, and endless sand dunes. Besides, you can also enjoy many delicious specialty dishes in Phan Thiet!

2. The specialty dishes in Phan  are famous for their deliciousness

2.1 Fish cake soup

Fish cake soup is a dish loved by many coastal people

For a long time, Phan Thiet fish cake soup has been an attractive dish that attracts the attention of many diners. Although it is simply a little soup cake and golden fried fish cake, add invasive broth, and sprinkle with a little green onion and onion. However, when eating, you will immediately feel the perfect deliciousness of this dish.

Especially the broth is simmered from a variety of fish caught fresh in the waters of Mui Ne. Everything is perfect, forming a bowl of soup “Wherever you eat, remember your life there”.

Address: Quan Ba Ly No. 566 Tran Hung Dao, Lac Dao, Phan Thiet, Bình Thuan

2.2 Dong – one of the delicious dishes in Mui Ne

Dong – one of the delicious dishes in Mui Ne

Dong is the name of a reptile that usually inhabits sand dunes, eating small insects or young shoots to live. In Mui Ne, people use Dong as a food because its meat is tough, fatty, sweet, and nutritious.

Dong meat is often processed into attractive dishes such as Dong salad served with baked rice paper, Dong rolls, Grilled minced Dong with piper lolot, Grilled Dong, etc. The price of dishes from Dong ranges from 80,000 VND to 120,000 VND/portion depending on the dish.

If you are a lover of dishes with a little beer, then dishes made from Dong will be a great choice.

Address: Việt Nam Home Restaurant 125AB Nguyen Đinh Chieu, Phan Thiet

2.3 King crab

King Crab

King crab is considered the king of crabs. One of the places where king crab is highly appreciated is the waters of Phan Thiet. It is also very difficult to catch them. King crab is processed into dishes such as roasted tamarind, roasted with salt, grilled, cooked with porridge, etc. But the most delicious and also the simplest is steamed and then dipped with salt and green pepper. The taste of crab meat is preserved intact, sweet, and firm. In addition, salt-roasted king crab is also loved by many diners. The price is quite high, about 300,000 VND/kg.

Address: Kios 44, Đinh Tien Hoang market, Đuc Nghia, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan

2.4 Re Cake

This will be a special gift for your family and friends

This is a famous specialty of this land. The cake is made from simple ingredients such as sweet potatoes, tapioca, and alum sugar. The cake is deep-fried and has the aroma of shredded potatoes, perfect for serving with hot tea to balance the sweetness. Although the processing method is simple, the ingredients are easy to find, but this specialty makes many visitors praise the deliciousness, it is impossible to stop enjoying it when tasting the first bite.

Address: Street vendors at Cat Bay Dunes, Bau Trang – Bau Sen, Phan Thiet market, etc.

2.5 Rice paper dipped in fish sauce

Rice paper dipped in fish sauce is a favorite snack of people in Mui Ne

Rice paper dipped in fish sauce is a snack that children and young people in Mui Ne love. If you are a team that can eat rice sauce, then definitely try this dish when coming to Mui Ne!

The rice paper used here is thick sesame rice paper, so when baked under coals, it will be especially crispy and fragrant. Besides, there are basic ingredients such as eggs, onions, green onions, etc. The cake has some very typical ingredients of Mui Ne which are fish sauce, spring rolls, and patties. When you take a bite of the cake, you will feel the filling in your mouth mixed with the crispy feeling of the crust, accompanied by the faint aroma of fish sauce.

Address: 200 Tran Hung Dao, Binh Hung, Phan Thiet

3. Specialties in Mui Ne should be bought as gifts

3.1 Milk nuggets cake

Milk nuggets cake – A typical cake in Phan Thiet

In the list of Mui Ne specialty delicacies, milk nuggets are a must-see option with the fragrant taste of milk and the crunch of nuggets melting right in the mouth when bitten.

Especially during Tet, people here often give special attention to this traditional cake. A package of milk nuggets is extremely reasonably priced from only 20,000-25,000VND/pack. This makes milk nuggets a popular gift, suitable to buy as gifts for relatives, friends, or colleagues.

Address: Hem 20C, Dao Duy Tu, Phan Thiet

3.2 Dragon fruit

Both delicious and cheap, this will be an extremely meaningful and convenient gift

This place is known as the “Dragon Fruit Kingdom” with more than a hundred thousand hectares of land. Phan Thiet is considered the place with the most dragon fruit, leading in quantity and quality.

Phan Thiet dragon fruit has a very special and pure taste. Dragon fruit is very large and firm, with white or red intestines inside. White-flesh dragon fruit when eaten will have a sour, sweet taste. And red flesh dragon fruit has a sweet and cool taste. Dragon fruit is the specialty of Binh Thuan suitable to bring back as a gift.

Address: Dai Thanh, Muong Man, Ham Thuan Nam, Binh Thuan

3.3 Phan Thiet fish sauce – a gift from the sea

Phan Thiet fish sauce with a passionate flavor, imbued with the taste of the sea

Fish sauce made from fresh anchovies just caught from the sea, Phan Thiet fish sauce is rich in flavor with high intensity and passionate aroma.

Unlike Phu Quoc fish sauce, Phan Thiet fish sauce has a very characteristic taste, dipped with any food is delicious and rich. Each bottle of fish sauce is carefully distilled by fishermen with very careful taste and quality. Therefore, Phan Thiet fish sauce is the most valuable gift in this Phan Thiet trip.

Address: 67 Nguyen Thong, Phu Hai, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan

3.4 Quai vac cake

Quai Vac Cake served with dipping sauce is very delicious and satisfying

Quai vac cake looks like filter cake and also has a clear white color and shrimp filling. The method is similar, that is, finely ground wheat flour is very flexible, and rolled thinly, for shrimp, deep-fried meat, pepper, and sugar. The cake is boiled and coated with a little oil to avoid sticking. When biting in, the cake is chewy, revealing inside is a shrimp wrapped in minced meat, dipped in a gently sweet and sour fish sauce. Quai vac cake is familiar to working people and students in Mui Ne every time after school.

Address: 164 Vo Thi Sau, Hung Long, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan

3.5 One sunny dried squid – Phan Thiet specialty

Phan Thiet One Sun Dried Squid – delicious Binh Thuan specialty, forget the way back

Phan Thiet one sunny dried squid is processed by fishermen very delicately and elaborately. Squid after catching from the sea will dry in the sun for 24 hours. After that, the squid will be carefully packaged and chilled. One sunny dried squid has a sweeter and bolder taste of “sunshine, wind” Phan Thiet than fresh squid. More specifically, when grilled with chili salt, squid will smell, squid will be tough and rich on the tip of the tongue.

Address: Specialty Store No.5B-6B Vo Van Kiet, Phan 

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