Top 7 best books on Vietnamese cuisine to bring some soul to your kitchen

by Lam Pham

With new interest in Vietnamese food, more and more people are likewise trying their hand at making Vietnamese food at home.
It makes sense then that today, there are also tons of amazing cookbooks penned by Vietnamese chefs and authors from all over the world, each unique in their perspective on Vietnamese cuisine — which is as diverse, nuanced, and regionally-specific as any other. If you want to impress family and friends at the next dinner party, rounded up the 7 best cookbooks for you to start making Vietnamese food at home today.

1. Simply Pho

Simple Pho

Pho is by far a popular Vietnamese dish in many countries. Get familiar with the ins and outs of noodle soup in the capable hands of Helen Le, best known as the creator of the wildly popular YouTube channel, Helen’s Recipes.

Le was one of the earliest influencers to create content around Vietnamese food. It’s refreshing to see her expert recipes in print. The book will help you craft your perfect Vietnamese bowl, whether it’s chicken or beef pho, as well as other warming comfort foods like Chicken Curry with Vermicelli Noodles.

2.  Into the Vietnamese Kitchen

This book is an expansive guide to the nation’s rich gastronomic tapestry

Into the Vietnamese Kitchen by Andrea Nguyen is a masterful journey into the very essence of Vietnamese culinary traditions, paying homage to the time-honored recipes that have shaped generations.

Nguyen, with her in-depth knowledge and profound appreciation for her culinary heritage, presents a curated collection of dishes that encapsulate the breadth and depth of Vietnamese cuisine. From time-tested family recipes to regional specialties. This book is an expansive guide to the nation’s rich gastronomic tapestry.

Each recipe in this anthology is painstakingly detailed, ensuring that readers, regardless of their familiarity with Vietnamese cooking, can replicate and savor these dishes in their truest form.

3. My Vietnam


My Vietnam

Uyen Luu’s My Vietnam has revealed more than 100 recipes tied to her personal stories, experiences, and memories of her homeland.
This is more than just a cookbook; it is a deeply personal memoir, intertwined with the flavors, scents, and soul of Vietnamese food.
My Vietnam’s outstanding mark lies in its authentic and intimate depiction of Vietnamese cuisine.
In addition, My Vietnam also is a celebration of the vibrant and diverse world of Vietnamese cuisine, allowing readers to not only recreate dishes but also immerse themselves in the stories that make each dish special.

4. Vietnamese Food Any Day

Vietnamese Food Any Day

Celebrity chef, teacher and food writer Andrea Nguyen’s recipes can often be found over at the NYT Cooking. Vietnamese Food Any Day works through a variety of classic, speedy Vietnamese dishes including Banh mi, Pho, honey-glazed pork riblets, turmeric coconut rice, and more. Dedicated to helping you work with the ingredients you’ve got. You won’t have to take a trip to a specialty grocery store in order to cook with Nguyen. Named one of the best cookbooks of the year by NPR. You’d be remiss not to add this bible to your collection.

5. Authentic Vietnamese Cooking

Authentic Vietnamese Cooking

Luke Nguyen is the owner of eight successful restaurants across Australia, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. He also is the author of five bestselling and award-winning cookbooks. But The Food of Vietnam is perhaps his most expansive. Join Nguyen on a cultural, philosophical, and gastronomical journey from the North of Vietnam all the way down to the South with this brilliant all-encompassing guide to traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

6. The Food of Vietnam

This book introduces more than 100 Vietnamese recipes

The Food of Vietnam by Luke Nguyen stands as a captivating journey through the intricate landscape of Vietnamese culinary artistry.
Nguyen is celebrated for his deep understanding of Vietnamese gastronomy. He presents over 100 recipes that paint a vibrant picture of the country’s diverse food culture—from street food delights to gourmet dishes.
Distinctive from other cookbooks “The Food of Vietnam” delves into the regional variations and rich history behind each dish. Luke Nguyen not only offers recipes but also immerses readers in the stories, traditions, and local flavors that define Vietnamese cuisine.

7. Vietnamese Home Cooking

Vietnamese Home Cooking

In Vietnamese Home Cooking, the techniques to make Vietnamese food are at the core of the book.
Chef Charles Phan draws on his unique experience mixing Western and Eastern techniques to inspire you to cook Vietnamese.
You’ll learn the fundamentals of making Vietnamese food before diving into the recipes. Charles Phan provides insights about the spices and ingredients. In addition, he also provides ways how to balance the flavors and textures for a true Vietnamese taste.
This Vietnamese cookbook is laid out so that the main chapters are organized by cooking techniques.
Under each cooking technique, several dishes are listed which are made using that specific cooking technique.

Above are the 7 best books about Vietnamese cuisine that bring life to your kitchen that shares for food lovers. These books not only provide necessary information but also help readers cook delicious dishes. It helps them express their creativity, spirit of discovery, and love of life.



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