Quy Nhon Travel: Things you should know for an ideal vacation

by Lam Pham

Quy Nhon – A coastal city in Binh Dinh province with long, romantic coastlines nestled next to beautiful mountains. With the characteristic of the sea in front and the mountains in the back, Quy Nhon has become one of the most beautiful coastal tourist cities. However, Quy Nhon is not only about the sea, so do you know what other wonderful places there are here? Join Karst Plateau to explore the most beautiful tourist destinations in Quy Nhon.

1. What season is best to go to Quy Nhon?

The ideal time to travel to Quy Nhon is from May to September

The rainy season only lasts the last 2-3 months of the year, the rest of the year the weather is dry, especially from March to September. Summer from May to September is sunny but not hot or uncomfortable, not affected by storms, so it is suitable for tourists to participate in fun and recreational activities both on shore and at sea.

2. Eo Gio (Strait of Wind)

The beauty of Eo Gio has captured the hearts of many tourists when they come here

Eo Gio is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Quy Nhon. It is located in Quy Nhon city center 20km from Nhon Ly commune. This is a small strait area, nestled inside two majestic mountain ranges with extremely beautiful natural landscapes, the name Eo Gio also comes from here.

This place has a clear blue sea with extremely beautiful nature. In addition, there is also a walking path with red barriers, and it is also a very popular “check-in” place. So if you want to own the best photos when coming to Quy Nhon, Eo Gio is the first name that you should consider.

3. Genh Thac Tien Sa (Tien Sa Rapids)

Coming to Ghenh Rang tourist area, you will admire the complex of rocky beaches located adjacent to each other

Genh Thac Tien Sa is likened to a jade in the middle of a blue sea. This is a tourist destination that helps visitors no longer wonder what to play in Quy Nhon. It is located right near the city center, so it is very convenient for moving and visiting tourists. This is a cluster of tourist attractions including Tien Sa Beach, Ghenh Rang rock complex, Ghenh Rang church, Han Mac Tu tomb, and Queen beach. Coming here, visitors will be able to swim and enjoy the fresh air from the sea.

4. Cu Lao Xanh

Tourists are overwhelmed with the wild beauty of Cu Lao Xanh

Cu Lao Xanh is proudly called by the people of Quy Nhon Beach with the name “green pearl” with a little wilderness, located peacefully in the heart of the sea. Imagine you are standing on the beach, watching a green island stand out in the middle of the sea. The fishermen’s fishing village is located at the foot of the mountain, close to the long stretch of white sand. At the top of the mountain, the majestic lighthouse stands tall. The peaceful and tranquil scenery of this place will let you immerse yourself in a quiet space, admire the beautiful scenery, and enjoy the moments to the fullest.

When arriving at Cu Lao Xanh, in addition to enjoying the sea bathing and unique “check-in” moments, you can also organize interesting barbecues, enjoy fresh seafood, and participate in many other attractive sea tourism activities.

5. Ky Co Island

The clear sea water makes visitors excited when they set foot in Ky Co

Ky Co is one of the famous islands of Quy Nhon. It is located at the foot of Phuong Mai mountain, in Nhon Ly island commune. This is an extremely attractive destination for tourists because of its fresh climate, beautiful scenery, and friendly and hospitable locals. 

Coming to Ky Co, visitors will admire the magnificent natural scenery, white sandy beaches stretching at the foot of the rocky mountain, and large and small rocks with many different shapes standing on the beach. When the tide recedes, on Ky Co beach, there will be many beautiful natural caves.  is a new and unexploited island, so the natural scenery is still very wild and beautiful. This will be an ideal destination for you when traveling to Quy Nhon.

6. Mui Vi Rong (Dragon Fin Cape)

This place is a rock reaching out to the sea with clear blue water visible through the bottom

If you fall in love with the wild and magical beauty of mother nature given to Quy Nhon, Mui Vi Rong will be the most ideal destination for you. Stepping foot at Mui Vi Rong Binh Dinh, you will be immersed in an unbelievably beautiful wild scenery. Take some time to climb on the “dragon’s back” and feel the cool breeze all over your body. At the top, you will admire the extremely majestic panorama of the sea and the stretch of sand.
When stepping foot on this land, opening before your eyes is a beautiful picture with a thousand blue seas, smooth white sand, and small boats of fishermen immersed in distant space. Then, you will be swept away by the slow pace of the calm waves, and the sound of the waves crashing against the rapids, like a romantic sea love song.

7. Hon Kho

Coming to Hon Kho Island, you will immediately see the simplicity and comfort of the scenery here

Nhon Hai fishing village, also known as Hon Kho. This place is a peaceful island with gentle waves and clear blue water. Coming here but just watching the scenery is too wasteful, we can also swim or snorkel coral under the ocean. So what about on shore, of course, we can experience the fine white sand with friends, conquer the mysterious rocky mountains, or explore the mysterious path under the impressive sea.

8. Twin Towers in Quy Nhon

This is one of the unique architectural works that you definitely cannot miss when coming to Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon was an important land of the Cham Pa people in the past, so there are many relics and temples of the Cham people. The most famous place to mention is the Quy Nhon Twin Towers. Despite experiencing many events in history, due to investment embellishment, and properly restored, so it retains its original architecture. This is an ideal place to explore a completely different culture of Quy Nhon for you.

9. Phuong Mai Sand Dunes

Coming to Phuong Mai sand dunes, you will experience the feeling of standing in the middle of a vast landscape, seeing nothing but sand

Quy Nhon is not only famous for its clear blue beaches but it is also known for its fine sand dunes stretching like golden silk strips. Including the very famous Phuong Mai sand dunes, located about 20km from the center of Quy Nhon city, in the beautiful Phuong Mai peninsula.
Coming to Phuong Mai sand dunes, you will experience the feeling of standing in the vast scenery and seeing nothing but sand, the feeling of becoming small, walking forever without stopping, a very wonderful experience
In addition, here you can participate in activities such as Sand skating with wooden boards, riding a motorcycle on the sand, etc.

10. Quang Trung Museum

This is one of the famous historical museums in Binh Dinh

This is one of the famous history museums in Binh Dinh. It is associated with the Tay Son Uprising – one of the most successful national liberation uprisings in Vietnam. In order to preserve the once heroic historical artifacts, the people here have built the Quang Trung Museum right in the hometown of the national hero. In addition to preserving historical artifacts, the museum is also a place to transmit the spirit of Tay Son national martial arts – a very famous traditional martial art of Binh Dinh.

  • Opening hours: from 7 am to 5 pm.
  • Entrance fee: 10,000 VND/pax.

Above are some suggestions for attractive tourist destinations in Quy Nhon. Hopefully, with this article on the Karst Plateau, you will have more information and discover more beautiful and famous places here.

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