Hoi An Ancient Town – An impressive architectural heritage of the world

by Lam Pham

Hoi An Ancient Town is a famous city of Quang Nam province, an ancient town kept almost intact with more than 1000 architectural relics from streets, houses, clubhouses, communal houses, pagodas, temples, clan churches, ancient wells, to traditional dishes, the soul of the people here. Once traveling to Hoi An, it will captivate visitors with timeless beauty, extremely rustic and idyllic.

1. Introduction to Hoi An Ancient Tower

Hoi An has an ancient, bustling beauty with a slow and old lifestyle

Traveling to Hoi An ancient town is an interesting and memorable experience for many domestic and foreign friends. Hoi An Ancient Town is a famous tourist destination about 30km southwest of Da Nang city center. Not noisy, and bustling, Hoi An has a calm and ancient beauty. The attraction of the city more than 400 years old comes from the ancient architecture, mossy tile houses, colorful lantern streets, etc.

In 2021, Hoi An – a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site since 1999 − was named Asia’s Leading Cultural City Destination at the World Travel Awards. Yet there’s more to it than awards and postcard-perfect beauty. The town boasts a long history of drawing people from across the world.

2. When is the best time to travel to Hoi An Ancient Town?

The best time to come to Hoi An is from February to April

Hoi An ancient town tourism is ideal from February to April every year. Because at this time the spring weather is cool, Hoi An has little rain and light sunshine, which is very suitable for tourists to visit and explore.

May to August is sunny, although the period of May – June weather has some sunny days that need a little hard work, but in return, this is a great time to dive to see corals on Cu Lao Cham. Besides, if you plan to travel to Hoi An in other months, please actively follow the weather forecast to have the most convenient trip!

3. Transportation options in Hoi An Ancient Town

This is the ideal choice for you to walk the streets and explore the peaceful beauty of Hoi An ancient town

To explore the Hoi An ancient town tourist area, you can choose one of the following means:

Motorbike: This is your preferred personal vehicle. With 120,000 – 150,000 VND/day, you can do a tour of Hoi An ancient town at your disposal, turn into each alley, stop to check in, and visit whenever you want.

Taxi: If you are familiar with the road and do not want to waste time finding your way, taxis are the ideal choice to move to Hoi An tourist destinations.

Cyclo: Walking around the old town of Cyclo is an interesting and memorable travel experience you should try. If desired, please take the Cyclo at Tran Phu or Phan Chau Chinh streets, the price is about 150,000 VND/car/hour.

Bicycle: This is the ideal choice for you to walk the streets and explore the peaceful beauty of Hoi An ancient town. Some hotels have free bicycles available for you to stay, or if needed you can rent a car for only 40,000 VND/day.

4. What to play in Hoi An?

4.1 Hoai River

One side of the Hoai River in a peaceful afternoon

The Hoai River is a tributary of the Thu Bon River that flows through Hoi An City and connects to other tourist destinations. A relaxing boat ride on the Hoai River is a favorite activity for many tourists. You should go to Hoi An Ancient Town at night because, with the lights from the houses, the entire riverbank becomes a brilliant fairytale land. Here, visitors can clearly feel the peace, lightness, and romance of Hoi An Ancient Town. Releasing lanterns on the Hoai River is also a meaningful ritual because it expresses gratitude to ancestors and wishes for a prosperous year. The full moon days (the 1st and 15th of the lunar calendar) are the time when “Hoi An Ancient Town exchanges electric lights for colorful traditional lanterns”. The Hoai River sparkles with soft lanterns, and thousands of confetti under candlelight shimmers on the water at night.

4.2 Chua Cau (Bridge Pagoda)

This place is considered the soul of the old town, bearing bold Japanese architecture

It is likened to a bright pearl in the heart of Hoi An. The bridge pagoda was built in the late 16th century. It is located in the heart of Hoi An Ancient Town and crosses the romantic Hoai River. The highlight of the pagoda is the unique roof made of wood decorated with motifs originating from Japan. With this unique beauty, Cau Pagoda has become an indispensable tourist symbol whenever it comes to Hoi An.

4.3 Cafes

Visitors can watch the streets while sipping drinks

As for drinks besides herbal water, tea and coffee in Hoi An are equally delicious. Moreover, each tea and coffee shop in the Old Quarter has its own charm. Many restaurants are located deep in houses with hundreds of years of life, they are located on the rooftop so customers can watch the street while sipping a drink. Those who like to watch Hoi An from above can go to Faifo Café located on the 3rd floor of a house on Tran Phu Street. If you want a quiet space, you can go to Reaching Out teahouse, or enjoy ice cream with delicious coffee in Hoi An Roastery, etc.

4.4 Phung Hung Ancient House

The house is completely built of good ironwood, precious wood, with traditional architectural features

Phung Hung ancient house has a life expectancy of more than 240 years. This house is one of the most beautiful models of Hoi An ancient architecture. Suppose you have the opportunity to travel to Hoi An. In that case, visitors should visit this ancient house to admire a wooden building with a composite style of 3 architectural schools: Vietnam, Japan, and China.

4.5  Hoi An’s Central Market

The most attractive thing to anyone who visits this market is the food area

Unlike the calmness and tranquility of the old town, Hoi An’s Central Market is a distinct highlight of the ancient town, attracting a large number of tourists thanks to its bustling and lively atmosphere. The Market itself is divided into several areas for fresh seafood, vegetables, fruits, and souvenirs. But perhaps the most appealing place must be the food court. Here, visitors will have the chance to try various delicacies of Central Vietnam cuisine such as Cao Lau, Quang noodles, etc.

4.6 My Son Sanctuary

It owns many Cham Pa temples with unique architecture

It belongs to My Son Village, Duy Phu Commune, Duy Xuyen District, Quang Nam Province. My Son Sanctuary is a very famous Hoi An tourist destination. It owns many Cham Pa temples with unique architecture in a valley with a diameter of about 2km. This is the place where the sacrifice rituals of the ancient Cham Pa dynasty were held.

4.7 Cu Lao Cham

This place is famous for its rustic and wild beauty

Cu Lao Cham is a Hoi An tourist destination that many tourists come to with its rustic and pristine beauty. Not only that, this is also the place where many interesting entertainment activities take place such as scuba diving to see corals, super speed canoeing, kayaking, etc. 

Many tourists say that when they come to Hoi An ancient town, they seem to be fascinated, fascinated, and do not want to leave. The feeling of peace comforts all fatigue and sorrow to make people’s hearts become pure. After many years, Hoi An still stands there quietly, permanently deposited with time. If you travel to Danang, remember to visit the Old Quarter once. Sitting in the old town full of nostalgia, enjoying Hoi An specialty dishes, nothing can compare. The food here is both delicious and reasonably priced, with bold flavors of Central Vietnam. Hope the information that Karst Plateau shared will help you in the upcoming vacation.

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