Top 8 most beautiful caves in Vietnam that you should explore

by Lam Pham

Vietnam is not only a country with a unique culture and heroic history, but also a country blessed with the most magnificent wonders on the planet, which are also the largest and most beautiful caves in the world. Vietnam’s top caves will make your adventure of discovery a reality! In today’s article, Karst Plateau will introduce you to the most beautiful and impressive caves in Vietnam that you cannot miss this tourist season.

1. En Cave

Camping at Hang En

En Cave is one of the most famous and beautiful caves in Vietnam. It is located deep inside Phong Nha–Ke Bang National Park. On the walk to En Cave, visitors will see the wild but extremely beautiful natural scenery.

En Cave stretches up to 2km, there are 3 cave doors, of which the largest and most beautiful cave door is up to 120m high and 140m wide. Surrounded by dense mountains and forests covering the cave, creating a pristine and stunning natural scene. In the heart of En Cave, there are some areas up to 100m high and 180m wide, so large that the intense light from the flashlight shining in the cave can barely reach the cave wall. Inside En Cave, there is an underground spring with clear blue water flowing slowly, bringing an indescribable feeling of relaxation. Wading in the stream while exploring the cave is nothing more interesting. Like many other caves, En Cave also owns shimmering stalactites, especially honeycomb stalactites in the hollows of the cave ceiling.

2. Trang An cave complex, Ninh Binh

Visit the cave by boat

The cave complex in Trang An is truly the perfect masterpiece of nature. The scenery here is likened to a natural geography museum with a chain of caves, mountains, forests, rivers, and historical sites. Trang An cave ecosystem possesses majestic natural landscapes and the most unique caves in Vietnam. Trang An cave complex is famous for 48 large and small caves. In addition, it is home to more than 310 species of plants and 30 species of wildlife.

When traveling to Trang An cave complex, you should try to visit water caves such as Toi Cave, Sang Cave, Ba Giot Cave, Tran Cave, etc. The main means of transportation is a boat, so you will definitely have a great experience!

3. Dau Go Cave

Inside Dau Go Cave

Dau Go Cave is located in Quang Ninh province. Despite being 2 million years old, Dau Go Cave has retained its original pristine beauty. This cave is 27 meters above sea level, and you will need to take a boat to reach it.

In addition, Dau Go Cave also has a very rich vegetation, including ferns, mosses, meat trees, etc. A special thing about this cave is that the cave bed has a huge blue stalactite that looks like a giant sea jellyfish. The ceiling of Dau Go cave is 25m high with hundreds of hanging stalactites that look like a waterfall pouring down from the cave ceiling. These interesting features have helped Dau Go Cave become one of the most unique caves in Vietnam.

4. Son Doong Cave

This is one of the largest and most majestic caves in Vietnam

Son Doong Cave belongs to Xuan Trach Commune, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province. Son Doong is the largest cave on the planet and also the most majestic cave in Vietnam.

What makes Son Doong Cave the most majestic cave in Vietnam is its incredible size. Son Doong Cave has a length of up to 5km, the largest chambers of the cave are up to 200m high and 150m wide with a volume of 38.5 million cubic meters.  Inside Son Doong cave, visitors will admire the Garden of Eden in the ground with a whole forest with an extremely unique and diverse ecosystem. In addition, Son Doong Cave also owns a massive stalactite system with stalagmite columns of all shapes, with a height of more than 70m. Therefore, the Son Doong Cave expedition program – the largest cave in Vietnam is always on the list of must-visit adventure tourist destinations of adventure enthusiasts around the world.

5. Tam Coc – Bich Dong, Ninh Binh

This is a worth-seeing cave complex in Ninh Binh

Tam Coc–Bich Dong in Ninh Binh includes three caves: Ca Cave, Hai Cave, and Ba Cave. On entering the cave, you are welcomed to a whole new world, a mysterious and sparkling world without the sunshine.
The total length of Ca Cave is 127 meters and its entrance is 20 meters wide. This cave goes through a large mountain. You can vividly feel the cool atmosphere inside the cave, which is a far cry from the hot weather outside. Thanks to the talent of Mother Nature, Ca Cave is so gorgeous with many stalactites in various shapes.
Hai Cave is 60 meters in length. Inside Hai Cave is a long line of stalactites, which look like floating clouds in the sky.
Ba Cave is the smallest cave of all. Its ceiling does not have many stalactites due to the denudation. Besides, there are many relics and valuable antiquities such as the stone dragons and other strange stones that can create a bass sound and a treble sound when they are knocked.

6. Sung Sot Cave, Quang Ninh

Sung Sot Cave has a diversity of stalactites and stalagmites glittering in the light

Sung Sot Cave is the largest cave in Ha Long Bay. It is located on the beautiful island of Bo Hon, Sung Sot Cave is so named because of the incredible beauty of the cave. This cave is one of the caves with the most fanciful beauty in Vietnam, owning an area of up to 10,000 m2, 30m high, and 500m long. As soon as you enter the cave bed, you will admire 2 large separate cave arches. The first cave arch is quite similar to a small stand leading to the second cave arch through a narrow passage.

This second cave arch is much larger, the cave is so wide that it is enough to accommodate more than 1000 people at a time. You will feel overwhelmed by the magical shapes created from stalactites in the cave. Therefore, Sung Sot Cave is always hailed as one of the most beautiful cave wonders in Vietnam.

7. Hang Va Cave

Va Cave feature conical stalactites of different sizes and heights

In the heart of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, near the Son Doong Cave’s exit. Va Cave is renowned for its unique cave formations. It features a river passage below and a spacious upper-level passage adorned with numerous tower cone formations. These cones vary in size and shape, with the tallest reaching up to 2 meters. Visitors can explore the underground river passage in Hang Va.

Along the way, visitors will utilize safety equipment to navigate through technical sections within the cave. Trekking through the dense and ancient jungle of the national park adds another dimension to the adventure, immersing visitors in the pristine beauty of nature.

8. Tu Lan Cave System

This is a great place for your Vietnam adventure

Tu Lan cave system is a complex of beautiful and famous dry and wet caves located in Tan Hoa, Quang Binh. The wet caves of the system such as Ken Cave, and Tu Lan Cave have a relatively young geological age, about 3 million years old. Dry caves such as Tu Lan Cave, and Hung Ton Cave are located higher and older, with a geological age of up to 5 million years. The stalactites, stalactites, and limestone in these caves are all very large and beautiful.

In particular, when participating in trips to explore Tu Lan, visitors will be swimming in the mysterious underground river right in the heart of the wet caves of Tu Lan. This unique experience helps the Tu Lan cave system enter the list of the most unique caves in Vietnam, an ideal destination for anyone passionate about adventure exploration.

Above are the most beautiful and impressive caves in Vietnam that Karst Plateau would like to introduce to you. Since each cave has its own unique features, it will definitely make you admire when exploring each location. Hope this article was helpful for you.

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