What to play in Ha Long? Discover the most attractive places to play in Ha Long

by Lam Pham

Ha Long is an extremely attractive tourist destination in the journey to explore Quang Ninh. What to play in Ha Long? Let’s explore with KarstPlateau.com the tourist destinations in Ha Long that make visitors fascinated and forget the way back!

Ha Long Bay – one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Ha Long Bay – a place that is likened to the Bay of Paradise, paradise in the lower world. Ha Long Bay – a “natural wonder” of the world. Because of those names, Ha Long has become a “must visit once in a lifetime”.

1. Visit Ha Long Bay Natural Wonder Of The World

Visit Ha Long Bay Natural Wonder Of The World

The World Natural Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay attracts domestic and foreign tourists because of its natural scenery that is difficult to put into words. The whole bay covers an area of about 1,553 km² with 1,969 different large and small islands scattered across the bay.

Some famous attractions on Ha Long Bay that you should not miss are Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung Cave, Ti Top Island, Cua Van Fishing Village, Hang Luon, Hon Drum Roof, and Bai Tu Long Bay, etc, these are famous places to visit and become symbols of Ha Long. Visitors visiting Ha Long Bay who have not visited the above attractions will have many regrets and do not forget to experience interesting activities such as boating, going on a yacht, swimming, climbing, etc.

2. Tuan Chau Island

Tuan Chau Island tourist area is about 2km from the center of Ha Long City. Tuan Chau Island tourist area is created by gentle hills. A concrete paved road about 2km long connects the island to the mainland.

Tuan Chau Island

Here, you can unleash the experience of jet skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, etc. Tuan Chau Island has countless interesting entertainment for all ages. Water music performances, and water sports activities such as high-speed water skiing; parachute towing canoes, windsurfing; and fishing in Ha Long Sea. The exciting activities here will make your trip memorable.

3. Quang Ninh Museum

The next destination not to be missed in the journey to explore this coastal city is the Quang Ninh Museum – a place that preserves the history of the mining land.

Quang Ninh Museum

The museum building is branchy black, designed based on inspiration from coal – a typical mineral of mine soil. The museum consists of 3 floors, displaying different themes. The 1st floor exhibits the theme of the Sea and nature. The 2nd floor is where the history of the mainland is kept. The 3rd floor is a display place themed in Quang Ninh coal and minerals.

Address: Tran Quoc Nghien Street, Hong Gai Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province

Recommended ticket price: 10,000 VND/ child; 20,000 VND/student; 40,000 VND/ adult

Opening time: 8 A.M – 12 P.M; 1 P.M- 5 P.M

4. Explore beautiful Islands and Caves

Exploring the beautiful islands and caves is also a suggestion for visitors who do not know what Ha Long has to play. Some of the most popular islands and caves you can refer to are:

4.1 Rolling dragon eyes

Rolling dragon eyes

Rolling dragon eyes appeared like a “dragon ball” in the middle of Ha Long. There is a deep blue lake nestled between rocky mountains and primeval forests. Visitors can paddle a flying canoe, kayak, camp, etc, upon coming here.

4.2 Ti Top Island

Ti Top Island with a pristine and poetic beach and moored boats creates an extremely vivid landscape picture. Here you can swim, kayak, or climb a mountain is also a very interesting experience

4.3  Soi Sim Island

One of the first impressive things that visitors set foot on Soi Sim Island is the beach. There is a fine white sandy shore, stretching curved in the shape of a waning moon in the golden sunshine, clear blue water, creating an extremely romantic picture of nature, making many visitors fall in love.

Besides the beautiful pristine beach, Soi Sim Island also attracts the curiosity of nature lovers, because of its rich ecosystem. The scenery here has not been affected by human hands, so it still retains its original and natural beauty.

4.4 Thien Cung Cave

Thien Cung Cave

Thien Cung Cave is definitely one of the destinations you should not miss. Not only possessing the most unique landscape with an impressive stalactite system, the cave is also a place to preserve many cultural and historical values of Ha Long land

5. Bai Chay Tourist Area

Bai Chay Tourist Area

Located next to the beautiful and poetic city of Ha Long, the Bai Chay tourist area is known as the number one attractive entertainment destination for tourists when coming to Ha Long.

The largest and blue artificial beach in the North. Visitors can have fun by the cool blue water of the sea, with long white sand. Not only that, when you come to Bai Chay, you will enjoy a chain of culinary culture with attractive street food from hundreds of different seafood. The hotels and villas with unique architecture interspersed with each other are extremely interesting places for visitors who want to watch the sea view from their bedrooms.

Bai Chay Night Market, there are countless good items for you to choose from. There are typical souvenirs of the bay such as wind chimes from shells, seashells, paintings of the bay, and most especially coal handicrafts. Entering the main entrance of the market is the area selling electronics, household appliances … Very diverse items. Going deep inside the market is an area selling handicrafts, cosmetics, gifts, etc, with all kinds of different designs and designs to serve visitors. There are also sections specializing in selling footwear and clothing by gender and age.

Above is the detailed information you should know when traveling to Ha Long. Hopefully, with this article from KarstPlateau.com, you will have wonderful and memorable experiences here.


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