10 famous specialty fruits of Vietnam

by Lam Pham

   Vietnam is famous for many specialty fruits that not only conquer the domestic market but are increasingly reaching out and gaining a foothold in the international market. Below is a summary of the 10 most famous specialty fruits of Vietnam that Karstplateau.com would like to introduce to you.
Fruit is a food loved by many people because it is delicious and nutritious. When using it, you can eat fruit in the traditional style or process fruit into juices, pickles, smoothies, etc.

1. Star Apple

One of the famous fruits in Vietnam – Star Apple

Star Apples have long been known in the domestic fruit market. Vinh Kim is famous for its fertile alluvial land, creating favorable conditions for star apple trees to grow. The milky breast fruit here is white, the skin is thin, the seeds are small, and the pulp is thick, which gives a characteristic fragrant sweet taste. In particular, breast milk contains many nutrients such as vitamins, fiber, and minerals, helping to replenish energy for the body. Women prefer this fruit because it benefits the skin, making it fresh and smooth. Breast milk is not only popular domestically but also exported to international markets.

There are two ways to try star apples like a local. You can cut it in half and scoop out the fruit with a spoon (be careful for seeds that are large and inedible), or you can press and roll it to release the juice inside, then puncture a hole in the bottom to suck out the milky juice.

2. Mangos


These may be one of the most recognizable fruits on the list but they are absolutely worth trying in Vietnam. Mango fruit is a typical fruit of the Mekong Delta, attractive with its charming color and rich flavor. When ripe, mango has smooth flesh, firm, low fiber, and retains the flavor of delicious and juicy. In addition, with green mango, you can take away to dip salt, chili, or shredded in delicious green mango salad.

3. Litchi


When it comes to lychee, people often think of Luc Ngan, Bac Giang litchi, but Thanh Ha, Hai Duong litchi is equally delicious and quality, and this is also a great choice for you. With a prime location, surrounded by the Red River and Thai Binh River, and smooth red soil, rich in nutrients, Thanh Ha is an ideal place to grow lychee trees with high yield.

The fabric has a fragrant sweet taste, thick, crispy pulp, soft, thin outer skin, small seeds, etc. When picking down, people often bundle in bunches alternately with leaves, which look very beautiful.

4. Durian

Durian is known worldwide for its pungent aroma, which is so powerful the fruit is banned from public transport in many countries. The ‘king of fruits’ looks and tastes like nothing else in the world. 


Although to some, the smell of durian seems ‘terrible’ with a prickly appearance. But for those who love, durian brings a special taste, moderately sweet, and greasy like butter.

5. Longan Fruit

Longan fruit is large and round, the skin is light yellow-brown, and the pulp is thick, drained, peeled off a thin layer of smooth skin to reveal a thick ivory-white pulp, inside is a small black seed flashing, put into the mouth to taste sweet, fragrant, crunchy. The scent is also very specific, it is not a nasal fragrance but gentle, pure, and cool.

Longan Fruit

In addition, longan is often used to make lotus seed sweet soup, which is very suitable for hot summer days.

6. Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit

Binh Thuan is known as one of the regions that grow the most dragon fruit in the country. Dragon fruit is a drought-resistant fruit tree, very suitable for the soil and climate in Binh Thuan. Dragon fruit has a sweet taste, and cool properties, and is rich in vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, etc. It helps improve the digestive system, fight skin aging, and control and prevent diabetes.

Dragon fruit is very easy to enjoy, just slice and remove the thick skin. It is a wonderful dessert dish often enjoyed by Vietnamese people at the end of a meal.

7. Mangosteen


One of the strangest fruits you should try in Vietnam, mangosteen is only in season from May to August. Even Vietnamese people are excited about the mangosteen season. 

Mangosteen fruit is sweet and fragrant, slightly fibrous, with succulent white segments, and dark purple skin on the outside but a beautiful wine-red color on the inside when ripe. Each mangosteen fruit has from six to eighteen segments, is sweet, delicious, and has a unique flavor.

8. Custard apple

Custard apple

Chi Lang, Lang Son is a famous land for custard apple cultivation. Most of the custard apple berries here are grown on towering limestone cliffs.  The custard apple fruit has a soft skin, light green color, thick pulp, few seeds, and a characteristic sweet and delicious taste. This is a very delicious and fragrant fruit, you should try it when traveling to Vietnam.

9. Plums


Mother Nature is great. He not only endowed Sapa with a series of captivating landscapes, and a cool fresh climate all year round, but also the soil is very suitable for growing many different fruit trees and the plum is one of them. This is also a fruit that visitors extremely love or choose to buy as gifts for friends and relatives.

Plums are large in size, the outer shell is glossy and hard, and the outside is covered with 1 layer of powdery mildew. When ripe, the fruit is red, the flesh is crispy, the taste is sweet, has a characteristic acrid taste but is not bitter.

10. Rambutan


A fun way of saying ‘messy hair’, rambutan are as delicious as they are colorful. Their brilliant and hairy exterior hides the white flesh inside with a sweet, fragrant, slightly sour taste. Rambutan Harvested twice per year, these striking bunches are easy to find in summer and even winter.

The fruits of Vietnam are very diverse, each region has its specialty fruits. Above are the top 10 famous fruits in Vietnam that Karstplateau.com wants to introduce to you. If you have the opportunity to visit Vietnam, do not forget to try these fruits.


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