8 popular breakfast dishes in Vietnam

by Lam Pham

Vietnamese people usually have breakfast, do you know why? Breakfast is an essential meal of the day in Vietnam since it offers the energy required to begin the day. Not only that, Vietnam has a long list of delicious breakfast options to choose from. Bread or rice or noodle, vegan or meaty surely you will have your favorite dish after reading this article. Below Karst Plateau will share a list of the most delicious Vietnamese breakfast dishes you should try when visiting this beautiful country.

1. Pho (Noodle Soup)

Referring to the traditional Vietnamese breakfast of Hanoi people, it definitely has to mention Pho

Many countries throughout the world recognize pho as a symbol of Vietnamese cuisine since it is the national dish of Vietnam. Pho consists mostly of noodles in a flavorful broth with either thinly sliced beef or chicken. Spices including pepper, lemon, fish sauce, and chili are available to please a wide range of customers. Fresh herbs, like as bean sprouts, coriander, and basil, are added to the meal as well to boost the flavor. The highlight of every Vietnamese food trip should be a steaming bowl of Pho.
This is a versatile dish that many Vietnamese people can eat for every meal of the day, not just in the morning. However, both natives and foreign tourists agree that it is one of the country’s best Vietnamese breakfast options. I agree, too. If I have to choose what I’ll eat for breakfast in the winter, definitely Pho is the answer.

2. Xoi (Sticky Rice)

Sticky Rice is considered a rustic dish of the ancients, dating back thousands of years

Xoi is not only a simple breakfast dish but also a symbol of warmth and closeness in Vietnamese food culture. Loved for generations, sticky rice is associated with the childhood memories of many generations of Vietnamese. All over the country, from bustling street corners to peaceful villages, the aroma of hot sticky rice always warms the hearts of passersby in the chill of the early morning. Sticky rice has a variety of colors and flavors, from fiery red sticky rice, vibrant five-color sticky rice, to fragrant pineapple sticky rice, each containing its own unique characteristics. In particular, in today’s modern culinary space, sticky rice is still preserved traditionally when wrapped in banana or lotus leaves, creating an unmistakable characteristic flavor.

3. Banh Cuon (Steamed Rice Roll)

A Steamed Rice Roll is a dish that many people love, especially in the cold weather.

Hanoians consider eating rolled cakes as a habit, waiting for the plate of rolled cakes to be rolled into the oven and watching the cook thoroughly coat the cake from rice flour, spread onion fat, sprinkle dried onions with yellow rice, cut three cinnamon rolls in half on top. Diners receive this plate of rolls served hot with a sweet and salty sour dipping sauce sprinkled with a little fragrant pepper, like enjoying a delicious but also very simple sorghum dish, not mixed with any other dish of Hanoi.

This is a dish that many people love, especially in the cold winter weather. Just sitting next to the ember stove, eating hot rolls, fragrant barbecue rolls and the taste of sour, sweet, and sour dipping sauce makes people feel very comfortable and relaxed.

4. Banh Mi Pate (Pate Bread )

This dish is considered delicious, convenient and filling for a long time

Banh mi pate (Pate Bread ) is a very familiar breakfast dish and is also very popular with many Vietnamese people. This is a dish that is not only convenient, and quick but also very delicious with the spongy crunch of bread, blended with rich pate and other rich ingredients. This is a typical street food of Vietnamese people, not only famous in the country but also popular with many foreign tourists. The aroma of pate bread sauce, mixed with herbs, and patties will make you hard to resist.

5. Banh Bao (Vietnamese Dumplings)

Dumplings is a very handy morning snack for Vietnamese people

Banh bao originated in China, but when transported to Vietnam, it was modified to suit the Vietnamese palate. Chinese dumplings are larger than Vietnamese ones. In addition, the filling varies depending on the ingredients accessible in Vietnam, including ground pork, cat’s ear, mushrooms, vermicelli, sausage, quail eggs, and chicken eggs.

This is a very handy morning snack for Vietnamese people since several sellers sell it on the sidewalks; for a very modest price, you may fill your stomach with a warm Vietnamese dumpling. Banh bao should thus be on your list of must-try Vietnamese morning meals.

6. Banh gio (Rice pyramid dumpling with minced pork)

This is considered a popular breakfast dish in both the North and the South

Banh gio is a steamed Vietnamese delicacy that originated in the country’s northern regions. This bite-sized delicious treat is wrapped in fragrant banana leaves and stuffed with ground pork, mushrooms, and onions for a flavorful snack any time of day. It is one of the best Vietnamese breakfast options for Northern people. Besides the dumpling itself, banh gio can be served with different toppings depending on preference and shop availability: pork ear sausage, pickled cucumber, green sticky rice patties, Chinese sausage, etc.

7. Chao Long (Pork Intestine Porridge)

Pork Intestine Porridge is an indispensable dish in the list of traditional Vietnamese breakfasts

Chao Long one of the traditional Vietnamese breakfast foods, is a hearty rice porridge made with pork bone broth, rice, pork offal, and herbs. Priced from 20,000 to 50,000 VND a bowl. This is a beloved choice for locals seeking a wholesome and delicious breakfast option.

8. Com Suon (Rib Rice)

Rib Rice is often eaten with a variety of ingredients, including eggs, patties, ribs and spring rolls, and sauces

Com Suon is one of the most favorite breakfast dishes in the South, especially in Saigon.

A plate of Com Suon with grilled ribs, pork skin, Vietnamese pork sausage, and egg is often used as a breakfast dish. However, now, Com Suon is available at some lunch or dinner restaurants with many kinds of accompanying food.

In this article, Karst Plateau shares with you 8 popular breakfast dishes in Vietnam that are loved by people here and can be found in all regions of the country. Thanks to that, you will be able to choose the right foods to provide your body with the important nutrients it needs while learning more about Vietnamese culinary culture. Hopefully, this article will help you make a better choice when coming to Vietnam. In addition, Vietnam has many other delicious dishes that you should try once in your life 8 attractive dishes in Vietnam,  7 delicious dishes in Hanoi, What to eat in Saigon?, Vietnamese snacks, and 10 delicious desserts to try in Vietnam.

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