Conquering Bac Sum Pass – A majestic road leading to the gate of heaven

by Lam Pham

For a long time, Bac Sum Pass, Ha Giang has always been a special destination with majestic and wild scenery and zigzag bends with a certain degree of challenge. Therefore, this slope is one of the places that many backpackers aspire to be able to conquer here. In this article, let’s explore this special pass with Karst Plateau.

1. Introduction to Bac Sum Pass

Conquering Bac Sum Pass

Viewed from above, Bac Sum Pass, Ha Giang looks like a giant snake surrounding the steep mountainsides

Bac Sum Pass ( Bac Sum Slope) is one of the passes on National Highway 4C connecting Minh Tan commune (Vinh Xuyen, Ha Giang) to Quyet Tien commune of Quan Ba, Ha Giang, the slope is about 7 km long and more than 450m high.

Not only has historical significance as one of the places associated with the years of resistance against the majestic French. Bac Sum Pass, Ha Giang is also one of the destinations in Ha Giang that many people love. This is also the road leading to other famous Ha Giang check-in points such as Quan Ba Heavenly Gate, Quan Ba twin mountains, Happy Road in Ha Giang, etc.

The road is relatively winding and winding like giant snakes, giving us an extremely new land. Looking down from here is a small winding road, sometimes filled with clouds and sometimes shining in the morning sun.

The higher you go, the more visitors can admire the beauty of this pass until they stop to look down at the road you have passed, you are extremely overwhelmed as well as admire yourself because of the road you have just experienced, the great beauty here will not be wasted when you have spent time conquering this road.

2. The right time to conquer Bac Sum Pass

Conquering Bac Sum Pass

Every season here has an attractive beauty

Every season of Bac Sum Pass, Ha Giang makes people fall in love with its own beauty, so it seems that any time here is worth visiting.

Spring is the time when all flowers show off their colors in a chilly atmosphere that will surprise you.

In summer, with the soft sunshine, the whole space has a lush green color that will delight you.

In autumn, the harmony of the sun and wind makes you linger.

And in winter, the clouds spread the way, making this place like a paradise, extremely magical.

3. How to get to Bac Sum Pass

Conquering Bac Sum Pass

Motorcycles are chosen by many people as ‘companions’ on the journey to conquer the longest slope in Ha Giang

If you want to Backpack Bac Sum Pass, you can start according to the following route: Ha Giang city center – National Highway 2 – National Highway 4C – Minh Tan commune. From the territory of Minh Tan commune, you will be able to start the journey of backpacking Bac Sum slope with the starting point being Ban Thang Bridge.

If you don’t have a private vehicle, you can rent a motorbike when you arrive in Ha Giang City. In the city center, there are many motorbike rental points with prices ranging from 150,000 to 200,000 VND/day depending on the type of bike. Because the road to Bac Sum slope is very dangerous, when renting you need to carefully check the car, especially the brakes, engine, and gasoline to avoid incidents.

4. Memorable experiences during the journey to conquer Bac Sum Pass

4.1 Conquer Bac Sum Pass with unexpected turns

Conquering Bac Sum Pass

The journey to conquer Bac Sum Pass always brings everyone unforgettable experiences

Seen from above, Bac Sum Pass, Ha Giang looks like a giant serpent slowly crawling around the craggy rocky slopes. Sometimes people associate this slope with a soft peach silk squeezing across the cat’s ear mountain rock. Following the curves, you will enjoy the feeling of adventure again when admiring the majestic scenery of this slope from different angles.

Especially more than other roads in the sunny and windy land of Ha Giang, this pass owns a series of dangerous bends with the highlight being the nine-bend slope. When you come here, you will definitely be overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery of the clouds and the sky. With the M-shaped bend, you will have to face a challenge of a certain difficulty before stepping to the place with in front of you is the proud Yen Minh rock mountain standing firmly in the middle of heaven and earth.

4.2 Admire the beauty of the Bac Sum Pass

Standing from a high point, you will have the opportunity to admire the picture of nature, heaven and earth, and people as one

From the area of Minh Tan commune to Bac Sum slope, we gradually feel the change of scenery here. Coming to Bac Sum Pass on cold days, visitors will see the image of the fog covering the whole pass in the early morning. Therefore, many people are very willing to get up early and drive up this pass to hunt for clouds as well as watch the brilliant sunrise loom over the mountain stages.

On sunny days, the scenery here is an extremely impressive image for visitors, a vast sky with fresh green.

Especially in October – November, the fields of buckwheat flowers have begun to bloom. Passing through this road, visitors certainly can’t help but stop here to breathe the extremely fresh air and enjoy the beauty here.

5. Note when conquering Bac Sum Pass

Conquering Bac Sum Pass

When conquering this dangerous pass, you need to prepare carefully

When deciding to conquer Bac Sum Pass, visitors need to pay attention to the following things to ensure safety.

What time of day should I go to Bac Sum slope?

Because it is a mountainous area, the darker it gets, the more limited the visibility. So, you should depart in the morning or afternoon. This not only ensures safety but also allows you to see all the scenery of Bac Sum Pass.

Prepare your belongings and luggage carefully

Because Bac Sum Slope is a sparse road, you also need to prepare your belongings and luggage carefully to avoid possible incidents. Visitors when coming here should choose a light and comfortable outfit rather than wearing too many layers of clothing, making movement somewhat limited. In addition, the typical climate of Ha Giang is cold and foggy, so no matter what season you go to, please bring warm clothes. Keep food, drinks, and medicines with you.

Ensure transportation

Regardless of the mode of movement, you need to check and ensure the working mechanism for each part before moving.

If you are an adventurous person, then Bac Sum Pass, Ha Giang is the most perfect destination. During your journey to explore Ha Giang, you should try to conquer the second most dangerous slope in Ha Giang. Karst Plateau wishes you a very happy trip and many memorable memories.

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