Pho Cao, Ha Giang – Admire the wild beauty of the rocky plateau

by Lam Pham

Pho Cao, Ha Giang is known as a simple, pristine land, “only the sky, earth and flowers” of each spring. Coming to Pho Cao, you will fall in love with the beauty of buckwheat flower fields, fascinated by the winding Northwest Pass. In this article, let’s explore this land with Karst Plateau to see what is special.

1. Where is Pho Cao?

The scene should be pristine but extremely charming

Pho Cao is a beautiful valley located in Dong Van district, Ha Giang province with a wild and peaceful beauty. This is a commune with many ethnic minorities. The people of Pho Cao are extremely friendly, and always ready to welcome tourists from all over the world to visit and experience.

Pho Cao is located on National Highway 4C and less than 20 km from Dong Van Rock Plateau. Visitors can come here by motorbike to easily move and explore the beautiful scenery here. This place is a beautiful valley, containing pristine natural scenery, preserving the cultural features of the Hmong people, Dao, Han, Pu Peo, etc., and promises to bring worthwhile experiences to tourists when traveling here.

2. The right time to travel to Pho Cao

Pho Cao

You can visit Pho Cao Ha Giang at any time

As a piece of land in the Northwest region, Pho Cao carries the beauty of four typical seasons. If you choose to come to Ha Giang Pho Cao around September and October, you will be able to admire the enchanting beauty of the ripe rice fields spread among the mountains and forests of the Northwest.

From October to the end of November, Pho Cao seems to be wearing a new shirt woven by the charming purple, white, and pink colors of buckwheat flower fields.

Especially around November and December, when the buckwheat flowers begin to end the season, each branch of the rapeseed flower grows alternately, bright yellow competing to show off its color. The canola season here lasts until January of the next year. The beauty of the blue sky and white clouds promises to bring you an unforgettable feeling during your excursion to the land of Ha Giang.

3. Discover the unique features of Pho Cao

3.1 Houses with unique architecture

Pho Cao

Houses with unique architecture are only found in Pho Cao

The image of houses with extremely unique and eye-catching architecture will impress visitors stopping here.

 Located in the middle of the green fields along with the rich fragrance among the fields of buckwheat flowers, the canola flowers are houses with eye-catching yellow walls along with the yin and yang roof tiles creating a very different highlight.

The houses are built in a rectangular architectural style with no windows. Although these images are extremely rustic and simple, in return, they will give you a feeling of airiness in summer but warm on winter days. With unique architecture, these walled houses are always a destination that attracts tourists to visit and learn.

3.2 Explore the fair market

Pho Cao

Explore Pho Cao fair market

The market at Pho Cao only takes place in the early morning when the mist is still lingering on the foliage of the trees. The fair market is a place for cultural exchange as well as product trading for locals as well as tourists.

The products sold at the market are mainly products made by people themselves. Coming to the fair, you will see images of farmers wearing colorful costumes and selling agricultural products here. Here you will also have the opportunity to enjoy delicious and attractive dishes prepared by the people such as Five-color sticky rice, sausage sausage, dried buffalo meat, etc.

3.3 Admire the picture of nature

Pho Cao

Admire the colorful painting in Pho Cao

Coming to this land, don’t forget to miss the tour of the buckwheat field hidden in the middle of the forest and mountains full of fragrance. The buckwheat flowers swaying in the wind carry the fragrance of the Northern air blending with the green of the mountains and forests. All blend together to create a charming, beautiful, and dreamy feng shui painting.

And if you come here on the occasion of the Lunar New Year when the rain covers the mountains and forests, it is also the time when you can see the hills of yellow canola flowers and the white color of plum blossoms blooming all over the hillside and all the houses in this small valley.

3.4 The life of Pho Cao people

Setting foot in Pho Cao will help you gain more knowledge about the culture of the Vietnamese people

Currently, all facilities of Pho Cao Village have been upgraded. People’s lives have been stable, but that does not mean that the typical cultural identity of the people has faded. This is a land where the wildness of scenery, the saltiness of culture, and the warm and harmonious human love are still more prominent than ever. They still live and work diligently: raising pigs, cows, chickens, cultivating, hunting, etc.

Although life is hard and difficult, the laughter and joyful talk, enthusiasm, filial piety, and sincerity in the warm hearts of the rocky people always leave unforgettable impressions for visitors.

4. Some notes when coming to Pho Cao Ha Giang

To have a complete and meaningful trip to Pho Cao, Ha Giang, Karst Plateau will share with you a few notes.

– Ha Giang is a highland, pass, steep area, so if you choose to travel by motorbike, you should be fully equipped with protective equipment.

– The night weather in the highlands is quite cold, so don’t forget to prepare warm clothes for yourself.

– Pass roads and entrances to small villages will not have many gas stations. Therefore, it is safest to still fill up with gas before departing.

– Remember to bring a camera with you to save memorable photos of memorable moments here.

This place will leave unforgettable impressions on visitors every time they visit

Traveling to Pho Cao not only gives you a feeling of harmony with the majestic nature, and colorful paintings but also the experience of a colorful land, imbued with national identity. If you are wondering about a tourist destination in Ha Giang away from the smog of the city, and looking for a peaceful and poetic place, Pho Cao will be an ideal choice for you. Karst Plateau wishes you a fun and memorable trip.

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