Quan Ba Twin Mountains: A majestic natural masterpiece of Ha Giang

by Lam Pham

Quan Ba Twin Mountains is one of the names that are no longer too strange to backpacking enthusiasts when traveling to Ha Giang. This is one of the attractive places because of the miraculous beauty that nature has favored. Let’s explore the beauty of Quan Ba Twin Mountains with Karst Plateau in this article!

1. Introduction to Quan Ba Twin Mountain

1.1 Geographical Location

Quan Ba ​​Twin Mountain is one of the famous destinations and attracts many tourists in Ha Giang province

Quan Ba Twin Mountains (or Co Tien Mountain) are located in Quan Ba district, Ha Giang province with an area of nearly 3.6 hectares. The district is located in the southwest of the Dong Van karst plateau. These two mountains are prominently located parallel between the overlapping limestone mountains and terraced fields. In 2010, Quan Ba twin mountains were recognized as a national scenic spot by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Studies have shown that the cause of these twin mountains was formed due to the weathering of dolomite – a common rock in the Dong Van karst plateau. Through the impact of thousands of years from nature, it has gradually formed the shape of Co Tien mountain as it is today.

1.2 Legend of Twin Mountains

Stories associated with Quan Ba ​​twin mountains always attract the attention of tourists

Quan Ba Twin Mountains are closely tied to a legendary story that has been passed down through generations and is an integral part of the local culture. If you’re curious about where this intriguing story originated, follow this article from Karst Plateau to learn more.

The story goes that in ancient times, there was a handsome H’Mong young man in the region. His mouth harp music resonated throughout the mountains, and forests, and even reached the skies. His music even enchanted a fairy. She descended to the mortal world and married the young man, and they had a beautiful son. However, the fairy violated the rules of the celestial realm and was punished by the Jade Emperor, who took her back to the heavens. Due to her deep love for her husband and fear for her child’s well-being, she left her pair of breasts in the mortal world, which allowed her child to grow rapidly.

Later, these fairy’s breasts transformed into the twin mountains, and this legendary story became deeply intertwined with the local people’s culture. It’s now a famous tourist destination, and anyone who visits can admire the beauty of the place.

2. The ideal time to visit Quan Ba ​​Twin Mountains

In each season, Quan Ba Mountain will have a different beauty, always full of vitality, disturbing the hearts of many tourists near and far:

– In spring, fruit trees sprout, and everything multiplies after hibernation. Doi Quan Ba Mountain looks like a young woman’s heart is afraid of spring.

The deep green rice fields stretching across the dike slopes look like soft, winding silk strips

Summer is the time when the deep green rice fields stretch out like a soft silk strip that is winding. Especially when the sunset falls, the whole heaven and earth are dyed a bright red, everything seems to stop, and the vast mountains and rivers also become quiet.

Autumn is also the time when Quan Ba Mountain is at its most beautiful. Because this is the ripe rice season, the aroma spreads everywhere. The golden color of the rice field, combined with the green of the forest and the sky, creates an idyllic and poetic scene. Moreover, buckwheat flower gardens are also in full bloom, competing to show off their beauty to the heart.

The bright yellow color of ripe rice in Quan Ba ​​Twin Mountain

– In winter, this place has a different beauty in the icy weather. At this time, visitors will only see smog spreading all over the road, covering both mountains. When the dawn comes, the small rays of the sun will dissipate the fog, and return the inherent beauty of Quan Ba Mountain.

According to the Ha Giang tourism experience of Karst Plateau, visitors should visit the Quan Ba Twin Mountains from January to March and from August to September. At this time, you will be able to admire the vibrant colors of buckwheat flowers and the bright yellow of ripe rice fields.

3. Instructions on how to get to Quan Ba ​​Twin Mountain

Quan Ba Twin Mountains A majestic natural masterpiece of Ha Giang

Quan Ba Mountain is about 52 km north of Ha Giang city center. Therefore, visitors can move to this place by many means such as motorbikes and cars.

You run along Highway 4C. The fastest route suggested for your reference is Nguyen Trai – National Highway 2 – National Highway 4C. After that, visitors move through the Bac Sum slope area for a few kilometers and will see right in front of two mountains located close to each other, with a cone top, which is Quan Ba Twin Mountains. The travel time for the whole journey will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes!

4. Admire the natural beauty of Quan Ba ​​Twin Mountains

The charming natural scenery of Ha Giang

Quan Ba Twin Mountains attract tourists not only because of the uniqueness of the two mountains. An equally impressive highlight is the natural scenery of this place. The Creator was very kind when he gave this place a wonderful landscape painting.

Visitors will be able to see the fields stretching out. Interspersed in it are green undulating mountain ranges. And at different times, Quan Ba mountains and forests bring their own unique colors. It is this special thing that is a unique highlight that has attracted many tourists. No matter how many times I come here, I have different feelings.

It can be said that Quan Ba twin mountains are like a symbol of Ha Giang. And this place was created hundreds of millions of years ago. This is a product created based on the creation of nature. You have to come here once and see it firsthand to feel this wonderful beauty.

Only once you have to come here and see it directly can you feel this wonderful beauty

Quan Ba Heaven Gate Ha Giang – Twin Mountains is considered a “gateway” to open the way to conquer the Dong Van karst plateau area. You can consider and learn carefully to make a complete schedule. That will help you have a complete journey of discovery.

5. Some notes when traveling to Quan Ba ​​Twin Mountains

Don’t miss a few small notes before coming to Quan Ba ​​twin mountains!

To make your trip to Quan Ba ​​Twin Mountains more complete, you should refer to some of the following notes:

– If visiting Quan Ba Mountain in winter, the temperature is low, visitors should wear long-sleeved, warm clothes to protect their health.

– Thanh Van corn wine, Men Men, dried buffalo meat, and black chicken are famous specialties that tourists should not miss.

– To fully appreciate the beauty of Quan Ba Twin Mountains, visitors should go to Quan Ba Heaven Gate.

– If you are traveling by motorbike, you need to check the car carefully to ensure a safe speed.

– You need to check the map in advance to avoid getting lost.

Quan Ba Mountain is a great destination for those who love nature and want to explore emotional legends. With its majestic beauty and unique landscape, this place promises to bring visitors unforgettable experiences. Come and explore Doi Quan Ba Mountain, to feel the magic of nature and learn about the unique culture of the ethnic people here. Karst Plateau wishes you a happy and memorable trip. 

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