Famous dishes in Ha Giang-What to eat in Ha Giang?

by Lam Pham

When mentioning Ha Giang, people not only talk about the rocky plateau, buckwheat fields or backpacking trips but also about the famous dishes here.

Enjoying unique Ha Giang specialties is an eternal pleasure for traveling believers. Let KarstPlateau.com learn about the extremely unique Ha Giang culinary map.

1. Thang Co

Thang Co

Thang Co is one of the specialties in Ha Giang that anyone coming to this land must try.

To create a delicious and nutritious Thang Co dish, people here often use a combination of 12 typical spices in the mountains: lemon leaves, anise, cardamom, etc. The sweetness of the meat, the spicy taste of the broth, and the unique scent of the blended flavors, it has made many visitors from all over the world.

2. Five-color sticky rice

Five-color sticky rice (Xoi ngu sac)

Five-color sticky rice has shaped the identity of highland people and symbolizes the majestic mountains and forests.

Five-color sticky rice is mainly made from fragrant and sticky glutinous rice. For a long time, five-color sticky rice has become a traditional dish of the Tay people living in Ha Giang. On ancestral holidays, Tet in every household, this dish is indispensable.

Five-color sticky rice has 5 different colors: white, purple, blue, red, and yellow. The coloring ingredients include glutinous rice, magenta leaves, gac fruit, ginger leaves, pomelo peel, turmeric, and black glutinous rice leaves.

3. Armpit Pig

Armpit Pig (Lon Cap Nach)

The armpit pig lives freely, eating vegetables and forest grass to grow, so its meat is tough and tasty. This type of pork can be processed into many delicious dishes, especially, the most delicious is the water steamed heart. If you have the opportunity to come to Ha Giang, do not miss this delicacy; it is guaranteed to be eaten once and will not be forgotten!

4. Dong Van Roll

Dong Van Roll

Dong Van Roll: In Ha Giang’s cold region, people have to eat something very hot and spicy to combat the gloomy atmosphere emanating from the mountain rocks. But egg rolls, a specialty of this country’s first region, are “cold dishes”, served with a cup of hot, sweet bone broth.

The cup of sauce is finished, you just need to pick up a thin piece of wet dough, the inside is shown in the color of the egg yolk, immersed all in the cup of homemade water.

5. Com Lam Bac Me (Rice in Bamboo Tube)

Bamboo-tube rice Bac Me

Com Lam Bac Me (Rice in Bamboo Tube): is one of the specialties of the same Ha Giang land. This dish has long been particularly loved by tourists and is chosen as a gift to come to the rock plateau. The dish tastes delicious, unforgettable, and unforgettable when enjoying them only once.

Above are Ha Giang’s specialty dishes you should try and buy as gifts that KarstPlateau.com shared with you. Hope this article will help you have great experiences in Ha Giang, and don’t forget to try the dishes that KarstPlateau.com shared it!

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