Yen Minh Pine Forest – a famous tourist destination in Ha Giang

by Lam Pham

Yen Minh Pine Forest is a favorite destination for trekking and adventure travel lovers. There are many paths leading into the forest, allowing visitors to explore unspoiled nature and enjoy tranquil spaces. Walking in the pine forest, tourists have the opportunity to see diverse forest trees and the songs of birds. It can be said that this is one of the most beautiful natural places and attracts tourists to Ha Giang.

1. Introduction to Yen Minh Pine Forest

A check-in destination not to be missed in Ha Giang

Yen Minh pine forest covered with green of a corner of Ha Giang about 100km from Ha Giang city to the northeast. Pine forests belong to three communes: Bach Dinh, Lao Va Chai, and Na Khe. This place is famous for its straight green pines, silky green coniferous foliage, pine tops reaching all the way to the blue sky, etc. Everywhere is a thousand shades of forest pine green. Through storms and storms, the pine trees are still horizontal, vertical, and stretched to protect the people here.

2. How to move to Yen Minh pine forest in the most detail

The route to Yen Minh is quite easy to find

The journey to Yen Minh pine forest, Ha Giang is known to be quite convenient, helping visitors easily move and explore without many difficulties like other places. Below is detailed information about the route and transportation options to help you have a convenient and enjoyable trip.

2.1 Travel rout

When arriving in Ha Giang City, you go northeast via Nguyen Trai – Nguyen Van Linh Street. Next, follow Highway 4C, you will reach Quan Ba Sky Gate, and after 30km to Yen Minh pine forest. When arriving at Ba Gate and crossing the Can Ty bridge, you turn to Yen Minh 41km to continue the journey.

2.2 Transportation

From Hanoi to Ha Giang, you have two means to choose from for this journey:

Passenger car: Currently, there are many bus houses from Hanoi to Ha Giang with many options for daily departure time. Choosing to move at night not only saves you time but also provides a more comfortable experience. Reputable garages you can choose from such as Hai Van Express, Hung Thanh, Thinh My, Ngoc Cuong, etc.

Motorbikes: For those who are passionate about backpacking, driving your own motorbike from Hanoi to Ha Giang or from Ha Giang City to Yen Minh pine forest is a great choice. The road is uneven so, before starting the journey, make sure you are a steady driver.

3. Discover the beauty of Yen Minh pine forest

3.1 Attractions on the road

On one side are the vast pine trees, and on the other side is the abyss

Walking along the pass and passing through soft winding bends on the hillside, visitors will be immersed in the beauty of pine forests stretching to infinity. On one side are the vast pine trees, and on the other side is the abyss, in front of us looking out into the distance, we can also admire the beautiful little houses hidden in the morning mist.

3.2 Discover the rich beauty of the forest

Discover the rich beauty of the forest

The view of Yen Minh pine forest towering high in the sky with green grasses underfoot with mist and cool air. It will make us feel comfortable like we are in heaven. Peace and relaxation make it easier to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the green and peaceful space here. In particular, next to the high mountains are rivers stretching up to the upstream. The harmonious combination of rivers, mountains, clouds, and sky will help visitors have more attractive experiences and feel the special lyrical beauty of the Yen Minh pine forest.

If we look down from above, we can see that the scenery of the Ha Giang mountains and forests is extremely romantic, fanciful, and majestic.

3.3 Camping experience at Yen Minh pine forest

Camping experience at Yen Minh pine forest

For many backpackers, Ha Giang is not only a destination to explore but also a place to experience great camp nights right in Yen Minh Pine Forest. Instead of choosing a hotel or homestay, they choose this way to immerse themselves in the cold plateau space of the night. The feeling of comfort and closeness to nature makes every sleep more meaningful.

3.4 Admire the green steppe Lao and Chai

Admire the green steppe Lao and Chai

After exploring the Yen Minh pine forest, we can continue along the small road to the vast Lao and Chai steppe. Here we can blend into the endless green space, with small roofs looming in characteristic wood brown color. Besides, there are costumes and items bold with ethnic people.

All these things have created a picture of nature that is so peaceful and impressive. This is also the reason that this lovely, poetic prairie has become an ideal wedding photography location for many couples.

4. Some notes for visitors when exploring Yen Minh pine forest

To make the journey more complete and safe, visitors should note some of the following points if they have the opportunity to visit Yen Minh pine forest:

– Please check the Ha Giang weather forecast before going to avoid days with the risk of rain or bad weather, driving is very dangerous.

– If you want to explore the Yen Minh pine forest, visitors need to wear low-soled shoes or sturdy and comfortable sneakers because we will have to move a lot as well as participate in many activities.

– Do not throw garbage indiscriminately to preserve the fresh and beautiful natural landscape.

– If you intend to organize camping or BBQ, be careful when using fire to ensure green space for the forest and common space for those who come later.

Above are the shares of Karst Plateau. I hope it will help you in your upcoming trip. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Yen Minh pine forest if you can travel to Ha Giang. This is the perfect discovery route to admire the beauty of the rocky plateau. In addition to Yen Minh pine forest, Ha Giang also has famous tourist destinations such as Du Gia waterfall, Dong Van Ancient Town, H’Mong Ta Vi village, Quan Ba Heavenly Gate, Admire the beauty of buckwheat flowers, etc. 

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